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søndag den 14. august 2016

Foster Kittens update

As mentioned on the blog on July 19 - I said yes to fostering two kittens (the two mostly white boys), when my vet asked, they were around 5-6 weeks...
But those of you follow me on Instagram knows that two suddenly became 5 when three grey 4-5 week old kittens were brought in for euthanizing two days later, two girls and one boy (with the white spot on his forehead).
So I have been a bit busy :D

I have taken a ton of photos and videos with my phone, and chosen a few to show you, so not the same quality as normal, but I hope the cuteness factor helps ;)

First the photos:
A sleepy bunch...

Findus accepts the kittens well, as long as they do not expect him to play with them :D

Just hanging out...

Two lovely boys <3

Brotherly love...

My husband gets a lot of attention when he cooks :D

A slight difference in size ;)

And a few of the videos:

Waking up - cuddling and mutually grooming - this is a super sweet video <3

When some of them is waking up before the others, it's fun to tease the still sleeping kittens :D

The kittens love to play around and on this huge stone teddy :D

Two of the kittens work together, and at some point our 3-legged Mons (who used to be a foster kitten here) gets a scare :D

Drinking from a BIIIG bowl like the big cats is so much more fun - and it tastes waaayyy better, I'm sure :D
To see all the kitten videos (I upload almost daily) go to my Foster kittens 2016 folder on Youtube, please subscribe to my channel...

The lightest grey girl and her brother - and possibly the white with grey striped spots) are spoken for - the rest is up for adoption, well maaaaybe not the darkest grey girl :D *shhh don't tell anyone, my husband least of all*

I hope you enjoyed this non-nail polish related post ;)
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20 kommentarer:

  1. oh i love cats o kittens=)i have one old cat!=)she is 16 years old..

    1. That's a cat in her best age - I love older cats, they are so wise and you understand each other so well <3

  2. They are so cute! I would be tempted to keep them all :D

    1. It is indeed tempting - but not when I ask he older cats ;)

  3. They are adorable and I love that kitchen posse around your husband while cooking. They look hopeful. :D

    1. Hahaha hopeful maybe - not that they get anything - but I think they are very helpful :D

  4. Oh they are so adorable! I'm so glad that your vet is so sweet and compassionate and that these kittens have gotten such a nice fosterhome:)

    1. Yes, our vet is truly amazing <3
      Thanks a lot :)

  5. You might know I am not really a "cat" kinda girl... but I have to say that they are lovely! And your heart is huge <3

    1. I do - once I weren't either, but today I choose cat over dog at all times ;)
      And yes - they are lovely!

  6. They are very cute :-) I love the photo "My husband gets a lot of attention when he cooks" :-)

    1. LOL - they never get anything - but still it's so interesting :D


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