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lørdag den 31. oktober 2015

F.U.N Lacquer Eternal Love (H) swatches

F.U.N Lacquer Eternal Love (H) is from the LE Love 2015 collection. It’s the holo version of the multi chrome Eternal Love with shifts in blues, purples, red and greens with added fine and micro holo glitters.
Do you feel eternal love towards Eternal Love (H)

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26 kommentarer:

  1. It's truly awesome...and it's perfect to wear in festival season. :-)

  2. their polishes seem to be so awesome

  3. Dear Maria, I only say: I must have this nail polish!!!! :P

  4. It looks so sparkly, rich and festive.

  5. Wow just gorgeous. Love how to color shift are visible :)

  6. Not a great fan of multi chrome polishes but to be honest I was like WOW when I saw this one! Very pretty!

  7. I'm not quite convinced that I really like this polish. I'm not sure why either :D

    1. I'm also not quite convinced to be honest...

  8. OMG what a polish and what a shift :-D You know me...anything iridescent :-D <3

  9. Ooh .....that looks a bit spectacular !


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