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torsdag den 31. juli 2014

Abstract floral nail art on Cuernos del Paine

The Base color is Elevation Polish Cuernos del Paine. I grabbed a black striper and did some doodling and a purple acrylic craft color to fill in a few gaps – and finally I top coated with Seche Vite. 
So, did you like it..?

Elevation Polish Cuernos del Paine swatches

Elevation Polish Cuernos del Paine is a spring green cream. It is VERY opaque in one coat, but this is two easy coats with a perfect formula, a good dry time and a good self leveling ability. I did not use a top coat for these swatches. 
Do you like Cuernos del Paine?

onsdag den 30. juli 2014

Floral abstract nail art for Kerria

The base color is Kure Bazaar Kerria, see swatches HERE! I randomly sponged here and there with the beautiful glitter China Glaze Nova. I painted the abstract floral with acrylic craft colors and the top coats is Seche Vite. 
I hope you liked it ;)

Kure Bazaar Kerria swatches

In this post I have a polish from Kure Bazaar - based on natural ingredients, read more HERE!
Kure Bazaar Kerria is a beautiful pastel yellow with a subtle golden shimmer. The formula is really pleasant to work with and surprisingly opaque in one coat, but this is two easy coats without a top coat. The dry time is good and so is the self leveling ability. 
Do you like Kerria?
Later today I will show it with a floral abstract!

tirsdag den 29. juli 2014

Black Heart swatch spam

Today I have swatches of 6 random Black Heart polishes to show you: Blue Purple Iridescent, Mint to Be, Primpin, Royally Screwed, Slaquer and Violet Tendencies!
Black Heart is an US brand and as far as I know only sold in the USA, and I bought them because of the cool skull bottles. The formula is decent in most of them, and the dry time is really quick.

Blue Purple Iridescent 105444-001:
Black Heart Beauty Blue Purple Iridescent 105444-001 is a shimmery metallic blue toned purple. it kind of shines in a glowing way, but the finish is not super shiny. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up a few slightly balder spots, I chose to use 3 coats and a top coat for these photos.

Mint to Be 133872-001:
Black Heart Beauty Mint to Be – also seen with the name Major Ranger, the code # is 133872-001. It is a bright and vivid green with a semi matte finish – it’s probably a neon. The first coat went on really patchy and with dragging, the second wasn't much better, so even if it was opaque I went for 3 coats and a shiny top coat before I was reasonable satisfied. 

Primpin 155118-001:
Black Heart Beauty Primpin 155118-001 is a violet cream, and this is 2 coats without a top coat.

Royally Screwed 551362-001:
Black Heart Beauty Royally Screwed 551362-001 is a blue glitter here shown in 1 coat over Primpin + top coat.

Slaquer 155124-001:
Black Heart Beauty Slaquer 155124-001 is a cobalt blue shimmer. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up my ridges, I chose to use 3 coats without a top coat for these photos.

Violet Tendencies 551316-001:
Black Heart Beauty Violet Tendencies 551316-001 is a dark purple duochrome with a beautiful blue shimmer. 2 coats are enough, but as my camera picked up a few less opaque spots, I chose to use 3 coats and a top coat for these photos.
My favorite is Violet Tendencies - what do you think?

If you are wondering about the last bottle in the first photo, it’s name is Acid Rain and it is a glow in the dark with very poor glow, and I chose not to swatch it…

Celestial Cosmetics Pink Posy swatches

Celestial Cosmetics Pink Posy is a slightly pale bubblegum pink - but as usual Blogger makes my pink colors more vivid, it IS a pale bubblegum pink, truly girly - with a fairly strong holo, obviously strongest in the sun, but fully visible in indoor and artificial light.
This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite. 
I love Celestial Cosmetics polishes - do you own any of them?
I bought it from Edgy Polish!

mandag den 28. juli 2014

P2 swatches: Love Agent and Diva Expressiva – Volume Gloss selection

In this post you will meet the two latest additions to my P2 Volume Gloss polishes. I’m truly blown away by their formula. The self-leveling ability is outstanding, the dry time good and the finish is super shiny – what more can you ask for, oh yes, and they are inexpensive!

Love Agent:
P2 007 Love Agent is a beautiful pastel yellow cream with a truly wonderful formula. 2 coats are enough on nails without my severe ridges, but I chose to show it in 3 coats without a top coat.

Diva Expressiva:
P2 210 Diva Expressiva is a beautiful eggplant purple, and this is 2 easy coats without a top coat.
Do you like them?
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