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mandag den 16. maj 2016

My stamping journey - part 7

Are you ready for my stamping trials take 31 to 35?
I am super happy about take 32, and I really love take 33 and 34!

Take 31
Take 31: Base is Different Dimension Hubble stamped with A-England Perceval and Konad White, plate Infinity Nails 137, stamper Daschica Jumbo Clear Jelly!
Note to myself: OMG the Dashica Jumbo Clear Jelly stamper just arrived and it works amazingly from first try stamping on paper, wow a new favorite along with my MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky – but I still need a bit of practice on nails I see hahaha…
I was too quick to add TC and smudged one of the white patterns.

Take 32:
Take 32: Base is Nine Zero Reflect stamped with Colour Alike B. a Red Wine, plate Infinity Nails 90, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky White.
Note to myself: Did you really do this Maria? – nah, it must have been some stamping fairy doing my nails. I loved this mani and had a hard time convincing myself to remove it the next day.

Take 33
Take 33: Base Nine Zero Refraction stamped with Color by Llarowe Enchanted Forest stamping polish, plate MoYou London Enchanted 15, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky.
Note to myself: Not bad – and the two holos flared as if they were competing, when I was out in the sun :D

Take 34
Take 34: Base Color Club Over The Moon stamped with MoYou London Black Knight, plate Moyra Primavera 24, stampers Daschica Jumbo Clear Jelly stamper on index and middle on ring and pinkie MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky.
Note to myself: OK, it’s far from perfect, but I still love it. Barn swallows mean a lot to me, and our Barn swallows arrived after their long journey from Africa a few days prior to me making this mani.
I have heard many other newbies also have problems picking up crisp patterns from Moyra plates, I even read that some plates are not well etched, so OF COURSE I needed to buy some :D – but I also loved what I saw in the patterns, so a challenge for me in learning to stamp from all plates - and pretty patterns!

Take 35
Take 35: Base Enchanted Polish November 2013 stamped with Catrice Blurred Limes, plate Bundle Monster BM-XL 206, stamper Daschica Jumbo Clear Jelly.

Note to myself: Hmmm it’s not the most obvious color combination, it was a spur of the moment thing, but I had hoped the lime green would be more lime and opaque – but ah well…

My favorite is without doubt take 32, but I also really love take 33 and 34!

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, you're getting soooo good! :)

    Love Lotte

  2. You are getting better and better and better at this. I can't pick a favourite.

    1. Thank you so much, that is quite a compliment :)

  3. Same here, 32, 33 and 34, and nr 33 especially for the colour pick!

    1. I'm starting to blush here LOL - thank you so much!

  4. It's such a fun adventure to learn to stamp! <3

  5. Very beautiful designs. I loved the one with the birds!

  6. Take 31: I like it very much, the blue & white combination is a winning combination for me! :-)
    Take 32 is perfect, I agree with your choice of the favourite stamping manicure in this journey!
    Take 33 is beautiful, but this is the perfect example of how they "compete" which one is more beautiful!
    Take 34 is the example of how beautiful the match of holo base and normal creme black polish could be! (or black base and holo polish!)
    Take 35: beautiful pattern, it's a pity that Blurred LImes is not as much opaque as stamping polishes are, but the result is OK :-)

    1. Thank you so much Tanja - I really appreciate your comments and thought about each mani, it means so much to me!

  7. Aha...This time they all are better and better. My fav are 32,34 and 35. <3

    1. Thank you - I'm so pleased you think so!

  8. That red stamping on Nine Zero and the birds on Colorclub; stunning!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Miriam - I'm so glad you like them!

  9. Yeah, my fav are 32 to 34 too ^^ I love the swallows one, it's so romantic ^^ BTW I've tried out my childhood moyra plate and it worked perfectly, IDK though ^^

    1. Thank you so much - and yes, most of my Moyra's work well!

  10. So much awesome!!
    #31 - Love the blue/white combo. Yay for clear stamper - I'm on the hunt for a jumbo one...maybe I'll get this one. :)
    #32 - Just about spit out my tea at the "Did you really do this Maria? – nah, it must have been some stamping fairy doing my nails." Too funny!! These are super gorgeous - love the stamp image in an opaque over a holo!!
    #33 - Normally, I don't prefer competing holos - but these are just perfect!! You nailed it with this combo. (LOL)
    #34 - It always is great to hear when certain images/nail designs have sentimental meaning. Very striking design - really gives the feel of their motion in the sky. Large areas can be hard to stamp and these are fabulous!! I tend to over scrape and these can give me fits - but you did awesome!
    #35 - This is actually my favorite! I know you wanted lime - but I really, really love what turned out!! It's very unique and the images/patterns with this color combo just really strikes a chord in me.

    You are officially way too good at stamping now! (Just kidding - about the "too" part - it's awesome to follow your launch into stamping mastery!)

    1. Awww, thank you so very much Kim for all your thoughts and the comments for each mani - I really appreciate it!!
      I'm so pleased you like to join me in my journey :)


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