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torsdag den 25. september 2014

Powder Perfect Foreboding swatches - Melancholia collection

Powder Perfect Foreboding is from the Melancholia collection 2014.
Foreboding is described as a moody pearl polish that has a subtle green to blue shift with a dash of holo! That pretty much sums it up, but in my book the green to blue shift is so subtle that my eyes see it as a teal, and for some odd reason I actually like it in spite of that, I guess, the subtle holo (best seen in the sun and evening indoor artificial lightning) does the trick. It is completely opaque in one coat, but this is two easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
I have a foreboding that you will like this - at least most of you!
It's new in the shop Edgy Polish where I bought this beauty!! 

23 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting shade, that's for sure. I think I like it :)

  2. It's stunning, and again I have to think of planet Melancholia on it's way to collide with Earth.

    Kind regards,

  3. This gets better and better. I love this shade.

  4. I love teal for fall. This polish is nice!

  5. Svar
    1. Yes, the shimmer and holo makes it stand out!

  6. Oooh soooo pretty. Love the colour. :-)

  7. I see that teal too ^^ And a lovely one!

  8. This one looks really nice! I do like it a lot :-)

  9. Very pretty teal! A nice color with a pretty holo effect :-)


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