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søndag den 7. juni 2015

The Never Ending Haul Story part 46 and Nail mail May part 2

Let's continue The Never Ending Haul Story and nail mail May part 2 - see part ONE HERE!

On May 22nd this huuge nail mail arrived, and I already have shown a closer look at some of them in part 1, so let's see the rest of them...

 My picks of the Cupcake Polish In Bloom collection.

Random polishes from Fair Maiden!

May 26th
The tester bottles of the Celestial Cosmetics The Cinders coll. all have been swatched here on my blog in the end of May...

Also on the 26th
And I felt so lucky to win these beautiful Rescue Beauty Lounge in a giveaway hosted by Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish (love that name and her blog) :)

May 28th
 Beautiful nail mail from Edgy Polish...!

May 29th
The gorgeous Mei Mei's Signatures LE Anniversary Duo from Glam Polish!

- also on the 29th
My first beautiful polishes from Purrfect Pawlish...
The King In Yellow collection + the Purrfect Pawlish Top Coat

OK, that was the last polishes to arrive in May, I wonder if there will be some from June to show...

Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue?
Will Maria buy more polish?? Does she ever get enough - HAS she gotten enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, IF there is going to be one....

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29 kommentarer:

  1. Cirque, Powder Perfect, Glam polish and those cute Cupcake Polish pretties!! *__*

  2. Everything is beautiful, but those Powder Perfect bottles are showstoppers.

  3. You must really like your mailman! :D

    1. LOL - I do, and they think I'm a good customer :D

  4. Never heard of Fair Maiden so I'm looking forward to see them.

    1. They are my first, so I also look forward to them!

  5. What great shades these Cupcakes have!

  6. The new cupcake collection looks interesting!

  7. What a lovely looking collection of polishes!

  8. Another great selection :-D

  9. Once again....every body say....let's stare at them! <3 <3 <3

    1. LOL - that sounds like a great plan :)

  10. These days I'm strongly attracted by all the purples :-)

  11. So many beauties.<3

    Kind regards,


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