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lørdag den 17. december 2011

Thank you all – happy Saturday morning - tusind tak - glædelig lørdag morgen! + China Glaze Eye Candy

This morning my blog had reached 25 readers, yay, thank you all! Next week on the 22th it’s 2 months since it started, so I’m so happy for your support and interest. 
When I reach 30, I have a little gift for one of those of you who wants to be  in the raffle...
The Christmas Story’s next part will be published later today, but in the meantime I just want to share the 4 polishes I have chosen to buy from China Glaze’s Eye Candy collection. They arrived yesterday.
Her til morgen havde min blog fået 25 medlemmer/læsere – yeahhh, tusind tak alle sammen!! I næste uge, torsdag den det to måneder siden, at jeg satte de første indlæg ind, så jeg er rigtigt glad for opbakningen og interessen :)
Når bloggen når 30 medlemmer, er der lodtrækning om en lille gave blandt de af jer, der har lyst...
Næste del af jule historien kommer senere i dag, men i mellemtiden vil jeg bare lige dele de 4 lakker fra China Glaze’s Eye Candy collection, som jeg har valgt at købe, de kom i går.

Left to right/venstre mod højre: Marry a Millionaire, Lorelei's Tiara, Blonde Bombshell, Love Marilyn.
I was pleased to learn, that 2 coats give full opacity - jeg var glædeligt overrasket over, at to lag dækker helt.
I'll try to have some "on nails" swatches ready for you, after the Christmas Story ends on the 24th.
Would you like the little mouse to tell about the days aound new years too?
Jeg vil prøve at have nogle "på negle" swatches klar, efter at Jule historien slutter den 24.
Kunne du tænke dig at den lille mus også fortæller om dagene omkring nytår?
  Marry a Millionaire + Lorelei's Tiara
Blonde Bombshell + Love Marilyn

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ooo glitter paradise:)Gorgeous colors,fell in love in "Love Marylin":)Yes,tell the story for the New year as well,looking forward to read more:)

  2. LOL, I don't know why, but I was pretty sure, YOU of all people would like them. Later today my ALMOST grown up grand daughter (5 in January, and then you are grown up, you know ;) is going to have a mani with Love Marilyn :)
    The little mouse is eady to tell a little more, she assures me :)

  3. Love all of them! How do you chose!! You don't buy them all! 5 is a great age! But I had boy cute!

  4. LOL, Nail Reflections, yes how to choose. Even little Amalie couldn't so she went for one red, one gold, one red etc. etc. - it looked good on her tiny nails :)
    Her younger brother likes black nail polish, so he had a mani too :)


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