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lørdag den 31. august 2013

Chanel Vendetta 483 Bohemian Fantasy collection spring 2009 swatches - Chanel Saturday

Chanel Vendetta 483 was released in the Bohemian Fantasy coll. spring 2009 together with Django 485, and relaunched in the Noir Obscur coll. in the winter of 2009, and it's still being sold. Vendetta is a blackened purple - almost black to look at from some angles...
But from other angles a gorgeous blue and purple shimmer becomes visible...
Chanel Vendetta 483 kom første gang i foråret 2009 i Bohemian Fantasy koll. sammen med Django 485, derefter kom den igen i Noir Obscur koll. vinteren 2009, og den kan stadig købes. Vendetta er en meget mørk lilla, der er næsten sort at se på fra nogle vinkler...
Men set fra andre vinkler kommer der er meget smukt blåt og lilla shimmer frem...

This blurred photo really shows  the shimmer...
På det slørede foto kan man rigtigt se shimmeret...

These swatches are shown in two coats and without a top coat. The formula is flawless and is so pigmented that one coat almost is enough. The dry times is OK.
Lakken er vist i to lag og uden toplak. Lakken er let at arbejde med, og den er så pigmenteret at et lag næsten er nok. Tørretiden er OK.

What do you think of Vendetta...?
Hvad synes du om Vendetta...?

I have found a lot of information about the Chanel polishes on my LIST, but still miss a lot of info about the year and collections they belong to.
If you can help me with any of the missing info - I hope to hear from you, here or on my email - thank you!
Jeg har fundet en masse info om de Chanel lakker jeg allerede har, se min liste HER - men hvis du kan hjælpe mig videre med år og kollektioner på de sidste, vil jeg meget gerne høre fra dig, enten her eller på - tusind tak!

30 kommentarer:

  1. It is on my WL, the only one left on it from Chanel :D
    The other one was Taboo but I've already bought it ^^

  2. It's gorgeous! <3

  3. Oh wow this is so pretty!! Vampy shades like these are always fun to wear in the fall/winter. It looks so gorgeous on your nails lady!! :D

    1. Thanks a lot, and yes, that time is closing in on us now :)

  4. Svar
    1. Yes, that's one of the things I love about Chanel polishes :)

  5. This is one of the most beautiful purple nail polishes I've ever seen. It looks really good on you.

  6. It looks beautiful. Love the shimmer

  7. ooh, i would never get tired of shades like this <3

  8. This is beautiful! That shimmer is really something :D

  9. I immediately fell in love with this one. If i'd wear it, I wouldn't stop looking at my nails.


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