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mandag den 2. januar 2012

Absolute Nails (Douglas) Maria 09, swatches and review – anmeldelse


winter sun/vintersol

winter sun/vintersol

outdoor without shimmer showing/udendørs uden at man kan se shimmer

Dansk, se længere nede.
Absolute Nails polishes are exclusively made for and sold in the Perfume shop chain called Douglas. Of course I “needed” to get Maria LOL – and the color is a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. It’s a very dark mauve/plum with a purple hue. I also find it’s close to Misa Earthward, even if Earthward isn’t mauve – only brown. It’s darker than Essie Merino Cool and China Glaze Below Deck, that also has the same mauve/plum as Maria.
This is 2 coats over a base coat, no top coat. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly. 
PS: I added winter sun photos on January 31th.

Absolute Nails lakkerne sælges udelukkende i den tyske parfumerikæde Douglas. Maria var naturligvis en nødvendighed at få, med DET navn ;) – farven er udråbt til at være en kopi af Chanel Paradoxal. Den er en meget mørk mauve/blomme med et violet skær. Jeg synes også den er tæt på Misa Earthward, der dog er brun uden mauve og blommepræget. Den er mørkere end Essie Merino Cool og China Glaze Below Deck, der også har det mauve/blommepræg som Maria har. 
Dette er 2 lag over base coat, men der er ikke brugt top coat. Den er let at lægge og tørrer hurtigt.
PS: jeg tilføjede vintersol fotos den 31. januar.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Its very pretty color,and I like it even better then Paradoxal,the color looks more rich to me:)

  2. Beautiful color! I don't have any so im happy with just your swatch!

  3. Mimi, thanks, I have never seen Paradoxal, but judging from photos on Google, I think you might be right.
    Thank you, Nail Reflections :)

  4. Happy New Year!

    Yay! :D I'm happy that you finally have them. Did you make a reservation?

  5. Yes, and they are really nice, Maki :)
    What I didn't know was, that Anne went to Berlin shortly after I made my wish, so it wasn't necessary. Maybe they are sold out by now?

  6. Great! The core line is available, but in most perfumeries the limited polishes are sold out ;)

  7. I already own Fireworks, but after seeing these pics I think I'm getting myself one more Douglas polish :)

  8. Thank you Maki, I'm glad I got all three of them!!
    Katie, OH, I'm so sorry, hahaha (evil grin) ;)


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