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torsdag den 22. december 2011

The Christmas Story: Garlands, wreaths and a Christmas Rose, day 12 - Jule historien: Guirlander, kranse og en julerose, dag 12

First of all, I want to show you a Christmas Rose, if you do not know it. And I'm sorry about the "empty post" earlier today, I was making tomorrows part ready and clicked the wrong place. I'm having my eyes examined later today, my eyes are terribly stressed and I have such a hard time seeing what I'm doing when I do nail art. Sorry for whining, but it's SO frustrating :(
Allerførst vil jeg vise en julerose, hvis i ikke kender den. Og undskyld den "tomme opdatering" tidligere i dag.Jeg forberedte morgendagens del, og trykkede det forkerte sted. Heldigvis har jeg tid til en synstest senere i dag, mine øjne er vildt stressede, og jeg har store problemer med at se klart nok til nail art. Undskyld jeg jamrer, men det  er SÅ frustrerende :(

Dansk, se længere nede.

Now Christmas HAD to be just round the corner, the little mouse thought to herself. The family had made spruce wreaths and the garlands were still on the table – a good sign. They also picked Christmas Roses, a delicate white flower (the scientific name is Helleborus niger), and they do not last long once they are inside a warm house, the little mouse knew. 
To be continued...
Nu måtte det snart være jul, tænkte den lille mus. Der var hængt kranse op og der lå guirlander på bordet, og der var plukket juleroser – sikre tegn. De havde også plukket juleroser, en sart lille hvid blomst, der ikke tåle varmen inde, og derfor ikke holder længe, vidste den lille mus.
My eyes were running in water and my sight was blurry to put it mildly. I used 2 coats of China Glaze Ring in the Red as the base color. The bows on the wreaths are painted with Art Club You’re Golden from Color Club and I used 2 rhinestones in the center of the bows. The rest I painted with acrylic colors, and in retrospect I wish I had left out the bows or painted them in acrylics too. Top coat is Seche Vite.
Mine øjne løb i vand og mit syn var mildest talt sløret. Grundfarven er 2 lag China Glaze Ring in the Red. Sløjferne på kransene er tegnet med Art Club You’re Golden from Color Club og jeg brugte en rhinsten i midten af dem begge. Set i bakspejlet ville jeg ønske, at jeg enten havde udeladt sløjferne, eller havde malet dem i acryl, ligesom jeg brugte til resten af designet. Top coat er Seche Vite.

7 kommentarer:

  1. The rose is beautiful,in real life and on your nails.I also like how you panted the garlands:)Now I have a question about the rinestones,did you use some kind of glue or you just put it on while the colors haven't dried yet?

  2. omg, this ring in the red is going to my wish list, immediately !!!
    love your christmas rose and garlands :-D

  3. Thank you so much :)
    Mimi, I dabbed a little topcoat on a piece of paper, and dabbed onto the spot with a rose wood stil. Then I dabbed a little bit on the pointed end of the rose wood stick and picked up the rhinestone and placed it and then gently pressed it down. After a little while i added top coat to the entire nail.
    Nail crazy, it is MUCH more beautiful in person, it's really like a piece of glittery Christmas wrapping paper...

  4. Ok,thank you,I was planing to get some rinestones to bling out my manicures a little:)

  5. I love this mani! love your detail! And the flower is just beautiful!

  6. I like the flower! Very pretty! =)

  7. Mimi, it's nice to have, but alsoalong with a little glitter hexagons, glitter dust, pearls, beads, fimo etc. etc. etc. LOL
    Thank you SO much Nail Reflections and ScarsLikeLace :)


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