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søndag den 4. oktober 2015

The Never Ending Haul Story part 52 - Nail Mail September

So the always interesting question is, WAS Maria better at buying less polishes this month...?

September 4th
The Glam Polish 100K released to celebrate their 100K followers on Instagram, arrived, and from a friend who helped me get the wonderful Chanel Flamme Bleue/Blue Flame - and a fake Chanel so that I can make comparison photos. Thank you so much Anusia!
These also was birthday presents from myself to myself :D - see below!

September 6th
It was my birthday and the sweet Tanja from Raggio di Luna Nails sent me beautiful polishes from Kiko, Deborah Milano and a gorgeous pastel yellow Pupa from my wish list! Thank you so much my friend!

September the 7th
Another birthday gift for myself, the two polishes I was missing from the Chanel Tokyo Happening collection from 2009.

September 10th
With a great delay in the postal system my swatches polishes from Celestial Cosmetics - the beautiful The Chocolate Factory collection, thanks a lot Nicki!!

September 11th
- was a nail polish heavy day...
Swatches polishes of the beautiful Purrfect Pawlish Ghost collection, thanks a lot Maria!

I found two more pastel yellows for next summers pastel yellow Friday mornings, one in a local shop, and one from Ebay...

And the this amazing bunch arrived with special deliverey from the US - thanks a lot my friend <3
Let's have a closer look at them...
Even more pastel yellows for next summers pastel yellow Friday mornings!!

Gorgeous Indigo Bananas....

Some of the Glam Polish Glam Batch polishes...

 My picks from the Glisten & Glow Cocktails Anyone? - Round 2 collection.

Random Sweet Heart Polishes and Pahlishes...

The gorgeous Potion Polish Fall For Me collection - I have shown you the swatches already!!

September 12th
Maria from Hypnotic Polish sent me the next in the Hypnotic Polish store exclusive Zodiak collection, the Libra, thanks a lot Maria!!

September 19th
My first nail mail from the new shop Nail Whisperer, including a Too Fancy Lacquer store exclusive!

September 22nd
Nail mail from Nail The Mail including a free Vølve Cuticle Cream and candy.

- from my refill of But's Bees Hand Cremes also arrived...

So this wasn't really an improvement compared to the months before, was it...
And it leads me to the eternal question:
Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue?
Will Maria actually buy more polish?? Does she ever get enough - HAS she gotten enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, IF there is going to be one....

And I already now can tell you: it's not going to stop next month - nor improve :D

But September wasn't all about getting new polishes, I also donated these 80-90 polishes to Hanstholm Asylcenter, an asylum center not far away. I hope some of the girls/women will enjoy a brief moment of fun forgetting all their grief and sorrow in their hopeless situation...

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27 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous polishes! :)

    Love Lotte

  2. I have already commented that destash on your Instagram and I still stand by what I said. Those tiny things can make someone else's day and this move must have been rewarding in many ways.

    And I've only noticed the pastel yellows among your new arrivals. There were so many of them. :)

    1. I really hope it can, and yes, it is such a good feeling!
      LOL, there sure are many pastel yellows, I'm hoarding for the Friday morning posts next summer ;)

  3. What I like most is that you gave some of your polishes to the asyl center. That is a sweet gesture!

  4. That's a lot!! I'm envious! :D

  5. Wow, soooo many gorgeous and amazing polishes. Lot's of great colours. :-)

  6. So nice to read you gave these polishes to the women! I'm sure they were glad and felt more cheerful for some time :)
    There was a lot of polishes this month :)

    1. Thanks a lot - and yes, way too much polish!!

  7. ahhah, the question at the beginning was awesome. amazing about the polishes you gave away

  8. Ohhh no!!! I am so sad T_T I also bought that yellow pupa from your WL for you :'O I still have to send it but it's here with me :( oooh, sadness. I shall keep it T_T

    1. LOL, please do not be sad, keep it and make awesome swatches of it :)

  9. Wow, that's another great polish month!! :D
    It's also nice to see that you didn't lose your love for pastel yellows :)

    1. I must admit I rarely wear pastel yellows anymore - but now it has become a sport to own and show as many as possible, so I'm always on the lookout :D

  10. Gosh..... What a stunning collection

  11. Woooohhhhaaaaooooo! *_* *_* *_* *_* ......staring staring staring....these haul is ahhhhhmazinggggg!

  12. love what you've got, but what you gave means so much more :D

  13. I hope you had a beautiful birthday! :-) I just love Big Bang and Indigo Bananas group of polishes, but there are really too many beauties, it's difficult to choose...
    And, you did a beautiful thing donating your polishes to Hanstholm Asylcenter :-)

    1. It was a nice birthday - thank you so much, also because of your present 3<


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