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fredag den 29. januar 2016

Colors by Llarowe Chasing A Unicorn swatches + comparison

Colors by Llarowe Chasing a Unicorn is a duo of polishes with a color correcting base coat and a white holo, quote: “This base coat lays the foundation for the white in the holo top to really shine.  It color corrects the nail bed to prep the nail for the second polish in the duo, the white holo.  The result is that illusive linear white holo of your dreams.”
The instruction say: “If you would like a soft white holo finish 1 thin coat of "Unicorn Color Correcting Base Coat" followed by 2 thin coats of "Chasing a Unicorn" is recommended.  If a stark white holo finish is desired apply two thin coats of "Unicorn Color Correcting Base Coat" followed by 1 thin coat of Chasing a Unicorn.”
I wanted stark white. But I soon realized how sheer the base coat is when you have ridges like mine (I did first apply a ridge filler base coat as always). So I chose to test it with 2 coats of OPI Alpine snow on my ring finger and 3 coats of the color correcting BC on the rest, because 2 coats was not enough for my nails/ridges. 4 would have been better – but not for my patience ;)
Conclusion: I liked the duo combo best, but I wish the Unicorn Color Correcting Base Coat was more opaque, then it would be absolutely brilliant! 

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23 kommentarer:

  1. Aw, it is so pretty!

  2. Pretty! Just wondering though, what is the difference between a white polish + fine holo topcoat and Chasing a Unicorn?

    1. Usually holo top coats put a silver-ish/greyish cast on the white base and it's not really "white holo" anymore. That's why this has the chasing a unicorn name...

    2. I tried it Joyce with Cirque Wee Trippy (does not give that grey hue in one coat) over OPI Alpine Snow. The holo is a little bit coarser, but does not give the grey hue, that Arathael mentions.
      So all in all it depends on how glowing stark white the base is - and if the holo topper gives a grey/silver hue (to all colors), and unfortunately most holo toppers do.

  3. Yay..... That is a lovely white finish!

  4. Nice color :)
    Maria V.

  5. Didn't know it was so sheer! Not good for patience no :-P But lovely combo!

  6. Love this manicure, it´s pure and elegant!

  7. I considered to buy this one as well, but ended up giving it a miss when I realized that I needed both a base colour and the holo topper. It's beautiful, but I hardly ever wear white :)

  8. Nice combmo, I do like a nice white from time to time :-D

  9. It looks very elegant and heavenly beautiful :-)

  10. too bad for formula, but it looks so delicate, i like it :D


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