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lørdag den 18. februar 2012

China Glaze Sour Apple – Speciality Collection 2009, swatches & review - anmeldelse

Sour Apple is a light apple green with a lot of glitter. I don’t really appreciate it on its own, I prefer to layer it – but on the photos its alone – 3 coats and no top coat. 
A cry for spring on a very dark, grey and rainy day in Denmark...
Sour Apple er lysegrøn, æblefarvet glitterlak. Jeg er ikke så vild med den uden en anden farve under, men på billederne ser du den alene, 3 lag – og ingen toplak.
Et kald på forår på en ualmindeligt grå og regnfuld dag her i Thy.

6 kommentarer:

  1. yeah Spring :-) Looks really nice!

  2. love it, as you said, it would be better as a top coat but lovely color, and sparkly too... my kind of polish on a bright day ;-D
    tomorrow will be a day with more sun, trust me... if not, i'll send you some from here, it's gorgeous day outside ;-D

    1. Yes, I think it actually will be a better day tomorrow - but is it your birthday, since you know for sure ;)
      And I might just call you for some sun, if it doesn't come by itself LOL

  3. oh I love it! It's so different and sparkly!


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