Check out my freehand nail art in the folders/pages above this line :) - Se min frihånds nail art i fanebladene over denne linie :)

fredag den 31. maj 2013

Flowers on Custom Kicks

The base color is ONE single coat of China Glaze Custom Kicks (it stained my nails by the way) – and I painted flower vines in red and yellow using craft acrylic paints. The top coat is Seche Vite.
Grundfarven er ET enkelt lag China Glaze Custom Kicks (som i øvrigt misfarvede mine negle) – og jeg malede blomsterrankerne med akrylfarve. Toplakken er Seche Vite!

torsdag den 30. maj 2013

Juicy gossip in the field of flowers

The base color is Nailstation Juicy Gossip – a gooorgeous mint cream color. I sponged the tips with China Glaze Atlantis and the field of tiny flowers I painted with acrylic craft color. The top coat is Seche Vite.
Nailstation Juicy Gossip was sent to me by Norway Nails to review, and I have previously shown you swatches of it. If you use the code MARIA10 when you shop, you get a 10% discount.
Grundfarven er Nailstation Juicy Gossip, som jeg er helt vild med. Jeg duppede tipperne med China Glaze Atlantis for at få lidt glitter effekt, og blomsterengen malede jeg med akrylfarve. Toplakken er Seche Vite.
Jeg modtog Nailstation Juicy Gossip til anmeldelse fra Norway Nails, og jeg har tidligere vist swatches af den. Husk at hvis du handler hos Norway Nails kan du bruge koden MARIA10 og få 10% rabat.

onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Vintage random roses - Artsy Wednesday

The theme this Artsy Wednesday is “vintage” – and that made me think of roses…
The base color is the pale pastel yellow Manhattan 001 from the Pastel Pretties coll. 2013. I added Misslyn 753 star dust top coat
to the areas I later painted my leaves on roses on – as usual with acrylic craft colors, and the top coat is Seche Vite.
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Wendy - M.A.S.P.O.O.A.S.E.
Temaet denne Artsy Wednesday er ”vintage” – og det fik mig til at tænke på roser…
Grundfarven er Manhattan 001 fra Pastel Pretties coll. 2013. Jeg brugte Misslyn 753 star dust top coat på de dele af neglene, hvorpå jeg senere malede bladene og roserne, og toplakken er som sædvanligt Seche Vite.

tirsdag den 28. maj 2013

My German haul - and a hint for the soon ending Guessing giveaway....

As a little hint for the Guessing giveaway that ends in 6 days - I can tell you that the below polishes all are in this bowl.
It is possible to change your guess in the Rafflecopter widget ;)
AND I added an ADDITIONAL giveaway on the same page, it's now possible to win a 300DKK gift card for my shop at Micro Paintings by Maria....

So here they are, the polishes that I bought for myself during my week en the southern parts of Germany.... Polish in Denmark is incredibly expensive, so I tend to shop like a mad woman when I go to Germany, there I said it myself ;)

From Manhattan I was lucky to find the 3 from the Pastel Pretties LE coll. that I wanted: 001, 004, 003, (see swatches HERE) and the other 3 are: 26S, 18S and from the retired LE coll. Lollipop Alpenrock I found 02 - oh I wish they had real names, not just numbers...

I had to own these new and absolutely gorgeous P2 Volume Gloss polishes:100 heavenly girl, 130 fresh sister, 030 sweet darling and 090 red lady

More P2: 030 Sweet harmony (Let's Rock coll.), 620 artful, 650 fever, 570 so cool! and 030 tangerine twist from the Summer Attack coll.

I found two Essence from the Floral Grunge coll that I hoped to find: 03 Grunge Me Tender "The Suede" and 02 Lily Bloom "The Pearl", I also found the Essence Nail Art Twins that I hoped to find: Edward & Bella - and finally I had to grab 149 Hello Marshmellow!

Two new brands in my collection: Beyu 246 and 516 - Misslyn 753 Star Dust top coat and 674

LCN is also a new brand in my collection these two pretty blue's are Cat Clouds and Blue Lily Cat. Astor Fashion Studio 240 Yellow Buttercup is my first Astor - and finally Maybelline 615 Mint For Life.

I only found two from the Catrice Candy Shock coll., (swatches on Saturday) if anyone can help me with the pastel purple I Scream: Ice Cream - I would be happy? They are C02 Play It Blue, C04 Vanilla Love and the 2 Isadora polishes: Miami Blue and Meadow.

Catrice: 15 Denim More, 13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales, 13 Even More Heavy Metallilac, 05 Earnie & Birdie and 32 The Dark Knight

Finally a few polishes that I haven't really decided whether to keep or swap...
Essence 146 That's what I mint, 150 upper green side and 138 L.O.L., Manhattan 78C, P2 940 Never 2 much, You Star 06 and 05....

mandag den 27. maj 2013

Micro Painting Monday - 26 + GIVEAWAY

Today I have a giveaway - open for all users of Facebook - because I want to celebrate the 300 Likes on Micro Paintings by Maria on Facebook!
And I also have two sets to show you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- and two sets that I made for friends as a gift...
"Kirsten" before and after mouting...

Do you remember  my post about bleeding polishes (see DIY/Tips & Tricks) in the below I used it to obtain this effect....
 This is "Line" before the finishing top coat...
- and after - I have a similar set for sale in my shop, or rather it's on exhibition right now...

søndag den 26. maj 2013

Manhattan Pastel Pretties LE collection swatches

Today I will show you Manhattan Pastel Pretties LE collection with the interesting names: 001, 002, 003 and 004. I buy this brand when I go to Germany, and I think the quality is very OK and the dry time is good, coverage and formula is flawless...
All of the below are shown in two coats!

001 is a very pale pastel yellow, if I should have worn this without nail art, I would have applied a third coat because my ridges still shows after a ridge filler BC and two coats of polish. The formula was a bit thinner than the others, but rather that than a tricky pastel yellow...

002 is something between coral and peach....

003 is a beautiful lilac - pastel purple if you prefer to call it that.

The last one is the pretty pastel blue 004, I was afraid it would be a tad dusty, but out of the bottle it's so pretty...

lørdag den 25. maj 2013

Manglaze swatches: Lesbihonest and Nawsome Sauce

Today I will show you two Manglaze polishes Lesbihonest (from a blog sale) and Nawsome Sauce sent to me by Norway Nails to review. Both are shown in 2 coats and no top coat. Application is easy and the dry time is good.
Remember to use the code MARIA10 to get 10% off when you shop on  Norway Nails...

Manglaze Lesbihonest is a gorgeous shimmery raspberry/blue-toned red - sooo beautiful - and the finish is silky soft and matte - isn't it simply gorgeous...?

Manglaze Nawsome Sauce is a really beautiful dark green with a awesome shimmer and the same silky soft and matte finish as Lesbihonest. 

Do you like them?

fredag den 24. maj 2013

Loose lines abstract

The base color is Nailstation Vanille, a perfect pastel yellow, sent to me by Norway Nails to review, and I have previously shown you swatches.Remember to use the code MARIA10 to get 10% off on  Norway Nails...
I used two if it’s siblings: Nailstation Gomme and Menthe for some random stripes/areas painted over Vanille with the bottlebrushes in each of them. And before I top coated with Seche Vite I painted some loose stripes and patterns with a black striper. Quick and fairly easy…
Grundfarven er Nailstation Vanille, en perfekt pastel gul, som Norway Nails har sendt mig, og som jeg tidligere har vist swatches af. Husk at bruge koden MARIA10 hvis hun handler, så får du 10% rabat.
Til dette abstrakte design brugte jeg også to af dens ”søskende”, nemlig Nailstation Gomme og Menthe, idet jeg malede felter på Vanille med penslerne i de to lakker. Derefter malede jeg nogle løse mønstre med en sort striper og jeg brugte som sædvanligt Seche Vite som top lak. Hurtigt og forholdsvist let…

torsdag den 23. maj 2013

Kryptonite flowers

The base color is the gorgeous green Picture Polish Kryptonite, and I painted a floral French tip pattern with acrylic colors and top coated with Seche Vite.
Grundfarven er den smukke grønne Picture Polish Kryptonite. Jeg malede et blomstermotiv som en fransk tip med akrylfarve, og toplakken er Seche Vite.

onsdag den 22. maj 2013

Marzipan flowers, or almost...

The base color is the gorgeous spring green Isadora Marzipan. I painted the leaves and flowers with acrylic craft paint, and the top coat is Seche Vite!
PS: I do know that the center of the flowers on one nail are different – it was a test ;)
Grundfarven er den smukke forårsgrønne Isadora Marzipan. Jeg malede blomster motivet med akrylfarve, og toplakken er Seche Vite!
PS: Jeg ved godt at midten af blomsterne på den ene negl er anderledes end på resten, det var en test ;)

tirsdag den 21. maj 2013

Flowers for Twinkle - fixing a skin tone clash

The base color is Picture Polish Twinkle – I had hoped it was more lilac that this, and I don’t really feel it’s nice with my skin tone. I also was a bit disappointed that it left the gorgeous shimmer in the bottle instead of bringing it out to play on the nails. SO I used my secret weapon showed before – paint something in colors that are good with my skin tone along the cuticles and side walls. So I did, I used acrylic craft color as usual and the top coat is Seche Vite.
Grundfarven er Picture Polish Twinkle – jeg havde håbet på at den var mere syrenfarvet, og jeg er ikke helt sicker på, om jeg synes den er Ok til min hudfarve. Endelig var jeg også lidt skuffet over at den lod det smukke shimmer blive i flasken i stedet for at tage det med ud på neglene. MEN jeg brugte mit hemmelige våben og med akrylfarve malede jeg blomster tæt på huden og så så det knap så slemt ud. Toplakken er Seche Vite.
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