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lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

Chanel Precious 163, Beige Naturel 15 and Beige Moire 51 - swatches - Chanel Saturday

In this Chanel Saturday together with my friend Elelna from PicturedTinsel - I'm showing 6 more or less sheer nudes, 3 now and 3 more in the afternoon - boring to some - interesting for others...
In this post I'm showing: Precious 163, Beige Naturel 15 and Beige Moiré 51 – presumably elderly ladies, but unfortunately I have not been able to find any info about neither collection nor year/season for them, can you help me...?
My old nails have a lot of ridges, not pretty in sheer nudes, so excuse the 2-finger swatches today - but as you know my mission is to show as many Chanel polishes as possible!!
I denne Chanel Saturday sammen med min veninde Elena fra PicturedTinsel - vil jeg vise 6 mere eller mindre gennemsigtige nudes, 3 nu og 3 i eftermiddag - kedelig for nogen - interessant for andre...
I dette indlæg viser jeg: Precious 163, Beige Naturel 15 and Beige Moiré 51– formentlig ældre damer, men jeg har desværre ikke kunnet finde oplysninger om, hverken hvilken kollektion den tilhører, udgivelses år eller årstid for dem, kan du hjælpe mig…?
Mine gamle negle har mange riller, der ikke ser godt ud i gennemsigtige lakker, så jeg nøjes med at vise 2 fingre i dag, men som du ved, er det min hensigt at vise så mange Chanel lakker som muligt!!

Chanel Precious 163 goes on the nail almost clear and the finish is beautiful and shiny.
Chanel Precious 163 virker næsten som en klar lak på neglene, og dens finish er flot og skinnende.

Chanel Beige Naturel 15 – has a little more pigmentation than Precious, and the finish is beautiful and shiny.
Chanel Beige Naturel 15 – har lidt mere pigment end Precious, og dens finish er den samme, smuk og skinnende.

Chanel Beige Moire 51 – is a sheer beige nude with a beautiful shimmer, here shown in 3 coats, and look how shiny it is even without a top coat.
Chanel Beige Moire 51 – er en gennemsigtig nude med et smukt shimmer, den er her vist I 3 lag uden toplak, og læg mærke til den skinnende finish.

How do you feel about sheer nudes - are they for you or not...?
Later today I'll show 3 other more or less sheer nudes...
I wonder what Elena has for us today...?
Hvordan har du det med gennemsigte lakker - er det dig - eller måske slet ikke...?
Senere i dag viser jeg yderligere 3 mere eller mindre gennemsigtige nudes...
Hvad mon Elena har til os i dag...?

18 kommentarer:

  1. Most beautiful of these is Beige Moiré.

    Kind regards,

  2. I like the shimmer in it!

  3. Nudes, eh? I am more like a "if you're spending time on it, it has to really light up ;)

    1. LOL yes - and me too - but when on a mission, you cannot be squeamish ;)

  4. I'm not sure about these... They are somehow classy and totally perfect for elderly ladies who don't love to use strikey shades on the nails.
    If I had to have one, I should probably go for the last one, beige moire ^^
    How does it work when use for layering (as topper)?

    1. LOL but I AM an elderly lady, remember ;)
      Well as you know, I prefer the stronger colors too :) - I imagine that Beige Moiré would be great for sponging....

  5. I somehow don't see you really wearing these. I guess they just sit in your Chanel drawer/shelf and look pretty.

    1. You know me too well, you are absolutely right, but you know, I am on a mission :)

  6. I love the shimmer in the Chanel Beige Naturel 15 polish!

  7. Wow these are beautiful on you! You have lovely nails :D

    1. Thanks a lot, these two are OK, but the rest have severe ridges ;)

  8. Just saw your gigantic swap/lemming post! I may have that Black Satin-but I don't know enough about the colors you have listed for the swapping!

    1. You might have the LE version of Black Satin, with the shimmer/micro glitter?
      I can send you photos if you want...


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