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fredag den 31. januar 2014

Dots on Fire - nail art

Well the dots are not on FIRE, they are ON fire – aehm they are on Fire 159 from Chanel ;) - see swatches HERE.

The dots are OPI Alpine Snow, Nails Inc. Baker Street (blue) and Nailstation Confidentiel (yellow) and the top coat is Seche vite. I liked this easy, bright and happy dotticure.

Northern Star Wuv, Twoo Wuv

Northern Star Wuv, Twoo Wuv was sent to me for review from Edgy Polish!
Wuv, Twoo Wuv is from the As You Wish coll. based on the creators favorite books and movies. It is a milky base with multi-sized glitters in red, holographic and white, perfect for Valentine's Day!
This is two easy coats without a top coat - it dries smooth and whit a glossy finish. The dry time is good.
If you layer it over white, the colors might pop even more!
What do you think - do you like it?
See more Northern Star polishes right HERE!

torsdag den 30. januar 2014

Licorice flowers - nail art

The base color is Dior Reglisse/Licorice - see swatches HERE.
As usual I painted my flowers with acrylic craft paint, and the top coat is Seche Vite.
Mangler der efter din mening en dansk tekst her?

Northern Star Purrfection swatches

Northern Star Purrfection (I just love that name) was sent to me for review from Edgy Polish
It is shown in two coats and on the ring finger is is shown over white, that makes this rose/berry ice cream pink more girly pink. The formula is a little bit thick, but it's easy to work with, and the dry time is good!
I did not use a a top coat for these swatches, it dries smooth and shiny...
 Look at those pretty glass flecks..
 - as I wrote, it's layered over white on the ring finger...
So are you purring when you look at the pretty Purrfection...?
See more Northern Star polishes right HERE!

onsdag den 29. januar 2014

Spirale with flower vines nail art

The base color is the vintage Chanel Spirale 54 - see swatches HERE, and I almost chose not to paint anything on those gorgeous polish, when I swatched it as my #100 swatched Chanel polish.
But I decided to paint a simple flower vine vertically along one side of each nail with acrylic craft paint. The top coat is Seche Vite.
Mangler du en dansk tekst her?

Chanel Tapage 605, Chanel Notes du Printemps coll. spring 2014 swatches

Chanel Tapage 605 – belongs to the Chanel Notes du Printemps coll. spring 2014 (being released week 7 in Denmark): Charivari 603, Tapage 605 and a repromotion of Ballerina 167, first released in 2005. 
Tapage is a bright red crème polish with a hue of both pink and coral – it’s truly pretty.
It can easily be used as a one coater, but this is 2 easy coats without top coat, the application is a breeze and the dry time is good.
Chanel Tapage 605 – hører Chanel Notes du Printemps kollektionen foråret 2014 (sælges i Danmark fra uge 7): Charivari 603, Tapage 605 samt et gensyn med Ballerina 167, der kom første gang i 2005.
Tapage er en klar rød cremelak med et skær af såvel pink og koral – den er virkelig smuk.
Den kan let anvendes som en et lags lak, men her ser du to lag uden toplak. Den er super let at lægge og tørretiden er god.
What do you think about Tapage - and do you prefer it or Charivari?
Hvad synes du om Tapage - og foretrækker du den eller Charivari?

tirsdag den 28. januar 2014

How to keep you polishes in perfect condition - longevity with a perfect formula

A polish dried out and is thrown away...
But here you have a few simple tips, that can help your polishes to stay alive for many, many years.

Storage: Polishes prefer to be stored standing upright in a cool and dark place without too much variation in temperature throughout the day.
I keep my polishes in these drawers, the sunlight cannot reach the drawers making them extra hot part of the day.
I know a woman with 25+ years old polishes (with a perfect formula) stored in her refrigerator.
I think the main thing is to avoid direct sunlight (and light in general) and to try to keep a fairly even temperature if at all possible.
If you want to enjoy your polishes on racks and walls, it would be perfect it the room can be fairly dark, unless you are in there to use and admire your beauties. But you do risk that some of the polishes change their color over time...
Do not store - your polishes in your bathroom, the temperature is fairly warm, and it is ever changing...

Check your polishes if you have a problem with their longevity.
And definitely if you buy or receive old polishes from others.
Let me show you a precious vintage Chanel I recently bought, only about half full - and not in a good condition.
My first step is to restore it with a nail polish thinner to make the formula perfect again. I use Seche Restore and this bottle needed 10-12 drops, but there are many other good brands of thinners on the market.
My advice is to stay away from nail polish removers and acetone as thinners, they WILL change your polish one way or another. In my youth many, many years ago I tried this - only to find the polish useless and dried out the next time I wanted to use them.
If you want to learn more about the subject, Michelle from Labmuffin has an excellent post on the subject - click HERE!

A certain evaporation will take place over the years, especially when the bottle is frequently used and gets emptier - but you can minimize it.
In the below case the reason is however obvious:
- the lid cannot be screwed on 100% tightly because the thread on the bottleneck is filled with dried out polish, and the solvent evaporates. This polish will dry out eventually, if it doesn't get help...

- but it should be the RIGHT help!
As you can see someone tried to clean this bottleneck with cotton wool or cotton pads - the lint stuck to the dried out polish, that weren't even removed in the process, and there is a risk that the lint eventually end up in the polish...

All you need is a nail polish remover and LINT FREE pads or fabric in cotton, torn into small pieces, that works just as well. But you can get lint free pads at ridiculous low prices on Ebay.

If the case is hard core you might also have to clean the lid inside with a flat brush dipped in polish remover, the same kind of brush you use for cleaning mishaps after polishing. But usually the thread on the bottleneck is the worst.
The thin end of a dotter can be useful as a scraping tool on the thread of the bottleneck to speed up the process between two soaked pads - see below.

So my next step is: Remove the lid from the bottle, wipe the bottle brush against the inside of the bottle neck to remove the drop of polish on it, and place it in a paper towel.
Soak a piece of lint free material in polish remover and place it on the bottle top.
Use a latex glove, if you want to protect the polish on your nails ;)
- with a firm grip twist the soaked pad around the bottle neck, back and forth.
It might be necessary to repeat this step with several pieces of lint free material, if it is a "bad case", so keep them within reach - as it is best to work quickly to prevent the brush to dry out!

This is what your bottle necks should look like - just like a brand new and never used bottle of polish!

This neck has some hard to reach corners, so here the tiny end of a dotting tool comes in handy as a scraper, or even used inside the soaked pad, to get into that corner.

After a few days: Open the polish again. Some dried polish from the lid might have stuck to the thread, so it might be necessary to repeat the process. And do it again after some days - and in any case make sure the lid still is screwed on tightly!

Your new and old polishes will love you if you make a habit of keeping their necks clean - and you will love them even more because they will remain a pleasure to work with!!

Other tips:
Go over you lids once a while to secure that they are screwed on tightly - chances in temperature can make them gradually open more or less - and give them a good shake at the same time.
Do not use tools to open a bottle of nail polish, if it cannot be opened normally. Place it under the running warm tap a few seconds - try again, and if it still not opens, hold it under the running water a little longer to heat it up and make the dried out polish a little elastic.

Pahlish swatches: Shake the Rust and Singing in the Garden

As the last two polishes sent for review from Edgy Polish project: "send me polishes you need photos of" - I have Pahlish Shake the Rust and Singing in the Garden.
I never tried Pahlish before, but they both were easy to work with and the dry time is good. Here they are shown in two coats without a top coat.
Pahlish Shake the Rust is a pretty smoothie pink with pink and copper-red micro glitters. On my ring finger I used white as underwear, but the difference is hardly noticeable...

- and below 1 coat layered over white - it makes it a little brighter..
Pahlish Singing in the Garden is a sage green base with green shimmers and green micro glitters - and it was so not flattering on my nails, probably because of the fair share of grey...
Furthermore I think it looked a lot like parsley sauce, and all though I love parsley sauce, I still didn't like it ;)

Se more Pahlish polishes HERE!

mandag den 27. januar 2014

Chanel Spirale swatches - my Chanel swatch #100

Chanel Spirale 54 – I wish I knew how old this gorgeous polish lady is, she is vintage for sure – do you know or remember?
She was one of my first vintage Chanels – and I remember I felt like placing her on my bed table during the first night – I was so happy to have received her – but then I remembered how old I am ;)
But she will always hold a special place in my heart, so she is the perfect choice for my Chanel nail polish swatch number 100!!!
See all my Chanel swatches and polishes HERE - see the swatched on Pinterest HERE
Spirale 54 is a gorgeous wine red with an amazing shimmer and a shiny kind of metallic finish.
This is 2 easy coats with a good dry time – isn’t she pretty…?
Chanel Spirale 54 – jeg ville ønske jeg vidste, hvor gammel den smukke gamle lak dame er. Hun er helt klart vintage – ved du/eller husker du, hvor gammel hun er?
Hun var en af mine første vintage Chanel lakker – og jeg husker at jeg havde lyst til at stille hende på mit natbord den første nat, for jeg var så glad for at have modtaget hende, men så kom jeg i tanke om, hvor gammel jeg er ;)
Men hun vil altid have en helt speciel plads i mit hjerte, så hun er for mig et perfekt valg som nummer 100 swatchet Chanel lak!!!
Se alle mine Chanel lakker og swatches HER - se de swatched på Pinterest HER
Spirale 54 er en smuk vinrød lak med et fantastisk shimmer, og dens finish er på en måde metallisk.
Du ser her 2 let lagte lag med en hurtig tørretid,  hun er da smuk – synes du ikke…?
Do you like Spirale as much as I do?
Synes du lige så godt om Spirale, som jeg gør?
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