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lørdag den 26. januar 2013


China Glaze® Nail Lacquer Invites You to Visit the Avant Garden
Los Angeles (January 2012) – Spring is here and China Glaze is blossoming with vibrant color with its new collection, Avant Garden. The delectable palette flows between soft hues and vibrant pops of color, offering an unconventional bouquet of cheerful and vivid shades. Take a stroll down the China Glaze path, passing a babbling brook of light and bright blues, take in the view of the mossy green meadow and stop to enjoy the flowers of soft pink and white.  Let the Avant Garden take you away to a playful, romantic field of color and innovation this Spring.
The Avant Garden shades include:
  Budding Romance: moss green
Sunday Funday: bright blue
Fancy Pants: indigo with pink and purple shimmer
Snap My Dragon: bright red with pink shimmer
Passion for Petals: bright salmon-pink
Mimosas Before Manis: coral with a light wash of shimmer
 Life is Rosy: blushed mauve
Pink-ie Promise: iridescent baby pink
Tart-y for the Party: light lavender creme
Fade Into Hue: periwinkle creme
Keep Calm, Paint On: sea foam green
Dandy Lyin’ Around: shimmery vanilla icing
I know I'm going to buy quite a few of these, how about you...?
Later today I have some Kiko swatches for you, so welcome back...! 

14 kommentarer:

  1. These are gorgeous,I love evry single color from t his collection!

  2. I feel like I need to see swatches before I think about buying. They are pretty but I fee like I've seen some of the colours before.

  3. I really like the blooming brights :-)
    The others are to pale to my taste.

  4. Fortunately for me, I'm immune to soft, gentle, pastel shades. It's Hologlam collection I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on.

  5. I've already put some of them on my wishlist :)

  6. I like both the name and the description of Snap My Dragon :D

  7. I want them all!! Unfortunately I don't think that's gonna happen :))

  8. these look really pretty! the lighter shades are just calling my name :)

  9. Lovely colors, love the 'pinky's'

  10. I think I absolutely need all the pastel colours...! OMG, I'm addicted to nail polishes... and it's getting worse and worse... :-)
    I hope you'll buy some of these beautiful pastels, that's how I'm going to see the swatches, on your blog, and then I'm going to cry looking at them... :-)
    Hypnosis: "You are not going to look at Marias post China Glaze pastels! You are not going to look at Marias post China Glaze pastels!..."

  11. omg...I don't need any polish...but why must they have so many lovely colors?? lol

  12. Thank you for all your comments - I'm happy to see that I'm not alone in looking forward to these pretties - ah, spring is near :)
    Raggio di Luna and drinkcitra - you made me laugh ;)

  13. Can't wait to see swatches!! I'm so behind on all the new collections coming out!


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