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torsdag den 14. april 2016

Robart Hobby Paint Shaker - for nail polish, review with video

Meet my brand new Robart Hobby Paint Shaker, that I bought for shaking nail polish!
It’s the ROB 411, 100 - 240 volt 50-60Hz A/C powered model with the US Plug, so you need a plug adaptor if you live in a country with a different standard. It has a rubber band that you easily straps around you nail polish or paint before shaking.
My old wrists often hurt, and lately it has been a pain to shake a polish, so I did some research in different kinds of hobby paint shakers and read reviews, and among the affordable ones, the Robart clearly got the best (and good) reviews. And I willingly admit: I love cool gear and gadgets - that work!!

Robart Hobby Paint Shaker operates with 5.000 shakes per minute, way faster than any human can shake. I searched on Ebay and found different sellers that offer pre-paid import charges so that I didn’t have to worry about customs. I bought from this seller.
I asked a few questions about the use, and got the answers:
Do not let it run more than a minute - stop and let it cool up to 30 to 60 seconds.
You can keep the Robart on the table or hold it up vertically if you prefer your bottle to be placed vertically during the shake.

This is my first test "person" in this shaking review, a bottle of Day Glow from Serum No 5 that has be standing maybe a year or more without being touched before I let Robart shake it in the video below.
So does it work?
The short answer is YES it does, a 20-40 second shake is enough for a normally separated polish, even badly separated ones as you can see on this video.
A friend of mine who saw the video thought it looked like it shakes slowly, but I think that’s my phones ability to record it correctly (the turn off sound also first comes after I turned it off to show the bottle after the shake), it shakes really fast (5.000 shakes per minute), and you actually have to hold the machine to prevent it moving around on a normal table surface like I do in the video…

The other test "persons" looks like this before the shake:

Let's see the normally separated ones BEFORE the shake first:
Perfect Holographic both separates and the holo pigment settles on the bottom and clings to the glass really bad, it comes with a shake well instruction, and a few days after a thorough shake, it is again separated.
These two random ones shows normal separation that happens to a lot of polishes. They are fairly easy to shake even by hand, but the Robart does the trick in around 30 seconds without you having to strain your wrist or shoulder...
As you can see, a perfect result!
- even with the Perfect Holographic that I normally cannot even shake by hand. I gave it a 3 x 30 seconds shake changing it's position in the holder in between. Not ALL the holo particles are cleared of the bottom, but it's perfectly ready to be used.

But how about the ones where the formula hasn’t separated but where the white color in the polish has settled on the bottom? 
We hate that and we know that they are impossible to shake unless you are able to shake for minutes and minutes at a time – several times. The ones that you typically give up on and as I often do place upside down a day or two, so that the white falls down, and then you can shake some more and repeat the process X number of days…
Well, even the Robart is having problems with those, but admittedly I chose two really hardcore ones.

Before the first shake:
Elevation Polish Bromeliad is a beautiful polish, but the white sticks to the glass (it has in this case been placed on the side) and it is absolutely impossible to shake manually, believe me, my husband tried, and he had to give up.
This old Chanel is a bit on the thick side and doesn’t have the steel balls, it is of course impossible to shake without having to suffer LOL

After 3 days with 3 x 45 seconds shakes every day and bottles are placed upside down in the meantime. Much, much better and you are able to use the polishes with a perfect formula - even if they do not look perfect in the bottle.
So my all in all I love my new Robart Paint Shaker for nail polish!
If you stuck with my long review this far, I hope you found it useful - and I'm curious to hear if you would you consider getting one yourself..?

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Wow that was really interesting, thank you Maria! I had no idea something like this even existed so I am happy to learn about it. Due to my financing I think I will have to stick to the arm-workout method! xx

  2. That's really interesting. I would need it for a couple of Cirque polishes. Everything else I could shake by hand. But my hubs would shake his head over that. Really. ^^

    Love Lotte

    1. LOL - my hubby encouraged me to get it, he was tired of shaking the bad ones for me :D

  3. Oh wow...What an interesting product! :-)

  4. I have it too.

    He is so awesome.

    ok, and funny. ;-D

    1. Aww, I'm so pleased to hear you also like him!

  5. I never seen something like this before! :)

  6. this is great, at least this way your hands won't suffer from tremor by shaking all those polishes ;)

    1. Exactly, and I am having problems with my wrists..

  7. This is such a smart idea! I'm going to have to check if something similar is sold locally :)

  8. I have seen people using those hand held paint mixers. Those might help you with those white-based polishes.

    1. I have never hear about handheld paint mixers for nail polish before - or rater only the bigger ones that the makers use for mixing their polish.
      I have since then heard that the white problem in newer polishes (around 2 years ago) is caused by a white pigment from Vanti...

  9. It looks interesting and I think that it will be very useful to you! :-)

  10. Wow! Perfect! I need one of these too!


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