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torsdag den 28. februar 2013

Snowdrops - vintergækker

They must be here soon – I long for them…
The base color is Jessica Surfer Boyz’n Berries
and I sponged the tips with Butter London Wallis and OPI Goldeneye in a random pattern. I painted the snowdrops with acrylic craft color, and the top coat is Seche Vite.
Nu MÅ vintergækkerne da snart komme – jeg savner dem, har læst at de er fremme nogen steder…
Grundfarven er Jessica Surfer Boyz’n Berries
, og jeg duppede tippene med Butter London Wallis og OPI Goldeneye i et tilfældigt mønster. Jeg malede vintergækkerne med akryfarve – og toplakken er Seche Vite.

onsdag den 27. februar 2013

Even rocker chicks likes flowers

The base color is as you might have guessed it Chick Rocker Chick, also a blind passenger, a gorgeous, blackened dark purple with shimmer. With the brush in Kiko 234 Sparkle Touch I painted the tips, and then I painted the flowers with acrylic craft color and top coated with Seche Vite…
Grundfarven er som du måske har gættet Chick Rocker Chick, også en blind passager - en smuk helt mørk lilla med shimmer. med penslen er Kiko 234 Sparkle Touch malede jeg tipperne, og derefter malede jeg blomsterne  med akrylfarve og toplakken er Seche Vite…

tirsdag den 26. februar 2013

Flowers for a hipster chick

The base color is Chick Hipster Chick, the BLIND passenger, a yellow-based green polish with holographic micro glitter. I was pretty sure it would clash completely with my skin, and it did. So I painted a dark green flower vine with bright flowers in acrylic craft color, and top coated with Seche Vite.
Grundfarven er Chick Hipster Chick, den blinde passager, en gullig grøn lak med holografisk mikroglitter. Jeg var ret sikker på at den slet ikke ville gå sammen med min hudfarve. Derfor malede jeg mørkegrønne ranker med klare blomster med akrylfarve, og toplakken er Seche Vite.

mandag den 25. februar 2013

Micro Painting Monday - 14

This is Micro Painting Monday #14 - time flies, doesn't it??
The first set is called "Flowers on the blue sky" - I love this set because of the different motifs and bright colors. It's available for sale when my shop Micropaintings by Maria opens - and I hope it is within a week - keeping fingers crossed :)
Remember that you can click on each photo to make it larger!

"Snowdrops vs. 3"  is in the soon available folder in my shop...

The last set is also for sale, it's called "Vines on holographic silver", it is vines with small berries...
What do you prefer - the same motif - or different motifs in these sets???

My Facebook page Micro Paintings by Maria had this morning 102 likes - I'm so happy and humbled, thank you to all of you who have clicked LIKE.
If you haven't yet look at the right side of my blog, scfroll up a bit, and PLEASE hit the LIKE button. When the shop opens I'll host a giveaway, and liking the Facebook page is mandatory :)

Finally: a BIG thank you for all kind comments while I had the flue, I'm feeling better again :) 

torsdag den 21. februar 2013

Flowers & abstract on sick leave...

Did you know that I right now have 293 freehand manis on my 2 freehand pages, and that each photo is clickable/takes you to the mani???
I have 181 freehand flower and nature manis, go to the page HERE or look in the menu above...
And those of you who aren't a flower/nature fans might find something among the 113 manis on the Freehand nail art page - click HERE or in the menu...
I hope you would like to dive into the pages and have a look :)

I mention this, because I have the flu, have been ill the last two days - but this morning it got worse.
So no blog posts nor comments on all the lovely blogs I normally visit - and I hope to see you all in a couple of days :)

onsdag den 20. februar 2013

Untraditional color blocks - Atsy Wednesday

The them for this Artsy Wednesday is color blocks, and I'll show them used as a part of an abstract nail art.
I have previously shown swatches of them, and here they are combined in an abstract mani. On one coat of the gorgeous shimmery deep forest green Illamasqua Viridian I painted a random pattern with Illamasqua Glitterati using the bottle brush. Then I used a gold striper to surround the Glitterati and add a little extra pattern before I top coated with Seche Vite.
Check out some other Artsy Wednesday color block mani's
Michelle - Lab Muffin,  Alanna - Pretty Purple Polish, Melanie - Nail & Polish, Jessica - Beauty Gnome,  Emily - An Accent Nail, Catrine - Unnakednails, Ameerah - Valiantly Varnished,

tirsdag den 19. februar 2013

Devious first looks

Ha, I am the queen of silly post titles!!!
The base color is Color Club First Looks
and over that I painted some of each nail with Make Up Your Face Devious – a gorgeous shimmer that reflects blue and purple. I painted the vines and flowers with acrylic craft color and the top coat is Seche Vite.

Ha, jeg er en sand mester når det gælder fjollede navne på indlæg!!!
Grundfarven er Color Club First Looks
og over en del af hver negl lagde jeg Make Up Your Face Devious – en smuk shimmer effekt lak, der reflekterer blå og lilla. Jeg malede rankerne og blomsterne med akrylfarve og toplakken er Seche Vite.

mandag den 18. februar 2013

Micro Painting Monday - 13

The first set this Micro painting Monday #13 is "Abstract blues" - and this set will be available for sale, when the shop opens...

The second set is "Private collection 3" - I made them for myself :)

And the third is a tribute to Illamasqua and their lovely colors, and it's a gift for someone...
My store Micropaintings by Maria is not yet open - but we are almost there :)
In the mean time I would be very happy if you visited my Facebook page - use the link on the right side here on the blog, and PLEASE click the LIKE button, if you haven't yet...

søndag den 17. februar 2013

Picture Polish Jealousy, Jade and Honey dew - swatches

Today I have 3 green Picture Polish polishes to show you...
The first was sent to me by NORWAY NAILS - please check their amazing store....
Jealousy is a grass green PACKED with glitter, and here it's shown in ONE - I repeat ONE coat + Seche Vite top coat - pretty amazing, huh..? It applied fairly thick, but not in the goopy way, it’s nice and manageable, just very rich on the brush.

Next up is Jade - a pretty mint green with a lovely shimmer. This is 2 coats without top coat!

Finally we have Honey Dew, that I got from my dear friend Lydia in a swap.
It's a beautiful pale mint, and here shown in two coats, but you might want to apply 3 thinner coats depending on how you normally apply polish.
All of the above polishes are available in NORWAY NAILS - they ship throughout Scandinavia...

Do you have problems commenting?? I had to change settings because of an insane amount of spam, so now only "registered users" can comment, but I'm not sure if that means all of you!
Please send me an email on if you experience any problems commenting....!!!

lørdag den 16. februar 2013

Illamasqua Bright Nail Quad - Prism, Harsh, Elope and Throb - swatches

 Illamasqua Bright Nail Quad contains Prism, Harsh, Elope and Throb

Prism is a shimmer perfect to use over other colors, on top half it's shown over black, and on the bottom half over a medium blue and lavender - perfect for effect on other polishes and in nail art. To my knowledge it's only sold in this set.

Harsh is in my opinion a PERFECT silver glitter - I am very happy about this one too!

Elope is a beautiful emerald green, it needs 3 coats to be opaque.

I know, I have shown Throb before - but I think it should be shown together with the others from this set - it's a beautiful blood red...
Do you have problems commenting?? I had to change settinggs because of an insane amount of spam, so now only "registred users" can comment, but I'm not sure if that means all of you!
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fredag den 15. februar 2013

Last chance....

The base color is Sinful Last Chance, a gorgeous dark bottle green. I painted an abstract pattern with acrylic craft color, a few flowers too – and top coated with Seche Vite.
Grundfarven er Sinful Last Chance, en smuk mørk flaskegrøn lak. Jeg malede et abstrakt mønster og nogle få blomster med akrylfarve, og toplakken er Seche Vite.
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