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lørdag den 27. april 2013

Plan for the next weeks - and a late low-buy February

I'm taking a blog and computer break the next week or so, and that means that....
I will not visit the blogs I normally visit and comment on, so my apologies for that
- and I also will not reply to your comments on my own blog until I'm back
- BUT I have scheduled posts for every single day, so I'm almost here LOL
- and I'm going to miss you all and your sweet comments so much!!!

Here is what I have scheduled, as you can see I will post more swatches than normal, but I have so many in the vault:
28 - Catrice swatches - It's All I Can Blue, George Blueney, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans and Hunting Heritage
29 - Micro Painting Monday - 22
30 - Catrice swatches - Be Aztec, From Dusk To Dawn and a Paradoxal dupe comparison and Red Butler
01 - A color I usually hate - Artsy Wednesday
02 - Spring Vibe
03 - Essie sping collections 2013 - Madison Ave-Hue and Resort, swatches of my picks
04 - NYX Ink, Jade, Enchanted Forest and Surf - swatches
05 - Ozotic Sugar collection - 901, 902, 903 and 904 - swatches
06 - Micro painting Monday - 23
07 - China Glaze Hologlam Astro-Hot, Infra Red, When Stars Collide, Galactic Gray and OHMG A UFO, swatches and comparison
08 - Sunday funday flowers
09 - Flowers in my cosmos
10 - Viscous vampire daisies
11 - Catrice swatches: No Snow Petrol, Marilyn and Me, Oh My Goldness, The Pinky and The Brain, ACid DC and Pool Party at Night
12 - Priti Nyc swatches: Lungwort, Horned Poppy, Hardy Plumbago and Day Flower

- and as always you can check out my freehand manis  by visiting the folders in the top menu bar...

- and now onto another failure of a low buy month...
Last Saturday I finally could post the last part of my failed low-buy January - see it HERE
So today I give you February...
 Gorgeous polishes from Norway Nails...

 These beauties came from a blog sale...

 A couple of Jessica's

 A "few" Picture Polish'es..... (click to enlarge photo)

 Assorted goodies...

 Some China Glaze's found on a sale...

 My picks from the China Glaze Avant Garden collection - see swatches HERE

And finally my 3 picks from the Butter London Sweetie Shop collection - see my swatches HERE

OK - I'm going to miss you, but I need a little break - see you all sooner or later....

28 kommentarer:

  1. Seeing failed low-buys kind of makes me feel good everytime I fail my own... ^^;; But I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your new polishes swatched!
    I hope you have a good time while you're on break!

    1. LOL me too - makes me realize I'm just as human as the rest of the polish buyers LOL
      Thank you so much Kayono!

  2. I will miss you Maria.
    Beautiful nail polishes ^^

    1. I will miss you too Irmak - I already look forward to opening my computer again - but I also look forward to having it closed LOL

  3. Miss your comments and you on my your polishes...they are gorgeous and hope you are taking fun break...:)

    1. I will be back, Puja, that's for sure - and thank you so much for your kind wishes :)

  4. Ohooo I'll miss you Maria! Enjoy your break.

    1. I will miss you too - thank you so very much Viv Nailarts!

  5. Such a gorgeous polishes, I'm jealous. I'll miss your comments but you desirve a break. Enjoy it sweet pie!

    1. Aww, thanks a lot Katherine, you are so sweet, and I will get back in no time :)

  6. I'll miss you too! Hope you enjoy your break.
    And wow! all the polishes you purchased look just fantastic!

    1. Oh, you are so sweet Natalia - and I'm sure i will - thank you so much, I'm glad you like them :)

  7. Have a good time whenever and whatever you are up to :) We'll miss you too!!

  8. Have a great time, and I'm already looking forward to seeing you back! <3

  9. OOoh, I'll miss you!
    But enjoy your break and have a relaxing time ^^
    There is a couple of Pupas too ^^
    I think I own them both... aren't they numbers 402 and 703? :D
    A big big hug!

    1. *Ky* I missed you all too - and YOU are scary, a girl who knows her Pupa's - spot on!!!

  10. Oh, very "low-buy" February! :-) :-) :-) I like Picture Polish'es, almost all of China Glaze Avant Garden collection and Butter London Sweetie Shop collection is beautiful! :-)
    Have a nice break and come full of new ideas! :-)

  11. Oooh hope your break if fun and relaxing!! <3

    ~ Yun

  12. We'll miss you! Enjoy your break... Hot Damn! you know what they say... go big or go home! I'm comming over to play with your pretties OK? lol PS I'm also super guilty of "Low-Buy" hauling LOL

  13. ohhh! those butter london look amazing.

  14. Hope you are having a nice break!

  15. Enjoy your break! ;)

  16. you're naughty naughty girl :P
    i haven't buy this much polishes in last 6 months... but i wish i did ;)
    have a great break, but come back to us <3

  17. this is ALOT! haha can't wait :-)

  18. Thank you all of you - I'm back and have had a fun time - and loved to read all your sweet comments <3<3


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