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mandag den 22. september 2014

Dance Legend Holy Diver - WOW Prism swatches

Dance Legend Holy Diver 36 is one of the WOW Prism polishes that I love so much! This sea green beauty is no exception – look how pretty it is and how it sparkles, my husband went all WOOOW when he saw it in the sun… This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite!
I hope you liked it :)

søndag den 21. september 2014

Depend swatches: 122, 318 and 354 - a birthday gift!

Recently an unexpected parcel arrived from Serbia, and I immediately recognized the name Vedrana from Cajkine kandze i sve njihove boje!

Thank you so much for this sweet birthday gift Vedrana, it made me very happy!

Let's have a closer look at the Depend polishes!

Depend 122 is neither a magenta pink (Maria pink) nor a red in the bottle, it’s something in between. But on the nail the beautiful magenta – bluish shimmer makes it pop and does make it a kind of Maria pink. It is a bit on the sheer side, this is 3 coats without a top coat. 

Depend 318 is a dusty mint with a subtle shimmer, a bit too grey-toned for me. This is 2 coats without a top coat.

Depend 354 is a pretty, pale lavender with a subtle shimmer. This is 2 coats with a top coat.
Do you have any favorites among these?

Chanel Troublant 42 swatches - vintage

As promised yesterday:
Chanel Troublant 42 – was released together with Palpitant 41 in 2001. It’s a gorgeous purple to greenish bronze shifting duochrome, and as I mentioned in the Palpitant swatches, I wonder how many other polish manufacturers did duochromes as early as 2001. This is two easy coats without a top coat.
Do you like this old duochrome?
See Palpitant, that has an even stronger duochrome effect right HERE!

lørdag den 20. september 2014

Chanel Palpitant 41 vintage swatches - Collaboration Saturday

It's that time of the week, yes, it's Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel! 
Chanel Palpitant 41 – was released together with Troublant 42 in 2001- thank you so much Aly for the 2001 information!
Palpitant is a gorgeous duochrome, and I wonder how many other polish manufacturers did duochromes back then. It has a strong shift between a pinkish purple and bronze with a olive hue, I’m blown away by it. This is two easy coats without a top coat.
I wore it with Dance Legend Roz, se swatches HERE, on my right hand to save the precious drops of this old treasure – and I don’t think anyone noticed the subtle difference. Car-happy guys always are fascinated by duochromes, they say cool, you can get cars painted like this – how did you do that… ;) 
What do you think of this 13 years old duochrome - not bad, eh..?
Tomorrow I will show it's sibling - Troublant 42!
And now I curious to see what Elena has for us!!

Bear Pawlish Goblin King swatches

Bear Pawlish Goblin King is a very unique polish. It’s teal, it’s holographic, it’s duochrome and it has a little holo micro holo glitter. Teal might not be my color, but I actually like it a lot, thanks Denise for letting me swatch it!
The application was easy, the dry time is quick – this is two coats with a top coat. 
Do you like Goblin King?

fredag den 19. september 2014

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Charmingly Purple swatches

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Charmingly Purple is a dark lavender/blue-toned medium purple with a medium strength holo plus a subtle but pretty shimmer in blue and pink. This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
Were you charmed by this purple?
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