Check out my freehand nail art in the folders/pages above this line :) - Se min frihånds nail art i fanebladene over denne linie :)

Indies & swatches

On this page you will mostly meet indies and a few others, that I think of as indies, even if one can debate if some of the bigger brands are indies...
I currently have 110+ indie brands and 1500+ polishes in the list below...
There are a LOT of OTHER well known brands that I love to bits even if they aren't listed here!!
I have swatched anything from a particular brand, you will find them in the "Brand" section on the right hand menu here on the blog...

Listed alphabetically, the ones in bold has been swatched, just click to see the swatches.:

2-Bit Polish:
Fruit Salad, Be My Abundance - pending
Vampire Drool, Be My Abundance - pending
Above The Curve:
Crunchy Leaves,  Best Things About Fall 2014
Gryffindor, Harry Potter inspired
Jingle Bell Rock
Love Is A Battlefield, Valentine's Duo 2015
Pretend It's a Plan, Doctor Who inspired
Ravenclaw, Harry Potter inspried
Relative Dimensions, Doctor Who inspired
Stormy Night, Best Things About Fall 2014
Sweater Weather,  Best Things About Fall 2014
The Silence, Doctor Who inspired
Ultra Holo Blue
You're My #1 Lemming Valentine, Valentine's Duo 2015
A England*:
*Many AE swatches are old and need reswatching, some shown with nail art!
And the Moonbeams…, Heavenly Quotes
Avalon, The Mythicals
Beauty Never Fails, Heavenly Quotes
Briar Rose - Sleeping Beauty, Burne-Jones Dream
CamelotThe Mythicals
Crown Of Thistles, Elisabeth & Mary
Dragon, The Legend
ElaineThe Mythicals
The Mythicals
The Mythicals
Holy Grail (new ed.), The Mythicals
IseultThe Mythicals
Jane Eyre
Gothic Beauties
Jane Morris, Rosetti's Godess
Lady Of The LakeThe Mythicals
Lady of Shalot
Gothic Beauties
Let Me In, To Emily Bronte
OpheliaGothic Beauties
Order Of The Garter
, The Legend
The Mythicals
Polovetian Dances, Russian Soul
Rose BowerBurne-Jones Dream
Saint George, The Legend
She Walks in Beauty, Heavenly Quotes
Sleeping PalaceBurne-Jones Dream
Spirit Of The Moors, To Emily Bronte
Tess D'Ubervilles, Gothic Beauties
The Blessed Damozel, Heavenly Quotes
TristamThe Mythicals
Queen of Scots, Elizabeth & Mary
Anonymous Lacquer:
Blue Bloods, Halloween/Fall 2014
Fangalicous, Halloween/Fall 2014
Girls Just Want To have Some Fun, Like A Virgin
Moon Walking, Like A Virgin
Pinkini, LE Summer Duo 2014 

Purple Rain-Bows, Like A Virgin
Rainbows After Dark, Halloween/Fall 2014
Ruby Baby We Miss You
, Like A Virgin
Torun To My Blue Crush
, Like A Virgin
Arcane Lacquer:
Repeat Caveat  
Respite Lane

Bear Pawlish:
Aurwens Violet
Betty Lou Got Her Wings
Bigger On The Inside
Bowties Are Cool
Bowties Are Cool (corrected version)
Callies Lustful Orchid
Clever Boy
Crossroad Blues
Divine Wine
Double Crantini
Extra Spectral
Fan Fiction
Goblin King
Holo Back Girl
Hot Cider
In Love With The Bad
I Saw You In a Dream
Lavender Kisses
Luscious In Holo
Master Thespian
Mint Condition
Mulbearry Lane
Peek A Boo!
Pocket Full Of Posies
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Pretty Hate Machine, revamped
Roseanna Danna
See You Next Tuesday
Sex & Violence
She's a Fish Killer
Sin City
Tell It To The Frogs
That's Hot
The Blessing
The Dusty Rose
The Night Before
Treat Yourself
Trigger Finger
Ultra Violet
Wha'd Ya Expect Faeries To Do?
Black Cat Lacquer:
Bela Lugosi's Dead, Halloween 2015
Coven, Witchcraft - Halloween
Fall In Love, Fall 2014
The Lovers, Tarot
The Star, Tarot
Black Dahlia Lacquer:
Bird of Paradise, Aloha
Blue Ginger, Aloha
Holo Oleander, Aloha
Wild Cherry Blossoms, Fall 2014
Bliss Polish:
Different Not Less, The Holo Hookup April 2016 Box
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer:
Gnomebody But You, G.N.O.M.E. Box June 2016
Bow Polish:
Andromeda, Out of Space
Andromeda's Nebula, Magnetic Gradient
Blue Stars, Magnetic Gradient
Drown, Out of Space
Grim Heart, Out of Space
Motivation, Magnetic
Ritual, Magnetic
Smile In Your Sleep, Magnetic
The Diamond Planet, Magnetic Gradient
The Universe, Magnetic Gradient
Worlds Collide, Out of Space
Zodiac, Out of Space 
Cap'n Cook, Breaking Bad
Day Is Gone, Sons Of Anarchy
Elli, Valhalla
Firinne, Sons Of Anarchy
His Broken Heart, Eat The Rude
Imago, Eat The Rude
Men Of Mayhem, Sons Of Anarchy
My End and My Beginning, Eat The Rude
Redwood, Sons Of Anarchy
Spectrum, Love The Music
State of Emergency, Seek The Fire
The Rest Is Silence, Sons Of Anarchy
The Woods, Seek The Fire
Valar Morghulis, Dreams and Dust, spring 2015
Welcome To Charming, Sons Of Anarchy
Celestial Cosmetics:
Ashes To Cinders, The Cinders
August LE, 2015
Birth of a Star
Bitter Tears, Memories
Blood Moon Rising,
Bondi Beach, Edgy Polish excl.
Candy Boat, The Chocolate Factory
Chocolate River, The Chocolate Factory
Dance With Dragons, Iron Throne, July 2015
Dame Of Dust, The Cinders
Does Anybody Remember Laughter, It's All Happening, August 2015
Electric Sphere, Heroes Duo, a collaboration duo with Emily de Molly
Elegantly Wasted
Eye On The Prize, The Chocolate Factory
Fire & Blood, Iron Throne, July 2015
Garden Of Bones, Iron Throne, July 2015
Incendiary, It's All Happening, August 2015
July 2015 LE
June 2015 LE
Kings Road, Iron Throne, July 2015
Kirimvos, Valkyrio
Lady, It's All Happening, August 2015
Live In The Moment, Memories
Men of Mayhem, Sons Of Anarchy
, 1 year birthday 5 holos release
Midnight Memories, Memories
Miss T, The Cinders
Mother Of Fairies, The Cinders
Nebula, 1 year birthday 5 holos release
Never Miss A Shot, Avenge The Earth, a Loki's Lacquer collaboration
Ocean Of Storms, January 2015
October 2015 LE
On Your Left
Oompa's, The Chocolate Factory
Pink Posy
Reaper Crew
, Sons Of Anarchy
Sesir Kipi, Valkyrion
Set You Free, It's All Happening, August 2015
The Footman, The Cinders
The Velvet Jacket, The Chocolate Factory
T's in a Tizz
Galaxy Field, 1 year birthday 5 holos release
Red Dwarf
Red Giant, 1 year birthday 5 holos release
Weave A Spell, Witchy Duo
We Are Band Aids, It's All Happening, August 2015
Winner 5/5, The Chocolate Factory
Witches Charm, Witchy Duo
You Are Home, It's All Happening, August 2015
You Win or You Die, Iron Throne, July 2015
Chaos & Crocodiles:
Arctic Waters, It's a Narwhal Kinda Day
Black Ops, Secret Agent
Cipher, Secret Agent
Cuddles from Chaos, The I <3 Cuddles set
Decoy, Secret Agent
Narwhals are Unicorns Too 2, It's a Narwhal Kinda Day
Never Give Up On A Miracle, I want To Believe, collab. with EdM
Night Vision, Secret Agent
Operation Vegas LE
Pony in a Party Hat, The New Neighbors
Protocol, Secret Agent
Reconnaissance, Secret Agent
Security Breach, Secret Agent

Sleeper Cell, Secret Agent
Subterfuge, Secret Agent
You're My One In Five Billion, I want To Believe, collab. with EdM
Your Friendly Neighborhood Narwhal, It's a Narwhal Kinda Day
Chick Polish:
All A Twitter
Baby Cakes
Cutie Pie
Gavie Green
Hipster Chick
Honey Bunch
Raven's Egg
Rocker Chick

Apollonia, old swatches
Katydid, old swatches
The Stuff, old swatches
Bejeweled, Arcus
Besos, Speckled and Sparkled
Boudoir, Burlesque
Cerillos, Heritage
Concord, Juicy
Dioptase, Facets
Doyers, Metropolis
Empire State Of Mind, Metropolis
Fascination Street, Dark Horse
Framboise, Juicy
Garnet, Facets
Josephine, Burlesque
Julep, Nordstrom excl.
La Tropicale, Juicy
La Vie Boheme, Metropolis
Lonesome George
Midnight Cowboy, Metropolis
NYFW, Metropolis
Oasis, Speckled and Sparkled
Paraiba, Facets
Powwow, Heritage
Queen Majesty, Arcus
Royal Hawaiian, Juicy
Sky Woman, Heritage
Tanzanite, Facets
Tibetan Nights, Dark Horse
Trocadero, Burlesque
Vesuvius, Arcus
Xochitl, Heritage
Colores de Carol:
Beso, Valentine's Day Quartet
Cheshire, Summer Holos
Heart Of The Rapids, Summer Holos
Malachite, Summer Holos
Sapphire Princess, Summer Holos
Colors by Llarowe (CbL):
976-Babe, Pretty Woman
A Galaxy Far, Far Away, POTM August 2016
A Lot More Help Sucking Up, Pretty Woman
All Jack'd Up, Halloween Duo 2015
Amoebas Contain Tiny Spacemen, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Andrew, Overboard, summer 2015
At Last, Emily's Imagination, 2014
Aubergine Dreams, Fall 2015
Bananas and Krispy Kremes are Better Than HBQ, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Beat It, Tribute to Michael Jackson, 2013
Believe In Miracles, Polish of the Month August
Ben Affleck is Sheila's Homeboy, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Berries In The Snow, Winter 2015
Bikinis & Flip Flops, Time To Chill, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Billie Jean, Tribute to Michael Jackson, 2013
Blue, Blue Christmas, POTM December 2015
Breathless, Winter 2015
Brighter Days, The Journey
Caviar Wishes and Keanu Reeves Dreams, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Chasing a Unicorn duo 2016
Chillin' In Paradise, Summer 2014
Cocktail Party, Time To Chill, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Cornucopia, POTM November 2015
Dance With the Devil, The Journey
Darkest Days, The Journey
Dirty Diana, Tribute to Michael Jackson, 2013
Dock Of The Bay, Emily's Imagination, 2014
Enjoy-mint, POTM June 2016
Fall-o Me, Polish of the Month October
Final Fantasy, Summer 2014
Giant Giraffes In My Yard, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun, Halloween Duo 2015
Healing Waters, The Journey
Hell Cat, Winter 2013
High School Was Rough Man, Krispy Kreme Dreams
Hot Summer Nights, Summer 2016
Ice Ice Baby, Winter 2015
If You Dare, Winter 2015
I'll Be At The Lake, POTM July 2016
I Look Good In Stirrups, Oh Baby, spring 2015
Intrigue, Hypnotic Polish exclusive
It's Shocking, Winter 2013
Kit, Pretty Woman
KP, Football Fever
Life is a Higway, Spring 2016
Lisa's Revenge, Summer 2016
Liz's Eyes, POTM January 2016
Lotus, Summer 2016
Love Actually, Valentine's Day Trio 2015
Love and Madness, Mystery of the Vanishing Pigment
Loving Every Moment, Rainbow Connection 2nd anniversary excl.
March to a Different Beat, POTM March 2016
Mean Dean Proffitt, Overboard, summer 2015
Mercy, Fall 2014
Mom Jeans, Oh Baby, spring 2015
My Big Girl Panties, Spring 2014 Holos
My Broken Down Crop Duster, Fall 2014
My Own Private Paradise, Summer 2014
Nail Mail!, Rainbow Connection store excl.
No, I'm Still Tacky, Overboard, summer 2015
Obsessed With Marilyn, Fall 2014
Peacock Parade, Winter 2015
Pirates of Penzance, Pretty Woman
Plum Perfect, Winter 2015
Pool Partay!, Summer 2016
Pretty in Pink, Spring 2016
Rare Orchid, Fall 2015
Red Dawn, Mystery of the Vanishing Pigment
Refresh…ing, Summer 2014
Rest in Pieces, New Year, New CbL
Santa Baby, Winter 2015
She Is My Cherry Pie, Fall 2015
Shimmer Me Timbers, Mystery of the Vanishing Pigment
Shiny Happy People, Summer 2016
Show Me Again, Show Me
Smooth Criminal, Tribute to Michael Jackson, 2013
Summer Always, POTM September 2016
Summer Lovin', Summer 2016
Summer Skies, POTM May 2016
Surf My Wave, Summer 2014
Sweet Beginnings, POTM April 2016
Talk To The Hand, POTM September 2015
Temptation, New Year, New CbL - 2015
The Fallen, Fall 2015
The Journey Begins, The Journey
The Mighty Red Baron, spring 2014 Holos
Thunder Shake, Football Fever
Tree Of Lights, Winter 2015
True Colors, It's Coming Back Around (re-releases)
Unorthodox Annie
Uptown Funk You Up, An Ode To Bruno 2015
Vivian + Edward, Pretty Woman
Well Done! Woo! Woo! Woo!, Pretty Woman
What's Your Dream?, Pretty Woman
Window To My Soul, Mystery of the Vanishing Pigment
Wine & Roses, Fall 2015
Winter's Dark Nights, POTM January 2016
You're To Blame, Valentine's Day Trio 2015
You've been Served, New Year, New CbL
Crows Toes:
Alcyone, The Pleiades
Alfheim, 9 Realms
Asgard, 9 Realms
Edgy Red, Edgy Polish store exclusive
Huginn & Muninn, 9 Realms
Love Stinks, ValenCrows
Nidavellir, 9 Realms
One Trick Pony, One Mad Crazy Summer
Cult Nails:
Deal with It
Nakizzle's Shizzle
New Day
Wax That top coat
Cupcake Polish:
Air, The Holo Hookup February Box 2016
Araminta, Color4nails store exclusive
Back To The Fuchsia, In Bloom spring 2015
Bat-chelor Pad, Modern Vampire 2015
Be More Pacific, Luau
Berry Good Looking, Berry Patch summer 2015
Blood Hound, Modern Vampire 2015
Blue Orchid, The Holo Hookup August 2016 Box
Catherine, Queen 2015
Eleanor, Queen 2015
Elizabeth, Queen 2015
Enchanted, Color4nails excl. - pending
Folies Bergeres, Las Vegas Showgirls
Ice Ice Baby, The Holo Hookup November 2015
In Her Element, Rainbow Connection excl.
Instant Re-Leaf, In Bloom spring 2015
Jingle, Holiday Magic
Joy, Holiday Magic
Leaf Me Alone, Berry Patch summer 2015
Lei Me Down, Luau
Light of My Life, The Holo Hookup April 2016 Box
Lilac You Mean It, In Bloom spring 2015
Little Butterfly, The Butterfly
Look Who's Stocking Now, Holiday 2014
Los Angelels
Maria, Queen 2015
Menorah-Ty Opinion, Holiday 2015
Merry, Holiday Magic
Metamorphosis, The Butterfly
Neither Here Noir There, Falling Back in Time, Fall 2014
Next Taupe Model, Falling Back in Time, Fall 2014
Noel, Holiday Magic
Peace, Holiday Magic
Plant Parenthood, In Bloom spring 2015
Pool It Together, The Olympics
Queen Anthias, The Holo Hookup July Box 2016
Remembering Blue, Falling Back in Time, Fall 2014
Re-vamped, Modern Vampire 2015
Rusting Over A Boy, Falling Back in Time, Fall 2014
Some Berry To Love, Berry Patch summer 2015
The Tiki To My Heart, Luau
Time To Fly, The Butterfly
Victoria, Queen 2015
Volcanic Lightening, The Holo Hookup December 2015 Box
Water You Doing?, Berry Patch summer 2015
What In Carnation, In Bloom spring 2015
Witchery, Hypnotic Polish store exclusive
You Are My Jewel, Hypnotic Polish store exclusive
Yule Be Missing Me, Holiday 2014
Dance Legend:
Android 12, New Prism
Anthem 851, Holodays
Beautiful Lie 32, WOW Prism Spring
Behind the scenes 25, WOW Prism
Black, Spot It
Blue, Spot It
Bullet for my Valentine 26, WOW Prism
Comet Tail 844, Galaxy (holo multichrome)
Cosmic Rainbow 10, New Prism
Danger Danger 16, WOW Prism
Deimos, Chameleon - not for sale/only as gift
Different View 850, Holodays
Enamel Classic 302
Enamel Color 360
Gel Effect 897
Gel Effect 899
Glam Rock 19, WOW Prism
Gothic Veil 29, WOW Prism
Heroes 12, Military
High Voltage 11, New Prism
Holy Diver 36, WOW Prism Spring
Hysteria 21, WOW Prism
Inhale 35, WOW Prism Spring
Just Another Star 30, WOW Prism
Koschei Bessmertini aka Bag of Bones, Anna Gorelova
Last Serenade 33, WOW Prism Spring
Maria 01, Binary
Mars, Chameleon
Melange 273
Milky Way 843, Galaxy (holo multichrome)
Neptune 853, Holodays
New Promise 852, Holodays
Night Ranger 28, WOW Prism
Optical Illusion 04, New Prism
Party Time 22, WOW Prism
Phobos, Chameleon
Poison 27, WOW Prism
Pulsar 842, Galaxy (holo multichrome)
Quiet Riot, WOW Prism
Red Show 04
Red Show 06
Red Show 07
Red Show 09
Road to Nowhere 17, WOW Prism
Robots vs Humans 09, New Prism
Roz 092, Chameleon
Shock 3, New Prism
Slippery When Wet 20, WOW Prism
Spacecraft 2, New Prism
Spectrum 05, New Prism
Steel Panther 13, WOW Prism
Strutter 23, WOW Prism
Sulley 096, Chameleon
Termo Trio 1, TermoTrio
Through The Glass 31, WOW Prism Spring
Velvet 631
Velvet 634
Velvet 636
Velvet 641
White, Spot It
Darling Diva:
Are We On Cops?, Pageant
As Fake As My Orgasms!, Pageant
Ashes, Ashes, Salem
Bad Bad Lulu Pink, I Hate Pink
Becky/Beautiful As A Whore's Ass, Pageant
Bella Donna, The White Witch
BEWBS, Salem
Cen-O-Bite Me, Hellraiser
Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen
Dreams, The White Witch
Dream Walker, Salem
Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
Groped Under The Mistletoe, Ho Ho Holiday 2015
Gypsy, The White Witch
Hellraiser, Hellraiser
If Anyone Falls, The White Witch
I Hate Pink!, I Hate Pink
I know, The Force
I'm Your Huckleberry
Just Because
Late Night Trip To Sex World, Limited Edition
Living On The Edge, Edgy Polish excl.
Nightbird, The White Witch
Queen of the Night, Salem
Raven, RuPaul Inspired coll.
Rhiannon, The White Witch
Rooms On Fire, The White Witch
Rose Diamond, Diamond
Sassy Ass Mouth, Drag Queen
Seriously Serious
Stand Back, The White Witch
The Alchemist, WitchEE
The Arcanist, WitchEE
The Grand Rite, Salem
The Shapeshifter, WitchEE
The Witching Hour, WitchEE
Wrapping Paper Coma, Ho Ho Holiday 2015
Finding Mr. Bright, old swatches
It Takes Two To Mango, old swatches
Lucky In Love, old swatches
Oopsie Daisy, old swatches
Digital Nails:
Double Helix, Scientist Pun series
Different Dimension:
A Raisin For Living, Falling In Love, fall 2015
Berry Christmas, Winter 2014
Bioluminescent Bay, The Holo Hookup December 2015 Box
Blue Shift, Cosmologically Speaking Part II
Cosmic Ray, Cosmologically Speaking Part II
Discovery, One Small Step
Dueling Unicorns
Earth, The Holo Hookup February Box 2016
Houston, We Have A Problem, Cosmologically Speaking Part III
Hubble, Cosmologically Speaking Part III
I Lava You, Falling In Love, fall 2015
International Space Station, Cosmologically Speaking Part III
I <3 Someone With Autism, The Holo Hookup April 2016 Box
I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller, The Holo Hookup November 2015
Mercury, One Small Step
Montego Red, The Holo Hookup August 2016 Box
Mother Goose, Babes In Toyland, Holiday 2015
One Call Away, Mystery Holo # 1
Professor Plum in the Conservatory, The Holo Hookup October 2016 Box
P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, The Holo Hookup July Box16
Serendipity, Serendipity
Space Time, Cosmologically Speaking Part II
The Eagle Has Landed, Cosmologically Speaking Part III
You Blue It, Falling In Love, fall 2015
Dollish Polish:
Pixie Dust
Welcome Foolish Mortals
MetroGNOME, G.N.O.M.E. Box August 2016
Eat. Sleep. Polish:
Purplefield, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Raspberry Gummy Bear, standard coll.
Supernova, Planets Collide
Elevation Polish:
Bromeliad, Hawaiian Punch, November 14
Cloud Peak, Wyoming the Wild, April 2015
Cuernos Del Paine, Patagonia, February 14
Darkest Safari, Africa, October 14
Darkest Storm, Naughty by Nature
Dark Territory, Lost, March 16
Dusk @ Hovd, The Darkness, December 14
El Cap
El Cap 2
Grotte et Cascade, Buttes-Chaumont
Haleakala, Heights of Hawaii, January 14
Hinglajgarh Forest, The Forest, July 14
Iceberg Lake, Wyoming the Wild, April15
Jengish Chokusu, The View From The Top
Just Like Night Time, Journey Told Through Music, January 15
Kaihalulu, Hawaiian Punch, November 14
Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, February15
Liquid Swords, The Holo Hookup November 15
Mount Cangyan, The View From The Top
Mount Ventoux, Fan
Ortler, Italian, August 14
Pic de Sotllo
Plum Zingers and New Nicknames, Lost, March 16
Purple Queen Antheas, Hawaiian Punch, November 14
Quarter Past Midnight, Journey Told Through Music, January 15
Sunset Among the Palms, Hawaiian Punch, November 14
Space Raspberries & Rum, The Highest Elevation... Space, February 16
The Sea Was Red, Journey Told Through Music, January 15
The Walker, Minneapolis, February 2015
Toubkal, Morocco
Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italian, August 14
Tronador, Patagonia, February 14
Vinson, Summits #1, March 14
Wagagai, Africa, October 14
Walk A Little Farther, Journey Told Through Music, January 15
Yeti Hugs: Feel So Close *LE*, Journey Told Through Music, January 15
Yeti Hides In The Mini Apple, Minneapolis, February 2015
El Corazon:
Amethyst, Gemstones
Aquamarine, Gemstones
Black Pearl, Gemstones
Kir Royal 423/624, Nail Party
Magic Attraction 423/554, Active Bio-Gel, Magic
Magic Berry Princess 423/556, Active Bio-Gel, Magic
Magic of the Arabian Nights 423/580, Active Bio-Gel, Magic
Magic Passion 423/551, Active Bio-Gel, Magic
Manhattan 423/629, Nail Party
Prisma 423/29, Active Bio-Gel, Prisma
Prisma 423/37, Active Bio-Gel, Prisma
Tsunami 423/623, Nail Party
Bad Romance,
Mother Knows Best, Villainous Holo-ween
Shake A Poor Sinner's Hand, Villainous Holo-ween
Emily de Molly:
Ambitious Flower
Brick Is Dead
Cauldron Of Dreams
Chasing Rainbows
Claire Bear, Heroes Duo, a collaboration duo with Celestial Cosmetics
Cool, Calm & Collected
Dead and Dreaming
Dramatic Entrance
Fixed Course
Forever And Ever
Garnet Fire
Ground Control
Head over Heels
Hide And Seek
Human Oddity, I want To Believe, collab. with Chaos and Crocodiles
I'm Not Saying It's Aliens, I want To Believe, collab. with Chaos & Crocodiles
Indigo Flow
Inner Peace
Jealousy Makes You Nasty
Land of Confusion
Living After Midnight
Long Engagement
Lost In Paradise
Maddy's Magenta
Mind Powers
Moment of Impact
New Life
On Edge
Path Less Taken
Peer Pressure
Sacred Duty
Secret Agenda
Seeing Red
Spell Check
Split Personality
Warm Seas Rising, The Holo Hookup July Box 2016
Where Boys Fear To Tread
Enchanted Polish:
August 2014
Bathwater, Live Love Polish excl. - pending
Bewitched, Art of Magic 2016 - pending
Candy Apple, December 2015
December 2014
Disco H2O, August 2015
Djinn in a Bottle
Dope Jam, August 2015
February 2014
Garland, December 2015
Hella Good, Live Love Polish excl. - pending
Holiday 2013
Holiday 2015
January 2014
July 2014
June 2014
Love Potion, Art of Magic 2016 - pending
November 2013
November 2014
November 2015
October 2014
Presto Magic
Rainbow Juice
Rare Magic, Art of Magic 2016 - pending
Reign Beau, August 2015
Secret Sauce
September 2014
Stellar, spring 2016
Time Travel
Vampires Suck
Esmaltes da Kelly:
Caranguejo, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Carina, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Fox Fur, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Helix, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Laguna, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Medusa, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Omega, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Orion, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Roseta, Nebulas Ultra Holo
Ethereal Lacquer:
Mint Madness
Moon Of My Life
Soul Fire
Ever After:
Firefighters Hose
Policeman's Helmet
Rhinestone Cowboy
Fair Maiden Polish:
Evening Primrose, Garden Party II
Frozen Heart, Be Your Own Heroine
Just A Mirage, Swords & Lace: A Renaissance Fantasy
Kiss The Girl, Be Your Own Heroine
Let Your Hair Down, Be Your Own Heroine
Magic Carpet Ride, Be Your Own Heroine
Pirate Queen, Swords & Lace: A Renaissance Fantasy
Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Addicted To Love, Valentines 2015
Fairytale Finish Polish:
Eat Your Heart Out, V-Day Duo with Nvr Enuff Polish 2016
Fancy Gloss:
Eternal Love
Green Waters
Frozen Berries
Lemon Pie
Little Red Dress
Majestic Magenta
Royal Ruby
Femme Fatale Cosmetics:
Bodice Lace, Snow White inspired
Burning Dusk
Dark Angel, Norway Nails excl.
Falling Glacier
Gravity Lapse
Ink Of The Sea
Iolite Streams, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Maddening Whispers
Midnight Haze
Mirror Of Dawn
Ruby Hare
Steamy Romance, Valentine 2014
Void Shatter
Who Is Fairest Of Them All, Snow White inspired
Foxy Paws, aka Foxy Fingertips aka Well Nails:
Did You Just Mosbe Me?
Drunken Nights At McLarens
Happy Slapsgiving
I'm Blue, 90's Collection - pending
It Takes A Woman, Holo, Dolly!
Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards
Oh, That's Intense!, The Holiday Collection
Slutty Pumpkin
The North Pole is a real Place
Too Lost In You, It's Christmas Actually
When Your'e Gone, created for Charlotte's Wedding Aug. 2015
You Saucy Minx, It's Christmas Actually
Frenzy Polish:
Effie, Mockingjay
I See You, Color4nails store excl.
Tree of Life, Color4nails store excl.
Underneath The Purple Skies, Fall Out Foxes
F.U.N Lacquer:
Aja, 3rd Year Anniversary Trio - Rainbow Connection excl.
Anna, Princess 2.0, 2014
Aurora, Princess 2.0, 2014
Be Yourself, Sveta Sanders
Blessig (H)
Blue Tears, Summer 2015
Celebrate (H)
Cinderella, Princess 2.0, 2014
Daydreamer, 2015 Limited Edition
Distinct, 2015 Limited Edition
Eternal Love (H)
Evening Gown
Glitzy Glam, Summer 2015
Goodness Of The Dawn, Summer 2015
Illusion, 2015 Limited Edition
Jasmine, Princess 2.0, 2014
Jem, 3rd Year Anniversary Trio - Rainbow Connection excl.
Moonlight Nocturne, Summer 2015
Poinsettia (H),
Positive Vibes, Summer 2016
Powerful, Sveta Sanders
Rapunzel, Princess 2.0, 2014
Reunion (H)
Treasure Me Tulips, Spring 2016
Seductive Marmalade, Summer 2015
Shana, 3rd Year Anniversary Trio - Rainbow Connection excl.
Starry Night Of The Summer, Summer 2014 Holo
Starry Night Of The Summer, Summer 2016
Superstar, New Year 2016
Wearing Heels With Cocktails, Summer 2016
Girly Bits:
Abracapocus, Trick or Treat, October 2015 Beauty Quartet + 4
Arctic Sunrise
Too Hot For Pants
Glam Polish:
100K, LE celebrating 100K followers on Instagram
A Crazy Mad Wonderful Idea, It's Only a Dream Alice
A Little less Conversation, The King (part 2)
All Night Long, Mei Mei 's Signatures Anniversary duo 2015
A Place Called Wonderland, It's Only a Dream Alice
Aries, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Aquarius, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Arctic Freeze, Mid-Winter's Dream
Are You Sea-rious?, Under The Sea
Attitude Is Everything, Queen Of Mean
B*#ch Stole My Look, Queen Of Mean
Bad Hair Day, Alopecia Awareness Fundraising shade, LE
Bang!, Knockout
Banished, Cast A Spell
Bam!, Knockout
Beauty Queen, Fairytale Life Duo, Mei Mei Signatures exclusive
Below Zero, Mid-Winter's Dream
Bohemian Rhapsody, Gleek
Cancer, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Can't Help Falling In Love, The King (part 2)
Capricorn, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Crash!, Knockout
Crystal Couture, Think Pink Trio
Daily Dilemma, Purple Predicament Trio
Defying Gravity, Broadway
Delirium, Anniversary Ultra Holo
Despair, Wicked Intent
Desperate Souls, Welcome To Storybrooke
Dex, Lies and Videotape, Darkly Dreaming
Doin' Time For Bein' Young, Cry Baby
Doomsday, Darkly Dreaming
Down That Rabbit Hole, It's Only a Dream Alice
Dreamgirls, Broadway
Ecstasy, Anniversary Ultra Holo
Elvira, Heart of Darkness
EM., OH. EM. GEE! Trio
Entrance, Cast a Spell III - The White Witch
Everyone has a Secret Identity, Truly Outrageous
Fantasies Come True, Broadway
Fires of Mordor, Epic Journey
Firework, Gleek
Forebode, Wicked Intent
Frankenslime, Halloween Trio 2015
Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree, Welcome To Storybrooke
GEE!, OH. EM. GEE! Trio
Gemini, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Glam Batch # 7, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 8, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 9, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 10, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 13, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 15, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 18, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 19, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 20, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 21, samples batches and prototypes
Glam Batch # 24, samples batches and prototypes
Gloriumptious, Gobblefunk Shimmers
Hat Trick, Welcome To Storybrooke
Heartbreaker, Think Pink Trio
Hey Mama, Hairspray
Hibiscus Hideaway, No Lei-Overs, spring 2016
High School Hellcats, Cry Baby
Hounds Of Love, Kate Bush Trio, Rainbow Connection UK excl.
Hypnotize, Cast a Spell III - The White Witch
Ice Palace, Got The Blues Trio 2015
I Don't Do Fashion, I Am Fashion, Queen Of Mean
It's Alive, Darkly Dreaming
It's A Secret, Think Pink Trio
Ka-Boom!, Knockout
Katarina Van Tassel, Coven 2016
Ke Aloha, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part II
Kiss The Girl, Valentines Trio 2016
Krunch, Knockout II
Ladies Choice, Hairspray
Lani, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part III
Legendary, Mei Mei's Signatures excl.
Lehua, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part III
Leilani, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part I
Leo, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Libra, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Life on Mars, Outta This World Trio
Love Is An Open Door, Valentines Trio 2016
Luscious, Anniversary Ultra Holo
Madame Serena, Coven 2016
Mai Tai's At The Pink Palace, Hawaiian Paradise Trio, Mei Mei's Sign. excl.
Magica de Spell, Coven 2016
Malice, Wicked Intent
Man on the Moon, Outta This World Trio
Mines of Morla, Epic Journey
Moana, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part III
Ms Eva Ernst, Coven 2016
Nancy Downs, Coven 2016
Nalu, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part I
Nani, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part II
Nicest Kids In Town, Hairspray
Nightmare Before Christmas, LE Holo Gift Box #3, Christmas 2014
Not Wearing Underwear, Alphabet City
OH., OH. EM. GEE! Trio
Ohana, Over The Rainbow Flakies Part I
Paradise, Got The Blues Trio 2015
Phiz-Whizzing, Gobblefunk Shimmers
Pisces, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Polar Lights, Mid-Winter's Dream
Pow!, Knockout
Princess Parking Only, Fairytale Life Duo, Mei Mei Signatures exclusive
Rapture, Anniversary Ultra Holo
Red Handed, Welcome To Storybrooke
Rehab, Gleek
Remember The Monsters?, Darkly Dreaming
River Deep, Mountain High, Gleek
Run And Tell That, Hairspray
Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush Trio, Rainbow Connection UK excl.
Sagittarius, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Scar Tissue, Darkly Dreaming
School For Monsters, Alphabet City
Scorpio, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Second Star To The Right, Welcome To Storybrooke
Selfless, Brave and True, Welcome To Storybrooke
She Is Elusive, Fantasy Trio, Mei Mei's Signatures excl.
She's Got the Power, Truly Outrageous
Smash!, Knockout II
Somewhere That's Green, Broadway
Sorceress, Cast A Spell
Space Oddity, Outta This World Trio
Special, Alphabet City
Splitzwiggled, Gobblefunk Shimmers
Starlet Or Streetwalker, Queen Of Mean
Storm, Got The Blues Trio 2015
Take A Bow, Gleek
Taurus, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
The Big Sky, Kate Bush Trio, Rainbow Connection UK excl.
The Internet Is For Pourn, Alphabet City
The Things You Love Most, Welcome To Storybrooke
The Polar Express, LE Holo Gift Box #3, Christmas 2014
Thwaak!, Knockout II
Tiffany, Heart of Darkness
Timeless To Me, Hairspray
Time-Twiddler, Gobblefunk Shimmers
Trinity, Darkly Dreaming
Truth Be Told, Darkly Dreaming
Twilight Echoes, Exotic Illusions, May Trio 2014
Virgo, Zodiac, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Waikiki Whaine, No Lei-Overs, spring 2016
We Came Here To Party, Mei Mei 's Signatures Anniversary duo 2015
Without Us, Your'e Nothing, Truly Outrageous
Whoopsy-Splonkers, Gobblefunk Shimmers
Whoosh!, Knockout II
Wicca, Cast A Spell
Without Love, Hairspray
You can't Stop The Beat, Broadway
You'll Be In My Heart, Valentines Trio 2016
Zap, Knockout
Zelena, Coven 2016
Zonk!, Knockout II
Zoom!, Knockout II
Glisten & Glow:
Accept Understand Love, The Holo Hookup April 2016 Box
Ball Lightning, The Holo Hookup December Box
Blue Hawaiian, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 1
Blue On Blue, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 2
Electric Lemonade, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 2
Elves Gone Wild, Holiday Trio 2014
Fern Gully, The Holo Hookup August 2016 Box
Fire, The Holo Hookup February Box 2016
Great Barrier Reef Plate Corals, The Holo Hookup July Box 2016
Hpnotiq Hurricane, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 1
It Was All A Dream, The Holo Hookup November 2015
Kissing Mrs. Claus, Holiday Trio 2014
Naughty List, Holiday Trio 2014
Purple Haze, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 2
Raspberry Margarita, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 1
Rebecca vs Diane, Cheers
Roscato Berry Splash, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 2
Sloe Gin Fizz, Cocktails Anyone?, Round 2
Woody's Wacky Wit, Cheers 2014
Glittering Elements:
Lazy Little Violet 2.0, Give Me Purples duo
Pixie Potion
The Cure, The Vampires Diary Trio
Glitter Gal:
Code Red with nail art (old)
Crushed Ego, old swatches
Dark Purple Sparkle, old swatches + nail art
Lizard Belly with nailart (old)
Teal Blue, old swatches
Turbulence, old swatches
Gloss 'n Sparkle:

Gothic Gala Lacquers:
Sanguine Nochte
Grace-Full Nail Polish:
Chuck's Berry, What a Girl Wants
Dark Orchid, What a Girl Wants
Magenta Sparks, Effervescent Brights
Red Spherical Dress, What a Girl Wants
Ice Polish:
Bloody Good Day, World Blood Donation Day
Jafar, Dreams Come Through (Disney polishes)
Mulan, Dreams Come Through (Disney polishes)
Rainbow Fish, Friends, spring 2014
Shop Now, Sleep Later, Eat 'Til You Drop
Where's My Pie?, Eat 'Til You Drop
Il état un vernis:
Beyond Words, Once Upon A Time
Cabernet Sauvignon, Grand Crus
Captain Blue Sky, Welcome To Paradise
Crush On Blue, Once Upon A Time
Dahlia, Végétal, spring 2015
My Favorite Popsicle, Sweet Bliss
No Comment, Once Upon A Time
Peace, Love and Chill, Welcome To Paradise
Pinot Noir, Grand Crus
Under The Pink, Sweet Bliss
I Love Nail Polish (ILNP):
1st and 15th
A Twist of Lemon
After Midnight, Fall 2015
Amanda Hugginkiss
Bikini Bottoms
Birefringence (H), Ultra Chromes
Black Orchid, Fall 2014
Charmingly Purple
Cherry Luxe, Holiday 2015
Closure, Ultra Holos summer 2015
Cygnus Loop (H), Ultra Chromes
Diablo, Fall 2015
Electric Carnival, Ultra Chrome Flakies
Float On, Ultra Holos summer 2015
Grape Alicious
Homecoming, Fall 2014
Honor Roll, Ultra Holos summer 2015
Indie Go
Kings & Queens
Lulu, Fall 2015
Luna, Ultra Chrome Flakies
Masquerade (H), Ultra Chromes
Mega (L), Fall 2014
Music Box
Paige, Ultra Holos summer 2015
Peace, Ultra Chromes
Peace (H), Fall 2014
Peri Me, Spring 2015
Poetry, Spring 2015
Pretty Little Liar, Fall 2015
Pucker Up, Summer 2016
Purple Plasma
Rehab, summer 2014
Showtime, Winter 2015
Sirene (H), Ultra Chromes
Ski Lodge, Winter 2015
Storytelling, Summer 2016
Summer Crush, Summer collection 2015
Summer Stargazing, summer 2014
Supernova, Ultra Chrome Flakies
Sweater Weather, Winter 2015
Undenied (H)
Very Ornamental
Walking Home, Ultra Holos summer 2015
XO, Holiday 2015
Indigo Bananas:
Call Me Mabel, Halloween 2015
Call Me Mabel, faded version, Halloween 2015
Galactic Halo (Holo), Chrome Flakies
Hot Ice Creams For Cold Days, Paradise (Willy Wonka Inspired coll.)
Indigo Montoya, Fall 2015 Holographics
Joy Forever, Paradise (Willy Wonka Inspired coll.)
Klein Trink Wasser
Little Big Dipper, Halloween 2015
Polish Of Unusual Quality (P.O.U.Q.), Fall 2015 Holographics
Rhythm and Booze, Fall 2015 Holographics
Shrieking Teals, Fall 2015 Holographics
Volcanic Corruption, Fall 2015 Holographics
Wise Up Janet, Halloween/Fall
K. B. Shimmer:
Amethyst, Birthstone Coll. 2016
Berried In The Sand, Color4nails store exclusive
Ruby, Birthstone Coll. 2016
Snow Way, old swatches
Lacquer Lust:
Amethyst, Birthstone
Aquamarine, Birthstone
Garnet, Birthstone
Pink Tourmaline, Birthstone
Ruby, Birthstone
Sapphire, Birthstone (September)
Tanzanite, Birthstone
Basic White - old formula
Barbie's Revenge
Black Tulip
Blue Matter
Color of Kings, favored by Queens
Doomed Deluxe, Almost Summer, 2016
Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart Holo
Dragon Shield, Lacquester Facebook group custom
Echoes of Summer
Is That Lipstick On Your Collar?, Almost Summer, 2016
Lacquesteria, Almost Summer, 2016
Lime Lizard
October Blue, Lacquester Facebook group custom
October Green, Lacquester Facebook group custom
One Coat Wonder Black
One Coat Wonder White
Pink Outside The Box
Poseidon's Patch
Red Move Your Head
Rosington, Almost Summer, 2016
Sleeping Beau-T, Almost Summer, 2016
What Do You Sea?, Almost Summer, 2016
Let It Glitter:
O Holo Night, Hohoholographic Holodays 2014
Mistletoe, Hohoholographic Holodays 2014
Santa's Suit, Hohoholographic Holodays 2014
Lilypad Lacquer:
Amethyst Aura
Amphirite, Hypnotic Polish store excl.
Angel's Kiss, Norway Nails excl.
Berry Beautiful
Berry Sparkly, Color4nails store exclusive
Bite Me, True Blood Trio
Golden Garnet
Good Girl Gone Bad
Hera, Hypnotic Polish store excl.
Hestia, Hypnotic Polish store excl.
I Just Think It's Pink
Immortal Soul, True Blood Trio
Indigo Love
Merlot For Me
Midnight Sapphire
My Enchantmint
Pink Diamonds
Popping Purple
Purple Velvet, Hypnotic Polish store excl.
Rebel At Heart
Rolling in Rubies
Ruby Slippers, Colour My World
Too Much Excitemint
True Blood, True Blood Trio
Vixens Wear Violet, Crazy For Colour
You Got My Attention
Liquid Sky Lacquer:
A Nice Chianti
Autumn Equinox, Fall Holo 2014
Babi's Bur-Bindi
Baby Chick
Bad Ass Nails
Bird of Paradise, Multichrome Birds
Black Opal
Bri's Hella Holo
Dance The Night Away
Did You Get His Number?
Easter Morning
Hypnotic Fantasy, Hypnotic Polish store excl.
It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere, Fall Holo 2014
Juniper Berries, Fall Holo 2014
Let's Take A Hayride, Fall Holo 2014
Life Is A Box Of Orchids
Mint to Be
Mulled Wine
Pure Luxury
Raspberry Dawn
Rock My World
Sleigh Me
Toasted Pumpernickel, Fall Holo 2014
Twilight Peacock, Multichrome Birds
Twilight Plumage, Multichrome Birds
Twilight Rain, Multichrome Birds
Walk on The Wild Side
What Was Your name Again?
Wink ^.~
Wyld Pixie
Love, Angeline:
Boo!, Trick or Treat, October 2015 Beauty Quartet + 4
For Aslan!, This Is The End
Sons Of Adam, This Is The End
When He Shakes His Mane, This Is The End
Love Thy Polish:
A Beautiful Mistake
Pliny The Elder
Sapphire Starfire
Make Up Your Face:
Betrayal, Deception
Devious, Deception
Treachery, Deception
Lesbihonest, old swatches
Nawsome Sauce, old swatches
Andromeda's Nebula, Magnetic Gradient
Blue Stars, Magnetic Gradient
Cat's Eye 904-109, Precious Stones (magnetic)
I See You Love Me, Golden
Less Mondays Please, Golden
Lilac Angelite 904-169, Precious Stones (magnetic)
Love The Taste Of Raspberry Jam, Golden
Mint and Basil 904-185, Precious Stones (magnetic)
Shooting Stars, Golden
The Diamond Planet, Magnetic Gradient
The Universe, Magnetic Gradient
Obsidian 904-107, Precious Stones (black base coat)
White Quartz 904-108, Precious Stones (white base coat)
Hard Candy
Mint Polish:
Dirty Shirley
Ice Cube
Lavender Macaron
Original Mint
Miss Ashleigh:
Baby's Got The Blues
My Merlot Made Me Do It
Pastel Experi-Mint
Tickled Pink
Mod Lacquer:
Aerial Phenomenon
Alien Encounter
American Dreams, Mid-Century Mod spring 2015
Apollo's Landing, Mid-Century Mod spring 2015
Atomic Age
Cerulean Light Beam
Deco, Mid-Century Mod spring 2015
High Strangeness
Majic Eyes Only
Raspberry Rocket, Mid-Century Mod spring 2015
Model City Polish:
Anti Establishmint
Berry Sweet, Winter 2016
Fall In Love, Fall 2015
Grape Crush, Winter 2016
I Lilac What You Did There
Pour Me Another
Wear Wit Caution 2.0
You Blew Me Away
Moo Moo's Signatures:
As Silent As A Ghost, LE
Dino Poo, Moo Moo's Story Part III
Don't Take Lollipop From Stranger, L.I.N.D.A
Exotic Foliage, Moo Moo's Story Part III
Holo Burrow, L.I.N.D.A
Ladylike Eyeshadow, L.I.N.D.A
Moo-dy Mary, Drunken Moo Duo
Molly Moo, Twin Duo
Moo's Heart
Moo Spell
Once In A Blue Moo-n
RAWR!, Moo Moo's Story Part III
Sparkly Moo, Twin Duo
Viva Forever, Moo Moo's Story Part III
Ms. Sparkle:
Bite Me, Anti Valentine
Black Rainbow, Single Ladies
Breakfast @T., Single Ladies
But My Trousers Always Fit! Nail The Mail store exclusive
Don't Drop The Ornaments, Winter Wonderland
Girls Wanna Have PINK, Just Wear Your piggies Pink, BCA 2015
Showstopper, Nail The Mail store exclusive
Spencer, Pretty Little Liars inspired coll.
My Indie Polish:
Blue Moon
Nail Nation 3000:
Amaze Balls
Board Walk Empire
Eternal Love
Fuchsia Holo Gasm
Mani For Your Thoughts
Matters Of The Heart, LE 2014 Holiday
Phab Phalanges
# WipeOut TransPhobia, Wipe Out Transphobia
Nail Pattern Boldness:
Broom Bones
Don't Drop That Spoon
Nine Zero:
A Peculiar Star, Holiday 2015
Candy Apple, Harvest Festival, fall 2015
Concord, Harvest Festival, fall 2015
Cypress, Harvest Festival, fall 2015
January 2016 - Polish Of The Month
March 2016 - Polish Of The Month
Reflect, ROY G BIV
Refraction, ROY G BIV
Santa Suit, Holiday 2015
September Sky, Harvest Festival, fall 2015
Wavelength, ROY G BIV
Nire's Desire:
Love Comes Again, Techno
Northern Star:
Storybook Love
Trust No 1
Wuv, Two Wuv
Nvr Enuff Polish:
Alchemy, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Part 2
Appetite For Love, V-Day Duo with Fairytale Finish Polish 2016
Bad Hare Day
Blackberry Wine
Blossom Valley, Pegasus Land, spring 2016
Bracebridge Dinner, Gilmore Town Traditions
Charms, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Part 2
Claudia, Interview With A Vampire Trio
Crystal Castle, Pegasus Land, spring 2016
Cupids Crossbow
Dream Springs, Pegasus Land, spring 2016
Festival Of Living Art, Gilmore Town Traditions
Firelight Festival, Gilmore Town Traditions
Forbidden Unicorn Fruit, Anti-Unicorn
Herbology, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Part 2
Louis, Interview With A Vampire Trio
Odessa Black, The Holo Hookup August 2016 Box
Town Meeting, Gilmore Town Traditions
Transfiguration, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Part 2
Unicorn Bait, Anti-Unicorn
Unicorn Scars, Anti-Unicorn
Ohh La Lacquer:
Natural Mystique
Red, Red Wine
Regal Knievel
Vamp Stamp
Oopsie Daisies:
Conch Shell
?, Mystery Pahlish
?, Mystery Polish
An Caisteal Rudah, Royal Reverie
Angel's Smile, February 2015 Duo (End of the year clearance)
Black Cat, Pointed Hat, Happy Holo-ween 2016
Blood Of The Mountain, Fall 2013
Blue Raspberry Banshee, Happy Holo-ween 2016
Boo Give Love, Friday February 13th 2015 Special Edition
Caramel Apple Orchard, Happy Holo-ween 2014
Chasing Northern Lights, The Holo Hookup Box December 2015 Box
Cinnamon Twist, Happy Holo-ween 2015
Cotton Candy Creature, Happy Holo-ween 2015
Cross My Hearts
Dear One, Sweethearts, Valentine 2015
Dreamer of Improbable Dreams, Bespoke Batch
Fire of Devotion, Bespoke Batch, 4th Anniversary Bespoke Celebration
Gilded Greenwich, Royal Reverie
Hallucinogenic Lipstick, Valentine's Bespoke Trio, February 2016
Honeycrisp Candy II, Bespoke Batch
Intelligence Dampening Sphere, The Cake is a Lie!
Jadeite, Bespoke Batch
La Belle Endormie aka Sleeping Beauty
Lambrusco, Bespoke Batch
Let's Kiss, Sweethearts, Valentine 2015
Lion Hearted Girl, The Hidden Door, winter 2015
Little Red Light, Bespoke Batch
Lullaby Without End
Married (To Science!), The Cake is a Lie!
Mayfly, Bespoke Batch
Midnight At The Majestic, A Bespoke New Year, Bespoke Batch
Moulin Rouge, A Bespoke New Year, Bespoke Batch
My Bespoke Psychopath, Bespoke Batch
My Bespoke Psychopath II, Valentine's Bespoke Trio, February 2016
Pride, Seven Deadly Sins,  Color4nails excl.
Psychedelic Angel, Bespoke Batch, 4th Anniversary Bespoke Celebration
Reinette, Royal Reverie
Ruby Red Wrapping, Winter 2014
Sailing The Hispaniola, Buccaneers and Buried Gold spring 2015
Sea Said Goodbye
Secret Songs, Bespoke Batch
Sexy Fish Vampires, Bespoke Batch
Shake The Rust
Singing In The Garden
Snow Over The Rhone, Winter 2014
Somewhere In Laredo, Bespoke Batch
Star Upon Your Shoulder, Bespoke Batch
Strawberry Moon, Happy Holo-ween 2016
Such Great Heights, July 2015 Duo (End of the year clearance)
Sugar Plum Marshmallow, Happy Holo-ween 2014
Test Batch: Evergreen
That's No Moon, celebration of Star Wars day May The Fourth Be With You
The Heavenly and Primal, Adventures of Marco Polo, collab. w/Elevation P.
The Light Brigade, Bespoke Batch
The Virgin Queen, Royal Reverie
Thunderous Sparks
Trick Or Mint, Happy Holo-ween 2014
Tropical Island Treasure, Buccaneers and Buried Gold spring 2015
Victorian Velvet, Bespoke Batch
Paws by Eddie:
Da Firenze, Nail The Mail store exclusive
Don't Pick The Daffodils, Spring 2015
I'm Not Bikini-Ready, Spring 2015
It's A Blue Holiday, Holiday 2014
Fill Your Stocking, Holiday 2014
Rachel, Orphan
Skirts - No Pantyhose, Spring 2015
Peita's Polish:
Miss Dixie
Penelope Luz:
Philly Loves Lacquer:
Burning Rain Of Death
Picture Polish: (many old/older swatches)
Alice, Collaboration Shades 2016
(a)live, Collaboration Shades 2015
Allure, Collaboration Shades 2015
Amethyst, old swatches, Collaboration Shades
Aphrodisiac, Dark Shades 2009 + with nail art
Attitude, old swatches, Collaboration Shades + with nail art
Autumn, Collaboration Shades 2015
Arabian, Collaboration Shades 2015
Big Bang, Collaboration Shades 2015
Bluebird, Collaboration Shades 2016
Bonbon, Standard Shades 2015
Bordeaux, Collaboration Shades 2015
Bridget, Opulence Shades 2014
Bright White, Standard Shades 2009
Cabaret, Collaboration Shades 2015
Calm, Collaboration Shades 2015
Chillax, Urban Shades, spring 2014
Cosmos, Collaboration Shades 2012 + with nail art
Darcy, Opulence Shades 2014
Denim, Mesh Shades 2009
Desire, Vampy Chameleons LE 2015
Dorothy, Mesh Sades 2012
Dragonfly, Collaboration Shades 2014
Electric Blue, (reborn) Standard Shades 2015
Electric Dream, Collaboration Shades 2013
Enchanting, Collaboration Shades 2014
Escapades, Collaboration Shades 2014
Eyre, Opulence Shades 2014
Flirt, Bright Shades first launched 2009
Focus, old swatches
Fool's Gold, Collaboration Shades 2014
Forget Me Not, Collaboration Shades 2014
Freya's Cats, newer swatches, Collaboration Shades 2013 + with nail art
Gala, Opulence Shades 2016
Glitch, Opulence Shades 2015
Gravity, 2014
Hercynia, Collaboration Shades 2014
Holo Sphere, Collaboration Shades 2016
Honey Dew, old swatches, Light Shades 2009
Hope, Collaboration Shades 2013
Hot Lips, Neon Shades first launched 2009
Hussy, Collaboration Shades 2014
Imperial, Collaboration Shades 2013
Jade, old swatches
Jealousy, old swatches, Mesh Shades 2009
Karma, Collaboration Shades 2015
Kryptonite, Collaboration Shades 2012 old swatches + nail art
Lagoon, Collaboration Shades 2013
Live Love Polish, Collaboration Shades 2016
Mad Magenta, Bright Shades 2009
Mallard, Colaboraton Shades 2013
Mardi Gras, old swatches
Marine, Standard Shades 2009
Mellow Yellow, old swatches, Light Shades 2009 + with nail art
Meow, Collaboration Shades 2016
Monroe, Opulence Shades 2012 + with nail art
Moscow, Collaboration Shades 2014
Mossy, Collaboration Shades 2016
Muse, Opulence Shades
Nebula, Collaboration Shades 2014
Nemesis, Vampy Chameleons LE 2015
O'Hara, Opulence Shades 2013 + with nail art
Orbit, Mesh Shades 2012
Orchid, Collaboration Shades 2016
Ornate, Collaboration Shades 2015
Pandora, Opulence Shades 2014
Paradise, old swatches, Colaboraton Shades 2013
Pirouette, Collboration Shades 2014
Racy Raspberry, ???? + with nail art
Remember, Collaboration Shades 2016
Rose, Collaboration Shades 2016
Ruby, Glitter Shades, formerly Columbia, reborn in 2015
Salt Water, Collaboration Shades 2016
Saphira, Opulence Shades
Scandal, Vampy Chameleons LE 2015
Scarlet, 2014
Shocked, Collaboration Shades 2013
Shy Violet, Collaboration Shades 2013
Sky, old swatches + with nail art
Sorbet, Standard Shades 2015
Spring, Opulence Shades 2016
Sunflower, Collaboration Shades 2016
Superior, Collaboration Shades 2016
Swagger, Urban Shades, spring 2014
Starry Night, Collaboration Shades 2013 + with nail art
Tail Feather, Collaboration Shades 2014 + with nail art
Talisman, Collaboration Shades 2016
Tiffany, old swatches
Tingle, Standard Shades 2015
Twinkle, Light Shades 2009 + with nail art
Ultra Violence, Collaboration shades 2013
Wanderlust, Collaboration Shades 2015
Whimsy, old swatches + with nail art
Winter, Opulence Shades 2015
Wisteria Reborn, Bright Shades 2014
Wisteria (original),
Pipe Dream Polish:
Be My Flamingo
Electric Soul
Pirate Polish:
Buffster + nail art + nail art
Poison Apple + nail art
Polish Addict:
After The Rain, LE
Bananas Are Good
Polished For Days:
Eskimo Kisses, Winter Days Pt. 1
Fall-ing In Love, Fall Days
It's Snow Wonder, Winter Days Pt. 1
Pick of the Patch, Fall Days
Very Berry Christmas, Holiday 2015
Polish Me Silly:
Aloha Baby
Cosmic Kisses
I'll Call You Crater
Off 2 Paradise
Polish My Life:
1950's Mint 'Fridge
My Red Room
Purple Flower Power
Rays Of Sun
Potion Polish:
Cloudburst LE, Stormwatch Duo
Cranberry Fizzy, Fall For Me, 20015
Dark Magic, Hoodies and Hayrides
Family BBQ LE, Fourth of July 2016
Five-O Glow, Independence Day
Marvelous Maple, Fall For Me, 20015
More American Than Cherry Pie, Independence Day
October Midninght, Fall For Me, 20015
Pumpkin All the Things!, Fall For Me, 20015
Rainy Day on the Couch, Fall For Me, 20015
Sparkler Stars, Independence Day
Summer's Last Rose, Fall For Me, 20015
Sweater Weather is Better Weather, Fall For Me, 20015
Teal the Leaves Fall, Fall For Me, 20015
Tempest, Stormwatch Duo
Twilight Bonfire, Fall For Me, 20015
Powder Perfect:
Despair, Melancholia
Dust & Shadows, Hardwicke
Ensorcel, Hardwicke
Fading Tapestry, Abandoned Mansion
Fog Is Rolling In, Abandoned Mansion
Forbidden City, Live Love Polish exclusive
Foreboding, Melancholia
Griffon, Mysterium Magnum
I Prefer My Grapes Pressed, Core coll.
Jealousy, Lady Is A Vamp
Sunset In The Valley, Hardwicke
Vampire's Chalice, Halloween Duo - Mei Mei's S./Powder P. collaboration
Venomous Serum, Halloween Duo - Mei Mei's S./Powder P. collaboration
Vault Of Heaven
Widows Walk, Abandoned Mansion
Pretty Jelly:
Bullet Rouge, Glamorous Thief
Dragon Breath,
Floweret, Spring/summer 2014
Mizzle, Spring/summer 2014
Plum in Love, Spring 2013
Pretty & Polished:
Delightful Daisy, Spring Sonata 2013
For Sweater or Worse, Fall in Love 2013
Little Miss Scare-all, Halloween 2014
Victorian Viburnum, Spring Sonata 2013
Pretty Pots:
You'll Never Take My Sky
Pretty Serious:
BSOD, old swatches + with nail art
Bunny Foo-Foo, Pastel Pet Names
CGA, old swatches
Destash, Serious Business
Elliot, old swatches + with nail art
Fluffykins, Pastel Pet Names
Into Dreams, old swatches
Little Duckling, Pastel Pet Names
Polstergeist Puddle, old swatches
Santa's Sunburn, old swatches
The Pink One, old swatches + with nail art
Viscous Vampire, old swatches + with nail art
Purrfect Pahlish:
A Mothers Love, Mothers Day 2015
Carcosa, The King In Yellow 2015
Color Out Of Space, The Lovecraft 2015
Dagon, The Lovecraft 2015
Ectoplasm, Ghost/Halloween 2015
Fresh Sorbet, Summer Date Trio, 2015
Green Tea, Classic Horror Trio
Haunted, Ghost/Halloween 2015
Horla, Classic Horror Trio
Merry Christmas, Holiday 2015
Pink Champagne, Summer Date Trio, 2015
Pitch Black, Ghost/Halloween 2015
Phantom, Ghost/Halloween 2015
Poltergeist, Ghost/Halloween 2015
Pawsome!, Anniversary Duo 2016
PurrPurr, Anniversary Duo 2016
Sleepy Hollow, Classic Horror Trio 2015
Snow And Ice, Holiday 2015
Soft and Fluffy, I <3 My Cat
Sparkle Of Joy, Holiday 2015
Sweet Macarons, Summer Date Trio, 2015
The Great Old Ones, The Lovecraft 2015
The Mysterious King, The King In Yellow 2015
The Pale Mask, The King In Yellow 2015
The Whisperer, The Lovecraft 2015
Warm And Cozy, Holiday 2015
We're All Mad Here, The Cheshire Cat
Rainbow Honey:
Apple Kid, The Summer of 199x
Magic Cake, The Summer of 199x
Mint Flavor, The Summer of 199x
Phoenix Down, The Final Battle
Ruby Weapon, The Final Battle
Sapphire Weapon, The Final Battle
Tayabak, Midnight Garden
Tessie, The Summer of 199x
Ultimate Weapon, The Final Battle
Viola, Midnight Garden
Be The Change, charity polish to "Be The Change"
Cupid Shot Me, Ella Ann Cosmetics excl.
Gnoman Empire, G.N.O.M.E. Box August 2016
Gnomes Make Me Happy, G.N.O.M.E. Box June 2016
Gnome Shirt Gnome Shoes Gnome Problems, G.N.O.M.E. Box July 2016
Heartbreaker, Ella Ann Cosmetics excl.
Hello Gorgeous
Mellow Yellow
Picture It, Sicily, Golden Girls
This Heart Of Mine, cause awareness for "American Heart Month"
Vampire Sangria, Trick or Treat, October 2015 Beauty Quartet + 4
Serum no 5:
Day Glow
Shimmer Polish:
Heather old swatches with nail art
Smitten Polish:
A Bouquet of Warblers, Flights of Fancy
A Richness Of Martins, Flights of Fancy
A Shimmer Of Hummingbirds, Flights of Fancy
Be Mine
Blue Twilight, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Cherries and Chocolate, Hypnotic Polish excl.
Date Night
Endless Sunset, Edgy Polish Excl.
Elixir, Hypnotic Polish store exclusive
Frangipani, Showers and Flowers, spring 2014
Harolds Crayon, A Unicorn Ate My Crayon
Her Name Was Rose, Summer 2014
Himalayan Blue Poppy, Showers and Flowers, spring 2014
I Never Drink…. Wine
Jelly Fish Rave, Summer 2014
Ker-Bloom, Showers and Flowers, spring 2014
Love Actually Is All Around, Love Actually
Nose So Bright, Holiday 2014
Radiant Orchid, Showers and Flowers, spring 2014
Seasonal Lattes, Fall 2014
The Irish Rover, St. Patrick's Day Duo
The Oncoming Storm, Summer 2014
Whiskey In A Jar, St. Patrick's Day Duo
Smokey Mountain Lacquers:
Squishy Face Polish:
Forget Me Not
Snow White
Where's My Tiara
Wild Orchid
You've got to be Orchid-ing Me
Stardust Beauty:
I Love My Gnomies, G.N.O.M.E. Box June 2016
GNOMEnclature, G.N.O.M.E. Box August 2016
Bikinis in Belize, Bon Voyage
Carmen, Valentine's Day Coll., Live Love Polish exclusive
Christian Grey, Valentine's Day Coll., Live Love Polish exclusive
Cunt Dracula, Welcome To Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania, Welcome To Transylvania
Magic Rainbow
Milky Way
Orion's Belt
Poisoned Apple
True Blood, Welcome To Transylvania
Vladimir, Welcome To Transylvania
Superchic Lacquer:
40 Winks, Dreamology
Crystal Blue Persuasion, Serendipity
Deadpool, Urban Dictionary - pending
Dumb Luck, Serendipity
Electrified, High Voltage
Hot Finger, High Voltage
Jolt, High Voltage
Law of Nature, Serendipity
Live Wire, High Voltage
No Rest For The Wicked, Dreamology
Pleasant Surprise, Serendipity
Realm of Erotica, Dreamology
Reverse Polarity, High Voltage
Short Circuit, High Voltage
Splice, High Voltage
Trap Queen, Urban Dictionary - pending
Tripped, High Voltage
Wake Me Up, Dreamology
Zombie, Urban Dictionary - pending
Sweet Heart Polish:
Hope It's Polish or Wine
Jubilee, Vegas Night Duo
Red Suit
Second Star To The Right
Winter Frost
Takko Lacquer:
Kiss The Sky
Water, The Holo Hookup February Box 2016
Tami Beauty:
Gleneagles Glamour, Scottish Showcase
Lady Of Lomond, Scottish Showcase
Skibo Sunset, Scottish Showcase
The Nail Junkie:
Apple old swatches with nail art
Daffodil old swatches with nail art
Violet old swatches with nail art
Too Fancy Lacquer:
A Currant Affair, The Viola Trio
Bejeweled, The Bluemuda Trio
Blue Willow
Here Comes September
Iris's Little Sister
Lake Como, The Blossoming coll.
Midnight Sonata, Winter Sonata
Mon Cheri, The Sizzling coll.
Orchadia, Color4nails excl.
Orchid of 2014
Positively Pink
Royal Jeans (new vs.)
Set Fire To The Rain, The Bluemuda Trio
Tell Me a Sea-cret
The Shrinking Violet, The Viola Trio
This Love Is Smokin' Hot, Lovelock Duo
Till The End of Time, It's Christmas 2014
Violette Etoilee, Color4nails store excl.

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