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lørdag den 31. januar 2015

Chanel 2013 collections

As requested I'm working my way backwards in showing my Chanel polishes in collections sorted by year, I reached 2013!

Chanel 2013 collections - with links to all swatches of the new releases, just click on their names, they open in new windows:

 Printemps Precieux coll. spring 2013: Emprise 569Fracas 571 and Accessoire 573, .

Hong Kong Coll. 2013: Eastern Light and Western Light.

Avant Premiere coll. spring 2013: Starlet 575, Paparazzi 579, Cinema 581 and the not shown re-promotion of Provocation 599, originally Fashion Night Out 2012.

L'ete Papillon de Chanel summer 2013: Lilis 647Azuré 657 and  Bel Argus 667.

Revelation de Chanel spring 2013: Taboo 583 - permanent.

Superstition coll. fall 2013: Elixir 589, Alchimie 591 and Mysterious 601.

Rouge Allure Moiré coll. fall 2013: Rose Moiré 593 and Rouge Moiré 595.

Nuit Magique/Fashion Night Out 2013: Magic and Cosmic.

Nuit Infinie Holiday 2013: Rouge Rubis 677 and the not shown repromotion of Accessoire 573, originally released in the spring collection Printemps Precieux.

24 kommentarer:

  1. This is some serious gorgeous shades of collection. I am in love with Rouge Moiré 595, Elixir 589, Paparazzi 579 :D

  2. I must admit that Taboo is extremely gorgeous!

    1. That's one of my top favorites from Chanel!

  3. Ooops, I bought quite a lot in 2013. Thanks for reminding me ;D

    Kind regards,

  4. Taboo and Bel-Argus are my nr 1 :)

  5. Hi Maria, what a lovely collection! my eye was captured by : Rose Moiré 593, this is a strange colour but I think it is super classy for every day or for a special occasion, tanks for sharing =)

    1. You are right it is an odd color - but also very classy!
      And welcome to my blog :)

  6. taboo with both eastern and western lights *.*

  7. Good collection - I've got most of them :-)

  8. Looks like it was a good year!!

  9. My favourites are Taboo 583, Elixir 587, Fracas 571, Magic and Bel Argus 667 :-)

  10. Ooooh, I love this post, those are beauties! :) Your Chanel lacquers collection is staggering :D


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