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søndag den 28. april 2013

Catrice swatches - It's All I Can Blue, George Blueney, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans and Hunting Heritage

Today I have some swatches of 4 blue random Catrice polishes. All are shown in 2 coats without a top coat. Some are retired and/or re-launched with a new name and possibly a slight change...
First my favorite blue Catrice: All I can Blue - it's gorgeous :)

Next we have George Blueney

Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!

Hunting Heritage

All comments will be read when I open my computer again sometime next week!
HERE you can see what I have scheduled to post during my blog absence :)

16 kommentarer:

  1. All I can Blue is AMAZING!

  2. I have George Blueney too and it's my favourite one ^^

  3. I have Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans and I love that polish. Great swatches, with the close-up pictures.

  4. My favourite is Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans :-)

  5. George Blueney is amazing! that is all. :)

  6. All I can Blue is amazing! and George Blueney too :)

  7. The first one is simply stunning!

  8. own them, love them... all but the last one ;)

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments - All I can Blue is clearly my favorite of these, so I'm happy there were blue's here for all of us :)


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