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mandag den 4. maj 2015

Elevation Polish Cloud Peak and Iceberg Lake, Wyoming the Wild coll. swatches

Today I have my two picks from the Elevation Polish Wyoming the Wild collection April 2015.
Elevation Polish Cloud Peak is a muted cornflower blue with black flake shimmer, ultra chrome flakies and holographic pigment. In the sun you see all it’s beauty, flakies, shimmer and holo, in other light setting you mostly notice the flakies. It is fairly opaque in one coat, but this is two with a coat of Seche Vite.

Iceberg Lake:
Elevation Polish Iceberg Lake is a slightly mint leaning jade with a subtle shimmer. It is very opaque in one coat, but this is two with a coat of Seche Vite.
Do you like them?
I'm very fascinated by Cloud Peak...

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Colors by Lllarowe Kit, Pretty Woman coll. swatches

As the first of my 7 picks from the Pretty Woman collection I am showing you a happy and bright color called Kit!
Colors by Llarowe Kit is as mentioned from the Pretty Woman collection. It’s a beautiful slightly blue toned red crelly with glitters and iridescent blue hexes and a touch of holo. It is opaque in two coats and I added a coat of Seche Vite even if it does dry smooth.
I love it - do you?

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søndag den 3. maj 2015

Thoughts... - one brand and ONE collection?

In this "Thoughts..." post I have a question for you - and I would love to hear from you, even if you normally do not comment :)

So, if you an entire month only could use ONE brand and ONE collection or line from that particular brand, what would you choose..?

I would choose Dance Legend and the collection/line WOW Prism because I love almost all the shades, I love wearing them, and there are many to choose between...
But another pick would be the incredible Colors by Llarowe Pretty Woman collection <3

"Thoughts deep enough to make you put your paw under your chin and close your eyes" - quote by Findus in a philosophical moment, not to be confused with sleep!

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Seeing red in the indigo flow floral nail art

The blue base color is Emily de Molly Indigo Flow, see swatches HERE, and the accent nail is Emily de Molly Seeing Red, see swatches HERE. I painted the floral nail art with acrylic craft color and the top coat is Seche Vite.
Do you like it..?
I bought both polishes from Norway Nails - use the code MARIA10 to get a 10% discount.

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Nail mail April

These beauties all arrived in April...

April 4th:
The adorable Moo Moo's Signatures bottles comes in chiffon bags with embedded rhinestones and a tiny ball of the same material as the felted Moo Moo's <3
I have shown swatches of both already...

April 8th:
These  pretties are from the Paws by Eddie spring collection - and I showed swatches of them a few days ago.

April 9th:
I bought the entire Knockout coll. and three new El Corazon polishes from Hypnotic Polish - and I already have shown you swatches of all the Glam's...

April 13th:
These are my picks from the MOD Lacquer Mid Century Mod coll. - I have so far only shown swatches of one of them.
Colour Alike released a spring collection - 6 holos and 6 creams/shimmers. These are my picks,  and I haven't yet shown swatches of them.

April 17th:
My first ever Superchic Lacquer polishes, I have already shown swatches of all four of them...

Beauties from Pahlish, and you have seen swatches of the first two a few days ago!

April 20th:
Amazing nail mail from Hypnotic Polish - my picks from the Colors by Llarowe Pretty Woman collection!

Two pretties from Elevation Polish!

April 22nd:
Four beauties from Bear Pawlish!!

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lørdag den 2. maj 2015

Chanel Tulle 131, Holiday 2003 - Collaboration Saturday

Can you believe it? Another week just vanished, so it's time for Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel!
Chanel Tulle 131 is from the 2003 Holiday collection. It’s a mauve leaning nude with tiny silver glitters. It might not be a color for me, nor one I normally would buy, but I’m still happy to have it in my collection. This is two coats without a top coat.
As I said, not really my color, but i know a lot of you are fans of nudes, and I think the micro glitters makes it interesting...
I hope Elena has something more colorful for us, let's have a look...

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