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torsdag den 21. august 2014

Floral nail art on Rodeo Drive

The base color is Chanel Rodeo Drive 277, see swatches HERE, and even if it has come to my attention that a certain group of women apparently think it’s a no-go to paint nail art on a Chanel, I felt the need to celebrate this beautiful polish the best way I can, by painting flowers… I used acrylic craft colors and the top coat is Seche Vite.
What do you think - do you think it's OK or a no-go to paint nail art on a Chanel???

If you yesterday read about Born Pretty Store yesterday harassing me - you should take a look at the updated version, I have gotten a new email this time from a "Kevin" - click HERE and scroll down...

Elevation Polish Echinops swatches

Elevation Polish Echinops is a beautiful lavender with a subtle holo. The formula is perfect and almost glides on by itself. The first coat is fairly opaque, but you need 2 just like you see here with a top coat. The self leveling and the dry time are good.
Do you like this beauty?

onsdag den 20. august 2014

I am sick and tired of Born Pretty Store spam - now updated

Normally I do not easily rant, but when I am subjected to disrespectful, pushy and relentless spamming even if I politely have said: please stop - I get angry - enough is enough, at this point I truly HATE Born Pretty Store! 

In June 2012 I was contacted by Born Pretty Store the first time by "Nicole", and I did two reviews, but the only item that I really wanted to review was a set of nail art brushes - and twice they sent me something completely else by "mistake"...
Even the discount code for my readers was a mix-up - I got the same code as another blogger, who kindly informed me about it!
The required reviews and photos of the reviewed items I was supposed to upload to the BPS website were impossible to upload, because the system "could not see I purchased this item" - DOOH!

August 2012 I cancelled the collaboration and wrote this:
"Frankly I think there has been so many problems, it's now the second time the brushes has not been sent, the only thing I truly wanted to review.
Alle the excuses are good - but still it leaves me with a increasing distrust towards the company...
And then there were all the review problems, I spent a long time reviewing on your website - but nothing ever showed up, and I still haven't gotten any information if it's fixed or not.
When I think of the time I spent so far just to receive a nail polish and some studs - it would have been much cheaper for me to buy them."

March 2013 "Daisy" asked me to do reviews for BPS - I never replied.

Between August 2012 and up to April 14 there were other emails than the one in March 2013, but I deleted them without saving them, and I also did not reply to them.

April 2014 "Allison" asked me to do reviews for BPS - and at this point I was fed up, so I replied and asked her please to stop asking. She was sorry and promised never to contact me again.

June 2014 "Allison" broke her promise and sent the exact same email. Her excuse was: "I forgot to make a note in the records."

July 25th 2014 I suddenly started getting newsletters from BPS, I unsubscribed and got the message "Thank you! You've been removed from our newsletter list, you will not receive newsletter from anymore". On August 1st. another newsletter came, and I unsubscribed - I have kept screenshots from both occasions.
But today a new newsletter came, so I contacted the customer service and I sincerely hope they will unsubscribe me.

August 19th I was spammed on Pinterest by a comment from "Born Pretty Store/Tina" right HERE. 15 minutes later BPS/she spammed my blog in this post. I replied rather harshly to both comments - but either "Tina" did not read it, or more like did not give a damn - because....

August 20th I received an email from "BPS/Tina" - so as promised yesterday in the blog post comments: "Enough is enough – next time Born Pretty Store, I will do a blog post about your relentless spamming!"

I am however pretty convinced that the pushy spamming will go on as long as I am an active blogger, and in the future my reply will be a link to this post, and I will update this post each time.
But no matter what, I suspect Born Pretty Store do not care or even truly respect bloggers, and I deeply distrust Born Pretty Store!
But at least this rant helped a bit - so thank you for reading if you got this far!!

Of course bloggers will get various kinds of review offers the larger the blog gets, but all other companies have accepted if I thanked no: Glasses, dresses, strips etc. etc. and they did not contact me again. But Born Pretty Store is totally out of reach in their aggressive and relentless spamming!

Have you had similar experiences with Born Pretty Store or other companies - even after you numerous times politely said no thank you?

Update August 21th: You are NOT going to believe this, after having sent links to the company another email have arrived: Hi, This is Kevin from Born Pretty Store, your blog is awesome, and we want to offer some of our Nail Art samples to you, would you like to test and review? Best regards, Kevin

Floral nail art: Rhiannon meets the Nightbird

The base colors are the dark blue Darling Diva Nightbird and on the middle fingers I have Darling Diva Rhiannon – both are holos, and I haven’t show swatches of them yet. I painted the vines and flowers with acrylic craft color. The top coat is Seche vite. 
Do you like it?
I bought both polishes from Edgy Polish!

Please check my blog later today, I have a huge rant about Born Pretty Store's relentless spamming, the lack of respect is beyond comparison!!!

Lilypad lacquer Ruby Slippers

Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers is a gorgeous true red holo, difficult to do justice in my photos. The rainbow is amazing in the sun. This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
I love this red holo - do you..?
I bought it from Norway Nails, use the code MARIA10 to get a 10% discount.

tirsdag den 19. august 2014

Models Own swatch spam: Deep Purple, Purple Imperial, Purple Mystique and Purple Passion

Here you have 4 purple polishes from Models Own, 3 of them are however retired/discontinued:
Deep Purple is a retired duochrome blackened purple with a shift to lighter purple and a hint of a dark teal leaning green. It is very opaque in 1 coat, but this is 2 without a top coat.

Purple Imperial:
Purple Imperial is still available; it comes from the Kaleidoscope collection. It’s a mid purple with a very shiny, kind of metallic finish. This is 2 coats, no top coat.

Purple Mystique:
Purple Mystique is a retired dark royal purple shimmer, maybe not unique, but always very pretty. It is very opaque in 1 coat, but this is 2 without a top coat.

Purple Passion:
Purple Passion is a retired red toned magenta leaning purple with a semi matte rubber finish. 2 coats would be enough for normal use, but this is 3 coats without a top coat.
So, do you like these - do you own any of them yourself..?
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