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torsdag den 3. december 2015

Elevation Polish Liquid Swords and Different Dimension I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller, The Holo Hookup Novemer Box

Today I have the last two of 4 polishes from The Holo Hookup November Box, the first of it's kind.
The HoloHookup is a monthly pre-order all holographic, exclusive (limited edition) box.
The 3 main contributors are Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension and Glisten & Glow.
Each month there will be a special guest maker as the 4th polish, and each month will also have a theme.

Elevation Polish Liquid Swords:
Elevation Polish Liquid Swords is a pretty, delicate and feminine soft pink with a subtle holo. This is two easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Different Dimension I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller:
Different Dimension I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller is a sooo gorgeous deep purple holo with a strong rainbow also in indoor light settings! It is VERY opaque in one coat/can easily be used as a one-coater.
I love this one sooo much!
So - what do you think of this box..?
Se the other two polishes HERE!

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16 kommentarer:

  1. Ooh la la, I love that purple. It's gorgeous and those rainbows... wow!

  2. I think, these two are my favorites. The purple one... *swoon*

    Love Lotte

  3. Oh wow these are two stunners as well :-D

  4. Ooh... what a gorgeous pink!

  5. I couldn't decide which one to take! Althought I simply adore purple, that delicate pink is soooo pretty...! :-)

    1. LOL - in this case the purple wins for me ;)

  6. Different Dimension I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller stole the show.


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