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tirsdag den 13. december 2011

The Christmas Story: Snowmen and snow girls, day 3 - Jule historien: Snemænd og snepiger, dag 3

Dansk, se længere nede.
The little mouse looked out the window and watched the excited and happy children playing in the snow. They made five snowmen, but the little girl, Amalie, told her brothers Viktor, Anton and Bastian, that she wanted them to be snow girls wearing red hats and scarf's. Her brothers knew, that when she is in that kind of mood, they’d better agree, and that made the little mouse giggle.
To be continued...
Den lille mus så ud af vinduet og iagttog de glade og ivrige børn, der legede i sneen. De lavede fem snemænd, men den lille pige, Amalie, sagde til sine brødre Viktor, Anton og Bastian, and hun ville have at det var snepiger med røde hatte og tørklæder. Hendes brødre vidst godt, at når hun var i det humør, var det lettest at føje hende, og det fik den lille mus til at fnise.

The base color is 2 coats of China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve and the snowmen I freehanded with a tiny brush using acrylic paint. As a top coat I used Seche Vite. This actually was my second attempt painting snowmen and using acrylic paint for nail art, so the lit candles in part 1 was actually my third attempt. The first time the white cracked even worse than this attempt, and I thought I might have forgotten to shake the bottle of white. I honestly do not know why the larger, white parts of the design cracked. If anyone out there has thoughts on this, please enlighten me!!
Grundfarven er 2 lag China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve og snemændende tegnede jeg med en lille pensel og akrylmaling. Som top coat brugte jeg Seche Vite. Det var faktisk mit andet forsøg med akrylmaling, så stearinlysene i det 1 var mit 3. Første gang jeg prøvede var også med snemænd, men da krakelerede det hvide endnu mere end nu. Jeg troede, at jeg måske havde glemt at ryste flasken. Jeg aner ikke hvorfor det sker, så hvis du har en ide om det, så sig endelig til!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. I love your snowmen and the cracks make it look antiqued! I would say the cracks are from your top coat. Seche vite is known for shrinkage. Try another top coat to see if that helps.

  2. Thank you Nail Reflections :)
    The white did however crack as soon as it dried and before I added Seche Vite, that actually made it look a little better.

  3. Really, I always paint on a top coat. If your polish was dry before you start painting then it might be a bad white(not normal)but if it the same brand as your other colors and is the only one that does it it might be. Other reasons can be drying to fast, too hot or cold, blowing to hard on it( like blow driers), and maybe thinning it to much it loses it ability to hold and flakes. I use sally hansen flawless to paint on and top coat. But it comes from playing around till you find what you like best.

  4. Thanks again, Nail Reflections :) It's the same brand as my other acrylics (or as most of the ones I have), I did not thin it, nor did I do anything to speed up the drying process. The other colors are fine. I'm starting to think that something might be wrong that particular bottle... Today I did a new part of the Christmas story, snowflakes, and even those thin lines cracked, where ever I used it pure, not where I mixed it with silver. For tomorrows part I also used white acrylic, but only over other acrylic, and then it doesn't crackle.
    But you are SO right about playing around till you find what works best for you.

  5. great job, i love your snowmans :-D
    maybe the snow started to melt... but i love the crackle looks, like in some vintage paint :-D

  6. It looks really cool,I love the effect of rackle it makes it more original looking:)

  7. Thank you Nail crazy and Mimi, you should have seen my first and much more crackled attempt.
    I'm sure you are right about the snow melting :) I wore this mani on friday to my husbands company Christmas party and got a lot of compliments for it.
    And I almost put the withe in the garbage - and see, you all love it LOL. It's a 70 ml. bottle, if I sell this rare and unique acrylic paint in 5 ml. bottles at 10 euro pro bottle - woow I could buy much polish hahahaha


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