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fredag den 31. oktober 2014

Polish Me Silly Aloha Baby swatches

Polish Me Silly Aloha Baby is a beautiful magenta with a slight shift of pink and a gorgeous shimmer, it’s described as a multichrome, but I wouldn’t go that far, maybe a duochome… It’s easy to work with and this is 2 easy coats without a top coat. 
Do you like this bold pink?
I bought it from Hyonotic Polish!

20 kommentarer:

  1. My pink! And you look great in it. Bold and energetic nail polish :)

  2. Aloha Baby, come to mama ;o)

    Kind regards,

  3. This is a great polish and I am happy to see a bright color today because all the blogs are full with dark Halloween manis :)

    1. LOL - I'm not into Halloween - so I'm happy you like the break from the Halloween manis :)

  4. Oh Maria! I do love this one so much :-D It looks wonderful <3

  5. Great colour with a sweet shimmer. There's nothing I don't like about this polish :)

  6. Very bold and pretty color with awesome shimmer!

  7. Still a sucker for pink and this one is awesome !!


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