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onsdag den 11. januar 2012

Giraffe – giraf - wildlife animal print - dyreprint

 And the matte version - og den matte variant.

Dansk, se længere nede.
Over my base coat I added a coat of H&M Nerd, I thinks it’s the most authentic color that I own for this purpose. When dry I used a dotting tool to create the pattern with China Glaze Chocodisiac. The giraffe’s spots are irregular but mirror each other. Tip: Do a Google search for giraffe to see photos for inspiration, when you create the pattern.
Finally I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal and protect the design.
The next day I added Essie Matte About You, to see this design in a matte version – which do you like the best?
Grundfarven er H&H Nerd, som er den mest autentiske til en giraf af de farver jeg har. Giraffens ureglmæssige pletter skal spejle hinanden, tips: Søg på ordet giraf på Google for at se billeder, der kan give dig inspiration, når du vil afprøve dette mønster. Til pletterne brugte jeg China Glaze Chocodisiac og et dotting tool. Til slut lagde jeg Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
Den næste dag lagde jeg et lag Essie Matte About You top coat for at få en mat finish – hvilken variant kan du bedst li’?

7 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice,good color combo:)Now this one I like better when the finish has a shine:)

  2. When I saw this I knew exactly what animal it was! I think it is awesome!! I liked it better before the matte. The spots lost that stand out look.

  3. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award!! =) Award info is posted on my blog!

  4. Thank you ladies - and yes, when I used the same colors for the leopard, I knew immedeately that the first two colors only reminded me of one thing - a giraffe :)
    And Nail Reflections - geee, thanks :) - you spoil me :)

  5. Looks great! I think I like the matte version better, but both are super!

  6. Hi Karen, welcome, nice to have you on board, I also joined your blog :)
    In this case I think I liked them both, perhaps the shiny just a little more...

  7. Oh, I did the purple Leopard, KarenD, I'll probably post it on Tuesday, and it turned out quite nice...


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