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tirsdag den 27. september 2016

Ejiubas stamping plates review

Today I have my stamping plate review #10 - see the previous and future ones on the page Stamping nail art and gear - link also found at the end...

Ejiubas is located in China.
The Ejiubas plates are double sided, they have patterns on both sides, that’s pretty clever…
The plates come in a cardboard sleeve – one sleeve per 2 piece set.
Some have a blue protective film – some have a clear as the above, so make sure to remove it before use.

They are sold in sets with two plates – 4 sides of patterns: Wonders of Life, Holiday (Halloween and Christmas), Henna (floral and Egypt inspired) and Geometry. Their lastest plate is a single (still double sided) plate called Celtics Style.
The plate size:  14 x 8 cm.
The pattern size The patterns are from 2 x 1.5/6 cm to full plate patterns.
The price for a 2 piece plate set (with 4 sides) the regular price is $15.99 to $20.99 from Ejiubas and the same/lower on Amazon and Wish, where I bought mine.
The etching is really, really nice and even.
Where to buyEjiubas, Amazon and Wish.

Let’s meet to two sets I have bought – and some manis created with them. Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

EJB-01 and 02
- and the backside of these two plates:
 EJB-03 and 04
and the back side:

And some manis:
The base is Picture Polish Meow stamped with Messy Mansion Sterling, plate Ejiubas the back side of EJB 01, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

The base is Picture Polish Remember stamped with El Corazon stm-52 Egyptian Scarabaeus, plate Ejiubas EJB 02, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

The base is Picture Polish Winter stamped with Dance Legend 11 Pink, plate Ejiubas Wonders Of Life (backside of EJB-02), stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

The base is Chanel Mirobolant 53 stamped with Moyra SP14 Green and Sp15 Light Green, plate Ejiubas EJB-01, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

So, what do I think?
I love the varied and beautiful patterns.
The plates are very easy to use and the patterns are crisp (also fine lines) even with temperamental stamping polishes.
I love the patterns on both sides of the plate concept.
The plate photos/images on the website are fairly easy to see with a good zoom/looking glass – also the ones om Amazon and Wish.

I cannot really think of any…
Or maybe it is a little annoying that the plates aren't 14.5 x 9.5 cm, but being smaller it's of course possible to store them in plate holders for that size.

Final conclusion: I love them
Would I like to buy more? Yes!

I hope you enjoyed this NON SPONSORED review.
And a question: Do you find this row of stamping plate reviews useful?
Anything missing - or anything you would like to be different?

To see other stamping plate and stamping gear reviews, just click the "stamping nail art and gear" link below...

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24 kommentarer:

  1. I'm glad tog hear that you like these, I think I will check them out.

  2. love all of the stamping. The Halloween plate is really cool :D

  3. The last two ones, I like color combos the best, great ones :) All looks lovely.

  4. Two-sided plates is a good and space-saving (not to mention eco-friendly) idea. Halloween images are very cute. This last mani you did is so beautiful. Fitting for autumn.

    1. Thank you so much - and I agree, so many advantages!

  5. oh it's a shame that I do not doing this, looking very enjoyable, I have to wait until the kids get bigger .and I really like hallowen plates, you have to show them sometime=)

    1. It is a shame - but it's quick and easy, so you should give it a go :)

  6. Svar
    1. I'm happy you like these plates and the stamping, thanks a lot!

  7. I have never heard of the brand before, so yes, this was very useful, thank you :)

  8. I think that your stamping plates reviews are very useful and very, very well done, I admire the work that stands behind these posts! :-)
    Very nice patterns, I see so many of them that I'd like to try :-) My favourite manicure is the first one, made on Meow :-)

    1. Oh, that is sweet music to my ears, thank you so much!
      Yes, each of these posts are quite time consuming, and I hope it will be a useful place to visit when I eventually have around 40 reviews of different brands of plates :)

  9. Trying to read all the unread posts that are still waiting so I'll probably jump through them like a crazy flea ;)
    These reviews are definitely useful for determining which plates I would like to buy, even though my wallet hates you more and more with each post ;)

    1. Thank you so much - I am so happy you find them useful!!!

  10. Oh what a wonderful post! Since you started loving stamping plates and polishes, it's always a pleasure to read your stamping plate reviews. It's full of information and very very helpful for those looking for the best tips and material! very well done Maria! :-)

    1. Awww, thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear it!

  11. I didn't knew this brand! I will absolutely try them out :D

  12. I got these 4 plates last year and was quite impressed. I return to them often - especially when I am looking for a "hassle-free" stamping session. They got them etched just right. As, always great review - I'm glad to know what they have out since these...will check them out. ;)

    1. Hassle free really is a perfect way of describing them, fortunately there are hassle free brands.
      Thanks a lot, I'm happy you liked it!


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