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lørdag den 19. november 2011

Heart awareness donation show – Charlies Hjertegalla

The Danish TV channel Charlie has this evening a big “heart galla” show, an awareness show where you can donate money for the Danish Hjerteforeningen. Charlies Hjertegalla has yellow heart ballons, that inspired me to do this manicure. I hope they collect a lot of money for this good cause.
The base color is China Glaze Senorita Bonita.
På TV kanalen Charlie er der i aften et stort indsamlingsshow Charlies Hjertegalla til støtte for Hjerteforeningen. De gule hjerteballoner inspirerede mig til dette design, og jeg håber, at indsamlingen bliver en succes.
Grundfarven er  China Glaze Senorita Bonita.

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