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lørdag den 20. februar 2016

Bear Pawlish Verklempt swatches

Bear Pawlish Verklempt is a dusty purple holo with tiny glitters in pink, magenta and purple. You see it in two coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
What do you think?

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16 kommentarer:

  1. I like the color, but are a bit unsure about the glitters in it. I think it would have been nicer with just holo.

    1. Yes, I'm also a bit torn, but mostly about the dustiness!

  2. Same here^. But all in all I like it.

  3. I really like the glitters in it, it makes it interesting!

  4. love this mix of everything in it :D

  5. I love glitters as a rule, but I think I agree with Helena on this one. it's a nice colour though :)

  6. Very beautiful, it looks like it has it's own lights and it's really glowing! :-)

  7. Oh this one is very pretty :-D

  8. It is stunning and suits you perfectly.

  9. Thank you so much, but I think it would suit you even better!


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