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lørdag den 19. november 2011

Velvet Bow - China Glaze Let it Snow Collection 2011

 Indoor, flash - indendørs blitz
Outdoor - udendørs
Velvet Bow is a cream polish with light jelly tendencies, deep, vampy, ox blood red, and I applied two coats. I must admit, that I thought I would find this way too vampy, but I actually like it.
Velvet Bow er en creme lak med lette jelly tendenser. Den er dyb, vampy, okseblodsfarvet, og jeg har her brugt to lag. Jeg må ærligt indrømme, at jeg ikke troede på, at jeg ville synes om den, men jeg kan faktisk godt li’ den.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love this color,its a clasic,and perfect for winter,or any time of year really:)

  2. Yes, it is! I always found it too vampy for my skin tone, but not any longer. I do think I'm going to wear it with some kind of glitter or nail art though :)

  3. Lækker farve den her Maria!


  4. Tak Pernille, den er "vampy" på den gode måde :)

  5. Alone it could seem a little bit "vampy", but I think it is a great base for some nail art! :-)

    1. My thoughts exactly, Raggio di Luna :)


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