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tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Catrice swatches - Be Aztec, From Dusk To Dawn and a Paradoxal dupe comparison and Red Butler

Today I again have some random Catrice Swatches for you - all shown in two coats - without a top coat.
Some are retired and/or re-launched with a new name and possibly a slight change...
The first is Be Aztec! - a gorgeous army green with an amazing shimmer....

The next is From Dusk To Dawn, and it's one of many Chanel Paradoxal dupe - but gorgeous.

My paradoxal dupes left to right: Absolute Nails by Douglas Maria 09, Catrice From Dusk To Dawn and China Glaze Jungle Queen.

The final Catrice polish today is Red Butler - I already have show nail art on this color...

All comments will be read when I open my computer again sometime next week!
HERE you can see what I have scheduled to post during my blog absence :)

13 kommentarer:

  1. From Dusk to Dawn it's cute but a bit too dark, in my mind ^^
    Well, I don't love paradoxal neither XD

  2. oops, i don't have any of these colors :(

  3. Be Aztec is gorgeous! I love greens like that!

  4. I also have 'from dusk to dawn' from Catrice but mine is more like a creamy light brown. Curious...

  5. Be Aztec ^^ so pretty

  6. Be Aztec and Red Butler seriously have be me mesmerized! Gorgeous!

  7. From these three I have only From Dusk To Dawn, but I think that also Be Aztec is really gorgeous! :-)

  8. Be Aztec looks so interesting! <3

  9. I also have from dusk to dawn and be Aztec they are gorgeous.

  10. oh be aztec soo gorgeous!

  11. Thank you all of you - I'm so glad you liked most of them - and even if Be Azyec isn't really my color (especially this time of year) I think it's amazing :)


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