Check out my freehand nail art in the folders/pages above this line :) - Se min frihånds nail art i fanebladene over denne linie :)

Freehand Nail art

Click on a photo to go to the original post. Here is my other freehand nail art + a few slightly crazy ones - to see all my flower nail art - click HERE!
Klik på et foto for at se det oprindelige indlæg.
Her finder du al min "anden" frihånds nail art + nogle lettere skøre - al blomster nail art finder du på en seperat side, klik HER!

2011 Christmas Story: Overwiew with links and photo's from each part of the story - click HERE
Julehistorien 2011: Overblik med et link til og et foto fra hver del - klik HER 

4 kommentarer:

  1. great nail art, love your christmas series :-D
    this is great idea, maybe i could do something like this ;-D

    1. Thank you, nail crazy, I'm happy to hear it, you should - it feels good when you are finished :)

  2. This page needs new entries, I would really like to see them! :-)

    1. LOL You are right Tanja - and I appreciate it, but at the moment it's not going to happen ;)


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