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torsdag den 19. januar 2012

Stamped zebra - plate comparison - plade sammenligning

Dansk, se længere nede.
I have 4 different brands of stamping plates with 5 different zebra patterns, so I decided to make a comparison. Base color is China Glaze Midnight Kiss, stamping color is Konad Black.
But remember, it's easy to paint your own zebra stripes, you do not need a plate!
Pinkie plate from Essence, no number, ring finger plate from Bundle Monster BM223, middle finger plate from Konad m57 and index is plate from Red Angel RA-107, thumb is a plate from Bundle Monster BM16, and I should have used some of the plates with a bigger pattern for the thumb, as you can see is far from covers a thumb. I used Seche vite as the top coat.

Jeg har 5 forskellige zebra mønster plader fra 4 forskellige firmaer, så her har du en sammenligning. Grundfarven er China Glaze Midnight Kiss, og stamping/stempelfarven er Konad Black. Men husk, at det er let selv at lave zebra striber, du behøver ikke en plade.
Lillefinger, plade fra Essence, uden nummer, ring finger plade fra Bundle Monster BM223, langemand, plade fra Konad m57, pegefingeren, plade fra Red Angel RA-107, og tommel er en plade fra Bundle Monster BM16. Jeg skulle have brugt en af pladerne med et større mønster til tomlen, for som du kan se, kan mønsteret langt fra dække den. Som top coat har jeg brugt Seche Vite.

10 kommentarer:

  1. I am really enjoying these animal prints:)From these plates its hard to choose but maybe the one on the ring finger from Bundle Monster is the one I like best:)

  2. Mimi, Yes, I agree, it's harder to chose here than with the leopards, but I tend to think the same :)

    Thanks, Sandra :)

  3. This is so cool! crazy how different they are! You know until you said something i thought your meant to do your thumb like that. I liked it looks like you had it framed!

    1. LOL, I can see what you mean, your are right, but unfortunately, it was simply me being lousy at stamping. I really cannot get the hang of it, even if these turned out fairly OK.

  4. What a great idea for a comparison series! So interesting to see all the different takes on the same design.

  5. .... mmm konad plate is probably my fav of the prints! Again, Great comparison

  6. Thanks Karen, and yes, what I find the most interesting is the vertikal/horisontal and in between takes - I'll adress that in a new post later today, Friday...

    Polish Amor, thanks :) - and yes, the Konad is nice because it's so delicate, but I kind of like them all. Not as easy to choose as with the leopard comparison...

  7. Svar
    1. Thanks ScarsLikeLace, I thought it looked quite pretty too :)


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