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mandag den 26. december 2011

Blonde Bombshell – China Glaze Eye Candy Collection 2011-2012

As “quick posts” before the little mouse continues her story around New Years Eve, I promised to show you the 4 colors I have from China Glaze’s Eye Candy Collection: Blonde Bombshell, Lorelei’s Tiara, Marry a Millionaire and Love Marilyn.
Remember my first give-away...
Som “hurtige opdateringer” før den lille mus fortsætter sin historie omkring nytår, har jeg lovet at vise de 4 farver jeg har fra China Glaze’s Eye Candy Collection: Blonde Bombshell, Lorelei’s Tiara, Marry aMillionaire og Love Marilyn.
Husk at sende en mail, hvis du vil være med i min første "give-away"...

This is 2 coats + Seche Vite. It’s very was easy to work with and gives full opacity in two coats.
This gives new meaning to gold glitters, because of its density you do not need to layer it.
Dette er 2 lag + Seche Vite top coat. Den var let at arbejde med og dækker fint ved to lag. Den giver ny mening med guldglitter, fordi den er så farvetæt at du kan bruge den uden en anden farve under.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ah you know how much I love glitter,and the glitter polish that needs only 2 coats - pure perfection in my book :)

  2. LOL - you andglitter, had NO idea, hahahahaha...
    But honestly these are truly worht it, they are two coaters all of them!

  3. LOL, that's a nice way to put it, Nail Reflections!!


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