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lørdag den 31. oktober 2015

Chanel Rose Blossom 145, Think Pink coll. 2007

Chanel Rose Blossom 145 is from the Asia exclusive Think Pink coll. Released in 2007. It is a peachy rose pearlescent polish with silver shimmer. You see it in two easy coats.
Not a favorite color for me - but I'm so happy finally to have this one in my collection.

10 kommentarer:

  1. It's a little bit grandma-ish :D But yes! A must have for a true collector like you :)

  2. I quite like it actually :-D

  3. I used to call colors like this Granny colors, but since I've been dabbling in nail art more, I can totally see a use for this. And of course, as a collector you just have to have this :)

  4. These granny color is actually looking beautiful. ;-) lol

    1. LOL - not on me - even if I am a granny LOL

  5. Usually I don't like frosty peach polish but somehow this one is unusual for me! It looks feminin!


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