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torsdag den 24. november 2011

Tiffany dots – Tiffany prikker

 Outdoor - udendørs
Indoor, flash - indendørs, blitz
The base color is OPI Planks A Lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection 2011. And the dots are Tiffany blue, which means that it’s China Glaze X? (give me your bid ;)
Do you like the color combination?
Basisfarven er OPI Planks A Lot fra Pirates of the Caribbean kollektionen 2011. Og prikkerne er Tiffany blå, hvilket betyder, at de er lavet med China Glaze X? (kom med dit bud ;)
Kan du li’ farvekombinationen?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Really cute mani,I love dots:)

  2. Thanks :) I like it too, but no answer in the "quizz" about what polish it is ;)

  3. No dear,I haven't forgot to answer,I am just not very good with the names of polish (even with ones in my own collection) but I will risk it and say "For Audry"??

  4. Yes, my dear, you are completely right, it is For Audrey :)

  5. jeg synes kombinationen er rigtig god... jeg mangler påske lige en gul sløjfe/bånd og så tænker jeg påskeæg... :)


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