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tirsdag den 18. august 2015

Colour Alike 572, 570 and 571

Today I have three of the Colour Alike from the holo set of the Spring ‘N’ Summer collection.
They are jelly holos with a good effect in the sun, and in indoor light it’s more of a shimmer effect. They are shown in two easy coats without a top coat, they have a very glossy finish. I feel they are vaguely scented.

Colour Alike 572 is a red leaning raspberry/magenta pink – a very happy color.

Colour Alike 570 is a deep green – it is very squishy and for these photos it probably have been better with an additional coat.

Colour Alike 571 is a rich lavender purple.
Do you like them - and what's your favorite?
Mine is the pink 572 I think...

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28 kommentarer:

  1. I love this colors!!! And my favorite of course is the Colour Alike 571

  2. The red one, I have a thing for red holos :D

  3. Green one looks very interesting :)

  4. OMG they are so gorgeous <3

  5. I like them all, they're good colours :)

  6. These are very pretty - all of them! I've been holding out for some sun to wear mine!!!! Typical eh!! :-D

    I noticed on their recent collection, they mention the polishes are scented!

  7. I like the green and the purple one. Pink not so much. I think the purple one suits you best of the three.

  8. Wow .....572 definitely does it for me!

  9. They all look like gems. Beautiful!

  10. They're pretty, quite different from usual "holo". My fav is the green one (with extra coat you mentioned :-)).

  11. Three amazing bottles - don't have a fav though :D


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