torsdag den 24. april 2014

Daisy nail art

The base color is one single coat of Too Fancy Laquer Tell Me A Sea-cret, see swatches HERE - and I went for a simple fabric-like pattern with flower petals painted with acrylic craft colors. Before I top coated with Seche Vite I added a coat of Northern Light Hologram Top Coat Silver.
Do you like this simple nail art?

Jessica swatches: King Tut's Gem and Lime Cooler

Jessica King Tut’s Gem is a vibrant, medium blue with a subtle, pretty shimmer. Two coats are enough, but the flash made my ridged shine through, so this is three coats without a top coat.

Lime Cooler:
Jessica Lime Cooler is from the Gelato Mio collection summer 2012.
Lime Cooler is a light spring green without too much yellow, and that makes it a pretty pastel green (not mint or lime) in my book. The formula is nice to work with, it goes on just a tad streaky in the first coat, but the second coat leaves you with a lovely finish.
Do you like them - and do you have a favorite..?

onsdag den 23. april 2014

Exuberant floral French nail art

The base color is Chanel Rose Exuberant 519, see swatches HERE, and before I painted my nail art in acrylic craft colors I added a coat of inm Northern Light Hologram Top Coat Silver. The top coat is Seche Vite.
Do you like this take on a floral French..?

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede - also with top coat

Fall 2009 OPI released six of their classic shades in matte “Suede” versions – apparently right after they had a “Matte collection”.
Lincoln Park After Dark Suede is very different from the normal very blackened purple Lincoln Park After Dark, it’s a lighter purple with a beautiful shimmer.
The dry time is extremely quick, so you have to work fast with the first coat, it dragged a bit even if I wore a good ridge filler base coat.
I wore it with Seche Vite Top Coat on thumb and ring finger - I liked it a lot glossy too...
- again with top coat...

Do you like Lincoln Park After Dark Suede..?
Friday I'll show a comparison between this and "the normal"...

tirsdag den 22. april 2014

Catrice Chameleon swatches: Chromeo & Julia, Salmon Salmon But Different, C(h)ome Leon and Chromit & Miss Pinky

The duochrome Catrice Chameleon polishes are part of the 24 Luxury Lacquers that Catrice relased in the March 14. There were four Chameleons, and I am lucky to be able show you all of them, thanks to yet another swap with Denise, thanks my friend :)
I recently showed two of the Holomania holos – click HERE!

They are all are shown in two coats without a top coat.

Chromeo & Julia:
C05 Chromeo & Julia – is the only one of these 4 that I would call a true duocrome. The formula is very well pigmented and one coat is enough, and it’s a bit thicker than the other three, but easy to work with. It changes from a gorgeous rosey pink to a coppery bronze – very nice shift!

Salmon Salmon But Different:
C07 Salmon Salmon But Different – is a rosey pink changing light/dark to a silvery pink. The effect is very subtle, but still pretty.

C(h)ome, Leon!:
C08 C(h)ome, Leon! – is a peachy shade changing light/dark with a bluish green. The effect is very subtle, but still interesting.

Chromit & Miss Pinky:
C06 Chromit & Miss Pinky – is a magenta pink with a bluish shimmer, changing light/dark to a silvery light bluish sheen. The effect is very subtle, but still pretty.
That's it... 
My favorites are Chromeo & Julia and Chromit & Miss Pinky - do you have any favorites among these four..?

Too Fancy Lacquer This Love Is Smokin' Hot swatches

Too Fancy Lacquer This Love is Smokin’ Hot – is a gorgeous hot pink with a moderate linear holo.
This is two coats and it didn’t dry as shiny as I wanted, so I used Seche Vite for these photos.
I have a weakness for this type of hot pink - do you like them..?
I got this from a swap with Denise - but it can be bought from Edgy Polish!
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