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torsdag den 25. september 2014

Nail ridges and ridge fillers I tested

This a lengthy, but hopefully useful post on ridges and ridge fillers that has been brewing in my head for over two years... You might not have any ridges yet, but they are part of getting older :) 
My ridges (vertical) on my 61 year old nails are pretty severe even for my age – and as far as I remember they slowly started appearing around the age of 40, maybe even before.
With ridges like mine you can forget all about buffing, it will cause painful vertical breaks from the tip and upwards into the nail bed where the ridges have been buffed thinner. Actually I suspect that the nail plate is thinner where the ridges are.
I have been told that just like your skin get wrinkly as you get older, so does the skin under the nail plates, true or not – it sounds like a plausible explanation.
Stress (mental stress, short term illness, pregnancy, malnutrition etc.) can cause temporary horizontal ridges, and if you experience permanent horizontal ridges a medical check-up might be a good idea.
Lack of vitamins/minerals and medications is said to cause ridges to get worse – so there seems to be more reasons, but unfortunately there isn't much information to find about ridges on the internet let alone scientific material.
Edit: Vedrana gave me this brilliant LINK on my Facebook page - thanks a lot!

OK, get ready to see my naked nails and their ridges!
The two next photos are a little over a year ago as you can see on the nail length, my right hand has the worst ridges. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them!
This is my left hand, my swatch hand:
- and my right hand

One coat - no ridge filler: 
This is a mani with one single coat of a matte polish (Deborah Milano Sence Tech 100% Mat 04) – and NO base coat what so ever looks  like

One coat - over one coat of ridge filler:
This is one coat of the same matte polish - but this time over one coat of ridge filler - notice the big difference!

Two coats over one coat of ridge filler:
- and two coats of the same matte polish over one coat of ridge filler. Mattes are problematic for me to wear....:
Some finishes makes the ridges (and any imperfections on the nail plate) really stand out: Metallics, foils, first generation holographics and matte.
Bonus info: A ridge fillers works like any aqua base if you are applying a holo that will drag…

Needless to say – I always wear a ridge filler base coat – even for swatches that are removed once I’m through taking my photos - and I take the photos a few minutes after I finish before a deep drying process starts... 
For normal use I realize that 2 coats of ridge filler would be even better, but frankly speaking: life is too short, and after all my ridges (and wrinkles) are part of who I am!
A top coat like my beloved Seche Vite that makes your nails look plump and smooth is of course a necessity for me to achieve as a smooth a final result as possible.

Here are the ridge fillers I used and tested during the last 3 years.

My verdict is based on how my mani looks the next day when 1 coat of the ridge filler in question + 2 coats of polish + 1 coat of Seche Vite Top Coat are completely dry!

Acceptable: These are better than a normal (non ridge filler) base coat without doing a really good job.
China Glaze Ridge Filler Base Coat: When completely dry the ridges still are rather visible. My nails were somewhat yellow during the months I used it.
Essie Fill The Gap: When completely dry the ridges still are rather visible. 

Fairly good:
Fairly good: These do a decent job without being outstanding.
NailTek I (normal nails) and III (dry/brittle nails): I have used several bottles of this, it’s a little better than the China Glaze and the Essie, my ridges are less visible. NailTek have kept my nails in good shape, but today I mainly use it for swatches.
Golden Rose No More Ridges & Yellow is very plump upon application, but sadly it gradually loses its plumpness as it dries completely, and the end result is very similar to NailTek. It will however be great for swatches!
Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler maybe leaves me with a bit plumper result, than Nail Tek and Golden Rose does, but it’s a close match. 

Really good:
Really good:
The best I have tried so far, they are significantly better than the above mentioned without solving the problem completely.
Salon Sciences Instant Artificials is lovely to work with and the result is really good even the day after, but my ridges are still slightly visible. The finish is smooth but it could work better with problematic/dragging holos. The only really minus from my point of view is that it’s not sold online anywhere, and it’s also not available in stores in Denmark, but if you are in the US it is a good choice.
Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration is lovely to work with and the result is really good even the day after, but my ridges are still slightly visible. It’s finish is slightly sticky and it also works well as a base for problematic/dragging holos. It’s my favorite over Instant Artificials because it’s available online, I buy it when I shop anyhow from Edgy Polish. 

I have not yet found a ridge filler that solves the problem entirely in one or two coats, and I really, really doubt that I ever will.
I could of course choose to have gel nails, but I don't feel confident about the chemicals and harsh treatment of the nails, so I accept my ridges, just like I accept all other signs of my age ;)
By the way: I might be the oldest nail polish blogger, but if you know other 60+ nail polish bloggers, please send me a link, I would love to know them!!!

A useful tip: When I have used approximately half of my ridge filler I shake up a new bottle and from that I fill up the half full bottle – this way over time the formula becomes a bit fuller, should of course not be allowed to get goopy. 

Ideas for me to try? Do you know a ridge filler that I need to try, a heavy duty ridge filler that would work even on severe ridges like mine?
I hope to find a Trind Ridge Filler one day to see how it compares - others I need to try?

Thank you to:
Katarina from Edgy Polish for sending me my first bottle of Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration for review back in January!
KarenD for sending me Salon Sciences Instant Artificials!
Vedrana for sending me Golden Rose No More Ridges & Yellow!

36 kommentarer:

  1. Sadly, I don't know any blogger 60+ :S
    And neither perfect ridge filler bases, I don't really use them :(
    But this is a very interesting post :)

    1. Of course you do - you know me :D
      Thanks *KY*

  2. You know, Maria, I didn't have ridges when I was young. Unfortunately they showed up more and more. I use OPI Ridge Filler and it's acceptable, no wonders though. Metallics worn solo increase ridges a lot, that's why I rarely wear them solo.

    1. Yes, I have noticed that you have ridges - my eyes notice them probably because I have my own problem LOL

  3. Since my ridges are not as pronounced as yours I can be of little help, but I can tell you that I know that Zoya Get Even wouldn't work on you as it is thinner than Golden Rose and it doesn't even hide my ridges. You could give Trind a go simply because it is different in texture and formula and it might behave different than other ridge fillers.
    Doug Schoon wrote how there are no actual ridges in nails, but we do get grooves in places where matrix doesn't work as well and where it produces fewer nail cells. Since it is a natural process and a sign of ageing it does sound similar to getting wrinkles.

    1. Thanks for you thoughts and the fantastic link that I added to the text above. it's super informative!!

  4. This is a really good post and interesting read. I read the FB link too. I don't often get ridges but I guess I'll be getting them soon (I'm in my mid 30s). I've never used a ridge filler and not really paid attention to this. Having seen your naked nails, my husband's nails are exactly the same - he has lots of ridges. Something I never noticed before :-O Though having ridges clearly isn't an issue for him ;-)

    I must admit I would buff them away, but maybe I'll stop doing that now! Thanks for sharing this info :-D

    1. Maybe you do - but then again I have friends in my age who has a bare minimum of ridges...
      LOL being a man with severe ridges does help a lot LOL - and buffing would be very painful indeed!

  5. Your thumbnails and ring fingers look like mine (I'm 43). They started for me when I was rather young, somewhere in my 20's (must be all that hard living *lol*). I've heard that low blood iron can contribute to the ridges...could yours be low? I've had serious anemia for years, so I'm thinking that isn't helping me...and I have Celiac Disease, so grains are out of my diet (including the specialised nutrition you get from them).

    A terrific and educatioal post, thank you for working on this! :) As for a nail filler - I heard that some people use non-toxic kid's glue or school glue (the white stuff that dries clear) as a base coat for glittery nail polish (with a normal top coat on top of the polish) because it makes the glittery polish simple to remove - just peel it off! I wonder if the thickness of the glue would be a good ridge filler...? I'll have to try it and let you know. :)

    1. Yes, I have been thinking mine probably started before - but as I didn't wear polish in those years, I probably didn't notice...
      My blod values are fine, but if I was low in iron in my younger days, well I don't know. But I have because my stupid doctor wouldn't listen to me had 10 years with a lot of pain killers and migraine medicine - but after all the surgery in neck and shoulders I rarely need pain killers and the migraine is gone!
      I know about that glue, but it doesn't help much and dries way too slowly for my temperament - I tried it a few times and find it terrible to remove - so not an option for me...
      Thanks a lot - I'm glad you liked it!!

  6. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

    1. I hope your ridges will not be as bad as mine eventuallly!
      I did a bit of googling on the Isadora, and read both positive and less positive reviews, but when I see one, I probably am going to try it, so thanks for sharing!
      As for base for chromes my normal ridge fillers work perfectly, no need for aqua base too...

  7. Resenha maravilhosa amei os produtos lindas unhas
    Canal de youtube:

  8. Thank you for a great comparison. I just ordered Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration. :-)

    1. DH is such a great base coat - and I'm so glad you liked it!

  9. Thank you for showing these honest pictures. I can imagine it is time consuming to always use a ridge filler. But your nails always look perfect! I would never have guessed you have ridges.

    1. I'm so pleased you found it useful - and yes, it takes extra time (as a lot of other things do when you get older hahahaha) - but it's a routine, so I don't give it so much thought.
      Aww, you wouldn't? - that's probably the best compliment I ever had, thanks a lot <3

  10. Great post and very interesting coparison. I quiet surprised, that these products are so extremely different.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you so much my friend - and yes, but then again, so are top coats...

  11. this was interesting... just hoping that my nails won't need ridge fillers so soon ;)

  12. This post is really helpful :)

    My middle finger on my right hand has weird shape because of my little brother. When we were young, he shut the huge iron door and my hand crushed. My finger was almost cut off. So my nail has ridge now but at least i still have my finger :)

    1. I'm so happy to hear that!
      OMG - that was terrible, but I'm so happy the doctors were able to rescue the finger - so you are right, it's better to have ridges than missing a finger :)

  13. Thanks, useful post. I'm in my late 40's and so far my ridges aren't too bad and I can still mostly cure with some light buffing. But my Mum in her late 60's has very ridged nails so they may be coming my way!

  14. Thank you so much Cali, I'm happy you found it useful...
    Let's hope it will not be too severe...

  15. Interessant læsning, kære Maria. Jeg har lige investeret i en Elegant Touch 24K Gold som jeg skal afprøve. Jeg er 48 år. Knus en stor "beundrer og fan" 😊😘

    1. Tusind tak for de søde orde Lone Antonie, du må meget gerne fortælle mig, hvad du synes om den ;)
      Hvor plaget er du af riller i forhold til mig..?

  16. Thank you so much for your review! I am currently shopping to see if there is anything better than the Nail Tek and Essie fillers I am currently using. So far, nothing substantially better. I am 28, but have ridges almost as bad as yours, and if I buff them, my nails peel apart. The trick I discovered is to put one coat on, let it dry, then take a 240 buffer to smooth the peaks. This takes the peaks off of the ridge filler (do not buff into the nail), and then a second coat smoothes it right out! My current manicure has lasted 2 days longer than average, and it is just as smooth as can be. Basically, with this technique, use the fastest drying filler you have, and do 2-3 coats. Do not buff the top layer as you might see swirl marks in your polish. Also, Essie ridge filler is the BEST french manicure color I have ever used. I sandwich it between layers of Orly Nailtrition for a slightly shimmery natural look. It's a great way to get more out of polishes you probably already have.

    1. I'm glad you found it useful!
      The 2014/15 winter my nails were brittle, I used Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration - but fall/early fall 2015 I went back to Nail Tek, and I didn't have one single brittle break this winter. So even if NT doesn't fill out my ridges, it keeps my nails strong...
      Your trick sounds like a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  17. Hello, my nails are just like yours, since I was thirty :( And I have been searching the web so long, but nothing. I asked 5 doctors about this... Now I am taking iron pills, but I don't know if it will work. Tought this happened because I became vegetarian, but my mother has this too, not as bad as us. Today I bought Mavala Ridge Filler, let´s see the results. I´m becoming hopeless...
    Thank you for sharing this, it is the only serious text I found in the web about nails as mine.

  18. I've heard great things about Glisten and Glows ridge filler base coat, maybe give that one a try and see what you think? :)

  19. Hiya, my nails look pretty much exactly like yours. I use a couple of coats of super gel polish in a sheer pink colour over my base coat before moving on to the colour and it evens them right out. You would never know! It is a quite time consuming waiting for the extra layers to dry though. I have found that if you get impatient and don't wait for the gel to dry fully before moving on, it has a habit of shrinking... and that really doesn't look good!

  20. I went hypothyroid in my early thirties, and that's when I noticed ridges on my nails. It seems that ridges are a sign of a whole range of different health problems... Anyway, even with thyroid treatment the ridges won't budge, at least in my case. I'm still looking for an acceptable ridge filler, never mind perfect. If I find it, I'll let you know. :)


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