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lørdag den 8. august 2015

Moo Moo Stories - Part 5

It is time for a few more flowers and very tiny plants with added Moo Moos ;)

Two Moo Moos playing in the campanula, a member of the bellflower family. It takes both its common and its scientific name from its bell-shaped flowers, campanula is latin for "little bell".

Prunella vulgaris, self-heal in English and alm. brunelle in Danish is a 5-30 cm high plant. These are super short as they grow on that grass paths that are kept short. Naturally the Moo Moos think that is super cool, they love plants that make them look big :D

The Latin name for these yellow clovers is trifolium campestre , gul kløver in Danish and I believe Hop Trefoil and Low Hop Clover in English. We have them in the paths being kept short among the Christmas trees, normally they can grow bigger. But as you know, the Moo Moos love all plants that makes them look big ;)

The Moo Moos are very helpful when I pick lettuce for dinner.

St. John's wort (perikon in Danish) with added Moo Moos.

Molly and Sparkly are playing in the roses, they do not like the thorns tho :D

I have to agree with the Moo Moos these tiny plants really make them look huge :D

Breaking News:
Yesterday the new not yet released collection called the Twin Duo from Moo Moo Signatures arrived.
They are not just two random polishes, they are indeed inspired by my lovely Moo Moo Molly and Sparkly, their first step in to fame ;)

Aren't they just gorgeous...!?
Molly and Sparkly and I of course really love them ;)
Tomorrow I'll show you the swatches....

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Now the Moo Moos is taking a few weeks off without blogging, but they promised me they will be back ;)

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Star Moo moos...ahaaa....<3 <3 Love that roses and moo moos are enjoying beauty of nature. What a fun pics. And yes those polishes are awesome.

    1. Indeed, soon they will be asked to sign autographs and host TV shows :D

    2. that case I would love to stand first for autographs... ;-) (Lol)

  2. Sparkly Moo is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on your nails :-)

  3. Your lovelies will soon be stars!

    1. LOL, they sure will, I hope they keep their feet to the ground :D

  4. They look like they are having so much fun :-D <3

  5. Hi Maria, just wanted to let you know my nieces are on vacation right now so they haven't seen Molly and Sparkly's new adventures yet. I'm pretty sure they expect me to buy those polishes so maybe I should hide this post from them ;) (nah, won't do that... I love seeing them puzzle over the words and giggling about the pictures too much)

    1. LOL - and the Moo Moos will have a short break in posting too :)
      But I have the solution to that - buy three sets, one for each of your nieces and one for yourself :D

  6. i'm glad that molly and sparkly have so much fun with you :D
    those polishes are awesome *.*

  7. Molly and Sparkly are beautiful, I mean both little pets and nail polishes :-)


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