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søndag den 7. september 2014

Cadillacquer Spectrum swatches

Cadillacquer Spectrum is described as a strawberry red, but I find it more of a fairly pale red - pinkish and slightly coral leaning holo with gold and multicolored flakies. The holo is fairly strong in the sun, but it’s also slightly visible in some other light settings. It’s easy to apply, the dry time is good and this is 2 easy coats with a top coat. 
But as usual blogger makes my pink/pink leaning more vivid....
Imagine Spectrum less vivid - do you like it?
I bought it from Hypnotic Polish!

21 kommentarer:

  1. I do :)
    That makes me think of making my own red holo at home :D

  2. You wear corals really well.

    1. I wouldn't call this a coral, it's way more red - but thanks, I'm happy you like it on me :)

  3. I like it like it looks in the pictures here :) They're really pretty!

  4. Ah I have the similar one, but from Naked collection. Haven't try it yet. Hope it can be as gorgeous as yours, cuz I really love this! :D

  5. It's a pretty colour and I like how it sparkles :-)

  6. you can keep this one, when i come rob your place i'll leave it ;)

  7. That lacquer has an incredible deepness :)


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