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fredag den 18. november 2011

China Glaze Let it Snow, holiday collection 2011 – julekollektionen 2011

A while back I showed you the China Glaze Carry Me Away for the Holidays set, and now the other two sets, that I ordered, has arrived.
Starting tomorrow I’ll each day review one of the 9 colors I have purchased.
For en tid siden viste jeg China Glaze Carry Me Away for the Holidays sættet, og nu er de to sidste sæt, jeg har bestilt også ankommet.
Fra i morgen vil hver dag anmelde en af de 9 farver, jeg har købt.

Blue Year's Eve + glitter polish Snow Globe. 
Champagne Bubbles, Holiday Berry Cuticle Oil, Glittering Garland

Glittering Garland, Champagne Bubbles, Blue Year's Eve, Snow Globe

2 kommentarer:

  1. wow, love these polishes... no hope for me, i'm totally addicted ;-D

  2. They ARE pretty gorgeous, the next days I'll present each of the nine I have - so stay tuned :)


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