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mandag den 30. juni 2014

Rococo Nail Apparel swatches: Flower Child and Sandrine

Today I have 2 more of my Rococo Nail Apparel polishes!

Flower Child:
Rococo Nail Apparel Flower Child is a beautiful pastel yellow. The formula is very easy to work with, unfortunately I forgot to write the number of coats, but it’s either 2 or 3 without a top coat.

Rococo Nail Apparel Sandrine is a blue periwinkle slightly grey leaning cream polish. This is 2 easy coats with a great formula – no top coat.
Do you like them..?

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Too Fancy Lacquer The Shrinking Violet

Too Fancy Lacquer The Shrinking Violet is a pretty dark periwinkle with a subtle holo. It is very opaque in one coat, but this is two coats with a top coat.
Do you like The Shrinking Violet?
I bought it from Edgy Polish!

søndag den 29. juni 2014

Chanel Rose Escale 16 - vintage

Chanel Rose Escale 16 is one of my really, really old polishes. It can be both late 70s or from the 80s, so it feels like a piece of history even to open it. And I did so in awe, and was pleased to find a perfect formula, just as perfect as a brand new Chanel…
Rose Escale 16 is a pretty dark rose pink cream, two easy coats!
Do you like this maybe 30-40 years old Chanel..?

Love, Angeline For Aslan! swatches

Love, Angeline For Aslan! is a pretty pale pastel yellow with a subtle green shimmer. The formula is nice to work with, but it’s a bit sheer – so this is 3 coats with a top coat. The dry time is good.
Do you like this delicate pastel yellow..?
I bought it from Norway Nails, and if you use the code MARIA10 you get a 10% discount.

lørdag den 28. juni 2014

Chanel Dragée 75 swatches - vintage - Collaboration Saturday

Today it's a new Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel!
Chanel Dragée 75 is from or older than 2002, but how old is the question, could be around 2000…
Dragée is a delicate powdery-peachy pink pearlescent polish with a fine silver shimmer.
Two coats are enough, but this is tree coats without a top coat. The formula, dry time and finish is perfect. 
Do you like this delicate powdery peachy shade..?
Let's see what Elena has for us today...

The Never Ending Haul Story - part 20

It's time for a new part of The Never Ending Haul Story :)
Remember the polishes shown in these posts are not from one single haul, I simply photograph them as they arrive and post a number of photos :)

Many very old and older Chanel polishes...

A bunch of lovely polishes in yet another swap with Denise :)

Ebay buys...
- a few pre-owned Estee Lauders from a polish lot on Ebay..

Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue? Will Maria buy more polish?? Does she ever get enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, if there is going to be one....;)

fredag den 27. juni 2014

Floral French nail art in the Arctic Sunrise

The base color is Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise - see swatches HERE - and I painted the tips with the pink shimmer Kiko Sparkle Touch 234 to compliment the pink flakies in Arctic Sunrise. I painted the floral French with acrylic craft colors, and the top coat is Seche Vite.
Do you like it?

Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise swatches

Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise was on my wish list forever, and when I finally got it, it landed in the drawer of the untried – but today it demanded to be on my nails, so naturally I obeyed!
Arctic Sunrise is a beautiful sky blue with gorgeous glass flecks, some in a delightful pink – it’s so pretty!
I wore it with two coats on my right hand (as in no photos), and that was fine. But for these photos I added 3 coats and a coat of Seche Vite. 
Do you like Arctic Sunrise..?
Later today I will show it with nail art...
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