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søndag den 8. januar 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award + Glitter badge

I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Kimberly at Nail Reflections and Kelly at Base Coat Top Coat - thank you SO much, I'm honored!

Here are the rules you have to follow when receiving this award:
Link back to the person who gave you this award
Complete the form below
Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email
Share 7 random thoughts about yourself

1. Name your favorite song:
I don't have any, I love so many different kinds of music, but tend to like rock te best... 
2. Name you favorite dessert:
I do not have a "true" sweet tooth, I prefer salty things. But I do like very, very dark chocolate (86%), almonds, nuts - and if combined they are heaven!
3. What ticks me off:
Backstabbers and dishonesty.
4. When I'm upset I....
That depends. Sometimes talking (or yelling) right back and get it over with, is the best option, sometimes thinking it trough and dealing with it in writing, is the best option for me.
5. What's your favorite pet:
I have been surrounded by pets all my life, and even if i don't have as many any longer, it would not be entirely fair. But held at gunpoint I would say cats, please NEVER tell my dogs...
6. Black or White:
Black, I 'm usually wearing a black t-shirt and I have a lot of other black clothes.
7. Biggest Fear:
It's to lose my mental  capability when I get (even) older.
8. Everyday attitude:
Generally positive and optimistic.
9. What is perfection:
Oh, so many things...
Sitting on a rock by the water in the "Skärgården" in Finland with a fishing rod...
Swimming in the mangrove in Brazil with piranhas and other fun creatures...
Passing a stranger with a smile in his or her eyes...
Listening to a cat purring...
Sitting outside by a fire at night listening to nature settling for the night, looking at the stars and if you are lucky maybe you can see a bat...
Walking in nature...
Ice flowers...
Snow glistening in the sun...
Warm summer evenings on the terrace...
10. Guilty Pleasure:
I'm too old to feel guilty about pleasures and cravings, I have allowed myself to enjoy them :)

7 Facts about me:
1. I have lived with animals all my life. I have bred, trained, showed and hunted with dogs most of my life, but not any more, se #7, and visit my website and on my forum site I have  a lot of animal stories, parrots and cats mainly, unfortunately only in Danish, but it's packed with cute photos. I also have bred cats and parrots, and have helped a lot of people with parrot behavior problems. My dogs and other animals always have been a part of the family.
2. I'm an only child, my parents died young, and I have very little family, all living in other countries. My husband has a daughter and a son from his first marriage, so they are kind'a mine too, and the grandchildren of course :)
3. I'm the local editor for Jæger, a magazine for the members of the Danish Hunter's Association "Danmarks Jægerforbund" in the northern part of Denmark. I sell petfood. I have written and translated books.
4. I doubt I could live in a city.
5. Motto: Age is just a state of mind with a healthy dose of denial, (Garfield, the cat)
6. I have rated  more than 7.800 beers on RateBeer and G2B, I have a huge backlog, so I probably have somewhat more than 8.000 ratings.
7. I used to be a force of nature with an amazing energy and passion, but a doctor who would not listen and did not care, more or less destroyed 10 years of my life. But one day in 2010 I cornered her and said enough is enough, and the ball finally started rolling. Within 10 months I had a huge neck surgery, 3 shoulder operations and oh, I broke a wrist LOL Now I have a couple of years with rehab and training in front of me. Nail art makes me happy, and is something I can do without too much pain. I can be creative and play, that's important for me to maintain, not to get all too grown-up, even if I'm a "vintage 1953" :)

The 10 Blogs I nominate to do this award are:
I have broken the rules, I'm sorry, but I need to give this to 14 bloggers. To choose is of course difficult, but I have chosen you because you like to play with nail art, and because I enjoy your blogs. In no particular order:
Nail crazy
Simply Rins
Polish Art Addiction
The daily Nail
Mimi's Vanity Box
The Nailasaurus
Next is two bloggers who also are very active on YouTube, and who sparked my interest for nail art. You are both very busy girls, but I do hope you will accept this award:
Nail Art by Robin Moses
My Simple Little Pleasures
And the next two, yes, I know I got this award from you, but in my mind you both need to be on my list of creative bloggers :)
Nail Reflections
Base Coat Top Coat
And finally I give this award to two bloggers, that only blog in Danish - you can do the questions in Danish
My Polish World

From Kelly at Base Coat Top Coat I received the "glitter" badge, to honor a fellow bloggers love for all things that sparkle, thank you, Kelly!!
    rules: 1. thank the giver
2. share a glitter pic for proof!
3. pass it on
 I will pass this on to more bloggers, but right now the first and most glitter loving blogger, who goes all glittery every time I post a glitter photo :) I think of is Ana at Mimi's Vanity Box

6 kommentarer:

  1. interesting post :-D
    thanks for passing this award to me :-D

  2. Thank you my dear,I will do this tag for sure,I haven't done one in a while:)And a special thanks for the glitter badge:))I love it:)

  3. Thank you so much nail crazy and Mimi, I'm happy you accept it, and I hope the other bloggers will too...

  4. Aww your so Sweet! I love your blog nails and stories! I'm glad your getting better! I know it a lot of hard work But i'm so glad you have your nails to help out!

  5. Nahhh, you deserve it, again, again and again LOL
    Some days are good, and some are so bad, that the only good thing is,that I know the next day is better. But the bad days are getting fewer and fewer, and that is wonderful!!

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