onsdag den 30. juli 2014

Floral abstract nail art for Kerria

The base color is Kure Bazaar Kerria, see swatches HERE! I randomly sponged here and there with the beautiful glitter China Glaze Nova. I painted the abstract floral with acrylic craft colors and the top coats is Seche Vite. 
I hope you liked it ;)

Kure Bazaar Kerria swatches

In this post I have a polish from Kure Bazaar - based on natural ingredients, read more HERE!
Kure Bazaar Kerria is a beautiful pastel yellow with a subtle golden shimmer. The formula is really pleasant to work with and surprisingly opaque in one coat, but this is two easy coats without a top coat. The dry time is good and so is the self leveling ability. 
Do you like Kerria?
Later today I will show it with a floral abstract!

tirsdag den 29. juli 2014

Black Heart swatch spam

Today I have swatches of 6 random Black Heart polishes to show you: Blue Purple Iridescent, Mint to Be, Primpin, Royally Screwed, Slaquer and Violet Tendencies!
Black Heart is an US brand and as far as I know only sold in the USA, and I bought them because of the cool skull bottles. The formula is decent in most of them, and the dry time is really quick.

Blue Purple Iridescent 105444-001:
Black Heart Beauty Blue Purple Iridescent 105444-001 is a shimmery metallic blue toned purple. it kind of shines in a glowing way, but the finish is not super shiny. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up a few slightly balder spots, I chose to use 3 coats and a top coat for these photos.

Mint to Be 133872-001:
Black Heart Beauty Mint to Be – also seen with the name Major Ranger, the code # is 133872-001. It is a bright and vivid green with a semi matte finish – it’s probably a neon. The first coat went on really patchy and with dragging, the second wasn't much better, so even if it was opaque I went for 3 coats and a shiny top coat before I was reasonable satisfied. 

Primpin 155118-001:
Black Heart Beauty Primpin 155118-001 is a violet cream, and this is 2 coats without a top coat.

Royally Screwed 551362-001:
Black Heart Beauty Royally Screwed 551362-001 is a blue glitter here shown in 1 coat over Primpin + top coat.

Slaquer 155124-001:
Black Heart Beauty Slaquer 155124-001 is a cobalt blue shimmer. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up my ridges, I chose to use 3 coats without a top coat for these photos.

Violet Tendencies 551316-001:
Black Heart Beauty Violet Tendencies 551316-001 is a dark purple duochrome with a beautiful blue shimmer. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up a few less opaque spots, I chose to use 3 coats and a top coat for these photos.
My favorite is Violet Tendencies - what do you think?

If you are wondering about the last bottle in the first photo, it’s name is Acid Rain and it is a glow in the dark with very poor glow, and I chose not to swatch it…

Celestial Cosmetics Pink Posy swatches

Celestial Cosmetics Pink Posy is a slightly pale bubblegum pink - but as usual Blogger makes my pink colors more vivid, it IS a pale bubblegum pink, truly girly - with a fairly strong holo, obviously strongest in the sun, but fully visible in indoor and artificial light.
This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite. 
I love Celestial Cosmetics polishes - do you own any of them?
I bought it from Edgy Polish!

mandag den 28. juli 2014

P2 swatches: Love Agent and Diva Expressiva – Volume Gloss selection

In this post you will meet the two latest additions to my P2 Volume Gloss polishes. I’m truly blown away by their formula. The self-leveling ability is outstanding, the dry time good and the finish is super shiny – what more can you ask for, oh yes, and they are inexpensive!

Love Agent:
P2 007 Love Agent is a beautiful pastel yellow cream with a truly wonderful formula. 2 coats are enough on nails without my severe ridges, but I chose to show it in 3 coats without a top coat.

Diva Expressiva:
P2 210 Diva Expressiva is a beautiful eggplant purple, and this is 2 easy coats without a top coat.
Do you like them?

Crows Toes Alfheim swatches - 9 Realms collection 2014

Crows Toes Alfheim is from the 9 Realms collection 2014.
Alfheim is a very pale and slightly silvery green holo.
I was a bit disappointed at first and thought to myself, ah well, a work safe palate cleanser, but then I went out in the sun – and holy moly – the rainbows queued to dazzle me!! The holo is also really visible in indoor light and strong in artificial light. This is two easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite. 
What do you think of this pale green holo?
I bought it from Norway Nails, use the code MARIA10 to get a 10% discount.
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