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lørdag den 25. oktober 2014

Chanel Vice-Versa 81, Les Vernis Facettes coll. 2000 - Collaboration Saturday

It is time for another Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel - and over the next weeks I will show you the 4 polishes from Chanel Les Vernis Facettes coll. 2000: Vice Versa 81, Recto Verso 82, Clair-Obscur 83 and Ange-Demon 84 - when I have showed them I will link in their names.
The lids and bottles in this collection are silky matte and the glass has a violet shine depending on light and the angle you see it from. The finish of the polishes match the rest, it's silky-matte.
Vice-Versa 81 is a pearly, very pale beige, but also with hints of shimmery cream white – it’s not as complex as the other polishes in this collection. This is three easy coats without a top coat.
You will see that this entire collection is quite different from what you could see in general among nail polishes 14 years ago - what do you think of this one?
Now, lets see what Elena  has for us today :)

fredag den 24. oktober 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Meteoriod swatches

Celestial Cosmetics Meteoroid has a LOT going on and is difficult to describe. It shifts from a khaki-green to bronze to grey to a steel blush grey – and it has a super strong holo visible in all light settings and in the sun it’s amzing!! This is two easy coats with a top coat! 
What do you think of this complex polish?
I bought this beauty from Edgy Polish!

Bear Pawlish Patsy swatches

Bear Pawlish Patsy is a gorgeous fuchsia pink holo with a super strong effect in the sun, a very strong effect in artificial light and may other light settings, it’s even visible in outdoor shade. This is two easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
Do like Patsy?

torsdag den 23. oktober 2014

Copper, gold and green easy nail art

The base color in this easy nail art is Elevation Polish Hinglajgarh Forest, see swatches HERE. I painted the easy doodling with acrylic draft colors in copper and gold and top coated with Seche Vite.
Do you like this easy nail art?

Arcane Repeat Caveat swatches

Arcane Repeat Caveat is a topper in a clear, slightly black tinted base loaded with purple shimmer and jagged black glitters. It is easy to apply, and this is one single coat over the purple Illamasqua Faux Pas + a coat of Seche Vite. 
Do you like this glitter topper?

onsdag den 22. oktober 2014

Darling Diva The Alchemist and The Witching Hour – WitchEE collection swatches

In the Darling Diva WitchEE collection you find: Cast a Spell, The Immortal, The Witching Hour, The Shapeshifter, The Arcanist and The Alchemist. I didn't buy the first two, but as promised on Monday when I showed the two first, here are the two last.
They have a good dry time, and they are shown in two easy coats with a top coat.

The Alchemist:
The Alchemist is a beautiful, bright red holo. I love everything about it – it’s a red after my heart and it almost glows. The holo has a strong effect in the sun and it’s visible in most light settings, but not in outdoor shade.

The Witching Hour:
The Witching Hour is a dark teal holo with a strong dark green hue, it is very opaque in one coat, but this is two as said in the beginning. The holo is super strong in the sun and it’s very visible in all light settings. 
Which of the four polishes is your favorite?
Mine is The Alchemist - but I love all of them!
See The Archanist and The Shapeshifter right HERE!
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