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søndag den 4. september 2016

The Never Ending Haul Story part 63 - nail mail August

OK, let's see how "bad" August was regarding new polishes and stamping plates :D

August 1
August started with a blast, a lot of goodies brought by special delivery from a friend in the US: 19 polishes, 5 stamping polishes, 17 plates, a Messy Mansion Carbon stamper, a plate holder from Winstonia for 7 x 8 cm and 6 x 12 cm plates with room for 160 plates back to back + a cotton claw!
Let's have a closer look...
The Holo Hookup July Box!

G.N.O.M.E Box July

2 2015 enchanted Polishes...

Stamping polishes - again more for my black and maybe white stampin polish comparison - + a blue Pueen...

The cotton claw and the Carbon stamper set from Messy Mansion with a transparent and a black head.

My first Winstonia plates and a plate holder for 7 x 8 cm and 6 x 12 cm plates with room for 160 plates back to back.

More Bundle Monster plates!

New Pueen plates and two more Messy Mansion plates including the new Poppy plate.

August 4
Nail The Mail had a huge 50% off sale before closing the shop, I was lucky to grab most of the polishes I had my eyes on...

August 5
Three of the new Geometric acrylic plates from Cici & Sisi!

9 plates from MoYou Nails - I also had to try this brand ;)

My first Ejiubas plates with patterns on both sides!

August 8
Five of the six new Picture Polish polishes from Pretty Polish! I have shown swatches of all of them...

August 12
Two more of the double sided plates from Ejiubas!

August 17
Six BCN plates from Ebay - same as sold from Glam My Mani as their own at a very, very higher price, naughty, naughty - I feel Glam My Mani stole my money...

August 18
My first purchase from - and the sweet owner Mette sent me some of the plates free of charge to test - YAY thank you so much!

August 22
A stamping plate and 5 stamping polishes from Daschia + a free gift <3

August 23
Wonderful polishes from Lacquester - including the Lacquester Facebook group exclusive, the stunning Dragon Shield (sold out) - in September there will be 2 group exclusives, and they look good, I can tell you ;)

August 26
Two gorgeous Ms. Sparkle polishes, that the sweet Simone sent me for swatching <3

That's it for August:
36 polishes, 11 stamping polishes, 53 stamping plates.
Still terribly many stamping plates, but definitely better than July :D

Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue?
Will Maria actually buy more polish and stamping gear??
Does she ever get enough - HAS she gotten enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, IF there is going to be one....

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12 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, that's impressive. You must have a really good relationship with your mailman :D

    1. LOL - fortunately there are many mail persons on my route LOL
      But they all are super sweet!

  2. Awesome month! You know I didn't buy one single polish in August :)

  3. omg so many polishes=) looking forward to swatches!=)

  4. Oh my gosh, that's a big growth - especially with stamping stuff. :)

    Love, Lotte

    1. Hahaha, yes, it's a tiiiiny bit out of hand :D

  5. You have some really nice goodies here.
    I hope you'll like MoYou Nails. However, I hate that they changed their 400 series plates - the ones I have have more designs than the ones they are selling now.

    1. To tell the truth I think the MYN are too small in the patterns - and a bit old school, next Tuesday I have a review of them...

  6. I feel like I've been invited to visit my favourite candy store, but I mustn't touch anything... it's close to suffering... :-) Well, so many beautiful nail polishes and stamping plates and I'll be happy to see your new stamping creations :-)

    1. Aww, I wish you lived closer, I would happily share my candy <3
      Thank you so much my friend!


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