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søndag den 1. marts 2015

Nail mail February 2015

February brought me a lot of polishes....

February 5th:
Finally I got the lemming Operation Vegas <3

February 7th:
The sweet Tanja sent me these pretty polishes - thanks a lot my friend!

February 9th:
China Glaze's from Ebay...

February 11th:
Goodies from EdgyPolish!

- and a lot of polishes with special delivery from USA - some of them were bought back in December...

February 12th:
Harispray coll. and a beautiful Too Fancy Lacquer from Edgy Polish!

Beautiful ILNP's from sweet Denise <3

February 13th:
Beautiful polishes from Hypnotic Polish!

Emily de Molly's from Norway Nails!

February 14th:
Two Elevation Polish beauties!

Februray 18th:
Five new lovelies from Above The Curve...

Three beauties from Llarowe!

February 21st:
A gorgeous old Chanel - another Lemming found on Ebay...

February 23rd:
A friend helped get this one from Hong Kong - yay! I showed this yesterday, by the way...

February 26:
On a quick visit to Flensburg I restrained myself to these 5...
But I have a philosophy: Never go down on gear, nail polish and nail polish remover, and as we are 320 kilometers from Flensburg with the nearest DM shop, I do buy enough ;)
 30 bottles of my favorite nail polish remover, unless I make my own , see recipe HERE! It's inexpensive and around 10 times cheaper than here in Denmark
Quality cotton pads and stick also are so cheap compared with our prices!

February 27th:
Three lovely Lilypad Lacquers sent for review from Edgy Polish!

February 28th
New beauties from Bear Pawlish <3

Ok that was it - do you like my new additions :D

24 kommentarer:

  1. The rose Chanel looks very beautiful, I can understand why you was looking for it! and bear Pawlish' es look so nice - I've never heard of the brand before :)

    1. I'm glad you like my polishes - I have shown quite a few Bear Pawlishes already, 17 or more...

  2. Wow, so many lovelies. One Above the Curve really caught my eye, bat all these polishes seem gorgeous.
    And another wow, so much remover :D

    1. LOL - never go down on gear, nail polish nor remover :D

  3. What can I say except wow? ;)

  4. So many beauties.

    Kind regards,

  5. Those cotton pads are amazing! I always buy a couple of them when I go to a DM (in Slovenia, that's the nearest to me) :)
    And my nail polish remover is blue, too LOL and very cheap (I usually pay 45 cents for a 125mL bottle) :)
    Oh, and is beautiful to see your post and your February nail polishes, I haven't bought any bottle this month :(

    1. They are, I really like them, I'm glad you like them too - great minds think alike, right :D
      WOW - you were good in February!

  6. Whoa, that's an amazing haul!
    Those Fancy Gloss lacquers look really interesting! :)

  7. Your nailmails are always jawdropping! I was like "oh see these beauties" and "omg those cupcakes" etc.
    I've bought only one bottle of polish this month, so seeing these photos is satisfying also for my polish need :D

    1. Aww, thank you so much - and applause, you were such a good girl in February (also in February) :)

    2. Thank you :D I'm saving up for some indie haul I guess ^_^

    3. Well - that makes it easier to save, doesn't it :)

  8. Oh, Maria, I already thought that my little package got lost... I'm so happy it found the way to you! :-) And, it looks too modest, but next time I'll try to find some more interesting things that you could like! :-)

    1. Oh, but I sent you an email the minute I unwrapped it????
      I will find it and resend it!

  9. Oh wow great polishes! Wow! :-D

  10. oh my, oh my... i'm green of envy ;)


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