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onsdag den 25. april 2012

Shoes - Artsy Wednesday

Dansk, se længere nede.
It’s Artsy Wednesday – and this week’s challenge “Inspired by shoes that you own” really brought me out of my comfort zone – there is NOTHING inspiring about shoes I own at the moment. Oh, I wish I had saved some of the stilettos from when I was younger – but I haven’t :(
So here we go, neither fancy nor exciting – comfortable, sensible MBT shoes, good for your entire body, and makes you walk like a Masai…
The base color is Essie Licorice, the pattern is painted with acrylic colors and I wanted the finish to be matte, so the top coat is Essie Matte About you.
I will reply to comments you might leave in a few days, see more HERE :)
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Så er det igen Artsy Wednesday – og denne uges udfordring “Inspired by shoes that you own” bragte mig virkelig ud af min tryghedszone – der er INTET inspirerende ved sko jeg ejer i øjeblikket. Jeg ville ønske at jeg havde gemt nogle af de flotte stiletter, jeg har ejet tidligere i livet – men det har jeg så bare ikke :(
Så her har du nogen langt fra spændende, men yderst komfortable og fornuftige MBT sko, sunde for hele kroppen, og som får dig til at gå som en Masai…
Grundfarven er Essie Licorice, mønsteret er malet med akrylfarve og da jeg ville have en mat finish, brugte jeg Seche Vite Matte about you top coat.
Hvis du skriver en kommentar, skal jeg nok reagere på den om nogle dage, se mere HER :)

18 kommentarer:

  1. These colours go so well with the Matte - well done!

  2. hehe i had such a visual when u mentioned walking like a Masai! this time last year I was over in Kenya so it took me right back! I love the use of the matte topcoat :) xxx

  3. Ha ha ...ja kønne er de sko ikke, men for Søren da, hvor er de gode at gå i. Jeg har 3 par og sandaler. Grimme men gode.
    Hilsen Anoja

  4. Looks good! LOL and I love the write up, you are so funny! :o)

  5. very creative, great take on the shoe!

  6. Perfect use of matte here..goes really well :)

  7. I like your idea! And also, I like that the top coat is matte!
    When I read that you will make a week or two of total relax without your computer I thought that we (your readers) will surely feel your absence knowing your are not there at your computer and not being in contact with you through our comments, but I thought that maybe your scheduled posts will make these days pass more quickly :-) Then, unfortunately neither your scheduled posts worked, "thanks" to the new blogger :-(
    Today when I saw this post I thought you were back, then I remembered that you wrote you had a "backup plan" for this post, that it got published in some other way, without you at your computer, so I realized we have to wait for you to come back..
    I hope you will feel better when you come back and that you will be full of new manicures to show us! :-)

  8. this looks really edgy and cool and you could advertise your nails for the brand of shoe :D

  9. I love that you did these matte! Matte designs are so neat because they're so rare!

  10. Those shoes still make a cool mani, it really suits matte! :)

  11. i love the matte effect. Those shoes look really comfortable :) Hugs*

  12. Thank you so much everyone, I really thought you would hate it - tusind tak alle sammen, jeg var sikker på, at I ville synes det var grimt :)
    Anoja, ja, de er stærkt vanedannende :)
    Raggio di Luna, it looks like the problem is fixed on my blog - but I can see that there are hundreds of blogs with the problem still going on...

  13. Very sporty! I think the matte topcoat was the perfect finishing touch. :)

  14. This is so different from you--good for you to stretch out of your comfort zone!

    1. Yup, when we are out of our comfort zone we learn to swim LOL


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