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mandag den 2. maj 2016

Stamping trial and error - part 3

Here is the third part of my stamping trials and errors, take 11 - 15, enjoy ;)

Take 11
Take 11: The base is Enchanted Polish Time Travel stamped with Colour Alike B. a Golden Queen, plate MoYou Suki 08, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky Transparent.
Note to myself: It is obviously harder to place the pattern than with a clear stamper. But in this case the clear did no pick up as well – not that this is a good pick up either.

Take 12:
Take 12: The base is Colors by Llarowe Simmer Skies stamped with Colour Alike B. a Rudolph, plate MoYou Flower Power 04, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky Transparent.
Note to myself: I actually expected I could use my clear stamper, but couldn’t, there still is a LOT of practice – strange however that I do so well with multi/duochromes… So thank you for my MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky stamper <3

Take 13:
Take 13: The base is Nvr Enuff Polish Claudia stamped with Colour Alike B. a Fairy Forest, plate Bundle Monster BM-S 306, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky White.
Note to myself: Hmmm, well no happy, but also not totally unhappy.

Take 14:
Take 14: Base is Pahlish ? (mystery Polish) stamped with Colour Alike B. a Raindrop, plate MoYou Kitty 03, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky White.
Note to myself: I didn’t place then pattern as well as I would have liked, and it could have been much more crisp. But it was OK in person.

Take 15:
Take 15: Base is Dance Legend Heroes 12 stamped with Barry M Foil Effects 319, plate Bundle Monster BM-S102, stamper nameless clear jumbo stamper.
Note to myself: The idea was good, but the pick up varied in quality, the placing of the patterns need improvement (it was a clear stamper Maria tsk tsk) and when stamping my ring finger I smudged the pattern a little more crisp. But it was OK in person.

So I'm getting closer to my goal, still have to learn a lot...
Thursday I'll post part 4!

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18 kommentarer:

  1. I think you're doing really well already! <3

  2. Take 12, 14 are my favourites. I have a clear stamper, a Chinese one, not from Born Pretty - and it doesn't work well with Colour Alike stamping polishes. It often doesn't want to collect patterns, while the marshmallow one collects them very well.

    1. I'm happy you like them - and that you also have problems with clear stampers and Colour Alike.
      I since this have gotten better at the CA and clear stampers, and today a WONDERFUL squishy Dashica jumbo clear jelly stamper arrived, and it works well!

  3. I like Take 13. It looks a bit surreal and reminds me of some modern print designs.

    1. I love that pattern with the tall spruses - I'm glad you like it!

  4. My favourites are 12 and 15 :-)
    "Take 12" is a match of colours that wouldn't come to my mind so easily, but the final effect is beautiful! (...well, I love stamping with white, black, golden and silver, I'm very predictable!)
    "Take 15" is one of my favourite match of colours and the base colour is gorgeous!
    I think that you should definitely change the name of this post from "Stamping trial and error" to "Stamping successes" :-)

    1. Thank you so much Tanja, it means a lot to me, that you like my trials :)
      Next part I have renamed - in the future it will be My stamping journey )

  5. You really are on a roll... I can't wait to see Take 4! :)

  6. You are getting better and better! My favourite too are 12 and 15. They came out like a pro! <3

    1. Thank you so much - 12 is not that bad, I agree...

  7. Your skills are improving each time you stamp ^^ for me, it's taken much more time ^u^''

    1. I feel I'm lucky to get the hang of it...

  8. Ooh, you are really in it now, aren't you?! I happened to catch your April haul post - so many stamping plates and polishes - yay! With your collection of regular polishes - the combinations you'll be able to create are going to be massively enjoyable!
    I don't know why, but to this day after 2 yrs plus, I am still dumbfounded by the fact that some polishes work better with some stampers, some plates work better with some stampers, etc. It's just...well, something that I am happy to not really "know" the answer, but will continue to work with the temperamental nature of it all. Seems like you too are experiencing this - which, I'll admit make me feel better that someone with your attention to detail and determination is finding the same thing.
    Love these trials!! The first one is my favorite - but I always love those color combinations. ;)
    Great job - these are such fun posts!

    1. LOL, I'm afraid I am, and I looove gear and gadgets that makes what I do even more fun and exciting!!
      Yes, that also already fascinates me that not all stampers work with all polishes/plates (a great reason to buy more, right :D )
      I'm so pleased you like my combos <3

  9. Your stamping is very good!
    The blue one is my favourite!

    1. Thank you so much <3
      Yes, I also love that one!


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