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lørdag den 21. juni 2014

Chanel English Rose 205 - Collaboration Saturday

My friend Elena from PicturedTinsel and I have yet another Collaboration for you, I suspect Elena is showing a Dior today. But I have a pretty rose for you:
Chanel English Rose 205 – is from 2005.
English Rose is a fairly pale coral pink with a beautiful shimmer. It is on the sheer side, two coats can be enough, but this is tree coats without a top coat. The formula, dry time and finish are perfect.
Do you like this English Rose?
Let's see what kind of Dior Elena is showing us today :)

22 kommentarer:

  1. I like it very much, the shimmer is so pretty!

    1. Yes, it's very pretty with a beautiful shimmer :)

  2. The shimmer is indeed pretty. :)

  3. English Rose for Midsummer. Perfect for yesterday.

    Kind regards,

  4. Om my wishlist from now, it's SO cute!

  5. What a pretty colour and that shimmer :-) You can't beat it :-D

  6. The shimmer is amazing here! :)

  7. One of the best looking pink ever :)


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